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Gregg Allman lyrics
Genre: Rock
Laid Back (1973) 01. Midnight Rider lyrics
02. Queen of Hearts [add]
03. Please Call Home [add]
04. Don't Mess Up a Good Thing [add]
05. These Days [add]
06. Multi-Colored Lady [add]
07. All My Friends [add]
08. Will the Circle Be Unbroken [add]

The Gregg Allman Tour [live] (1974) 01. Don't Mess Up a Good Thing [add]
02. Queen of Hearts [add]
03. I Feel So Bad [add]
04. Stand Back [add]
05. Time Will Take Us [add]
06. Where Can You Go? [add]
07. Double Cross [add]
08. Dreams [add]
09. Are You Lonely for Me Baby [add]
10. Turn on Your Love Light [add]
11. Oncoming Traffic [add]
12. Will the Circle Be Unbroken [add]

Playin' up a Storm (1977) 01. Come and Go Blues [add]
02. Let This Be a Lesson to Ya' [add]
03. Brightest Smile in Town [add]
04. Bring It on Back [add]
05. Cryin' Shame [add]
06. Sweet Feelin' [add]
07. It Ain't No Use [add]
08. Matthew's Arrival [add]
09. One More Try [add]

Allman and Woman: Two the Hard Way (1986) 01. Move Me [add]
02. I Found You [add]
03. Loce [add]
04. Can You Fool [add]
05. You've Really Got a Hold on Me [add]
06. We're Gonna Make It [add]
07. Do What You Gotta Do [add]
08. In for the Night [add]
09. Shadow Dream Song [add]
10. Island [add]
11. I Love Makin' Love to You [add]
12. Love Me [add]

I'm No Angel (1986) 01. I'm No Angel [add]
02. Anything Goes [add]
03. Evidence of Love [add]
04. Yours for the Asking [add]
05. Things That Might Have Been [add]
06. Can't Keep Running [add]
07. Faces Without Names [add]
08. Lead Me On [add]
09. Don't Want You No More [add]
10. It's Not My Cross to Bear [add]

Just Before the Bullets Fly (1988) 01. Demons [add]
02. Before the Bullets Fly [add]
03. Slip Away [add]
04. Thorn and a Wild Rose [add]
05. Ocean Awash the Gunwale [add]
06. Can't Get Over You [add]
07. Island [add]
08. Fear of Falling [add]
09. Night Games [add]
10. Every Hungry Woman [add]

Searching for Simplicity (1997) 01. Whipping Post [add]
02. House of Blues [add]
03. Come Back and Help Me [add]
04. Silence Ain't Golden Anymore [add]
05. Rendezvous With the Blues [add]
06. Wolf's A-Howlin' [add]
07. Love the Poison [add]
08. Don't Deny Me [add]
09. The Dark End of the Street [add]
10. Neighbor, Neighbor [add]
11. I've Got News for You [add]
12. Memphis in the Meantime [add]
13. Startin' Over [add]

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