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Foghat lyrics
Genre: Rock
Foghat (1972) 01. I Just Want to Make Love to You [add]
02. Trouble, Trouble [add]
03. Leavin' Again (Again!) [add]
04. Fool's Hall of Fame [add]
05. Sarah Lee [add]
06. Highway (Killing Me) [add]
07. Maybellene [add]
08. A Hole to Hide In [add]
09. Gotta Get to Know You [add]

Foghat (Rock and Roll) (1973) 01. Ride, Ride, Ride [add]
02. Feel So Bad [add]
03. Long Way to Go [add]
04. It's Too Late [add]
05. What a Shame [add]
06. Helpin' Hand [add]
07. Road Fever [add]
08. She's Gone [add]
09. Couldn't Make Her Stay [add]

Energized (1974) 01. Honey Hush [add]
02. Step Outside [add]
03. Golden Arrow [add]
04. Home in My Hand [add]
05. Wild Cherry [add]
06. That'll Be the Day [add]
07. Fly by Night [add]
08. Nothin' I Won't Do [add]

Rock & Roll Outlaws (1974) 01. Eight Days on the Road [add]
02. Hate to See You Go [add]
03. Dreamer [add]
04. Trouble in My Way [add]
05. Rock and Roll Outlaw [add]
06. Shirley Jean [add]
07. Blue Spruce Woman [add]
08. Chateau Lafitte '59 Boogie [add]

Fool for the City (1975) 01. Fool for the City [add]
02. My Babe [add]
03. Slow Ride lyrics
04. Terraplane Blues [add]
05. Save Your Loving (For Me) [add]
06. Drive Me Home [add]
07. Take It or Leave It [add]

Night Shift (1976) 01. Drivin' Wheel [add]
02. Don't Run Me Down [add]
03. Burnin' the Midnight Oil [add]
04. Nightshift [add]
05. Hot Shot Love [add]
06. Take Me to the River [add]
07. I'll Be Standing By [add]

Foghat Live (1977) 01. Fool for the City [add]
02. Home in My Hand [add]
03. I Just Want to Make Love to You [add]
04. Road Fever [add]
05. Honey Hush [add]
06. Slow Ride lyrics

Stone Blue (1978) 01. Stone Blue [add]
02. Sweet Home Chicago [add]
03. Easy Money [add]
04. Midnight Madness [add]
05. It Hurts Me Too [add]
06. High on Love [add]
07. Chevrolet [add]
08. Stay With Me [add]

Boogie Motel (1979) 01. Somebody's Been Sleepin' in My Bed [add]
02. Third Time Lucky (First Time I Was a Fool) [add]
03. Comin' Down with Love [add]
04. Paradise Alley [add]
05. Boogie Motel [add]
06. Love in Motion [add]
07. Nervous Release [add]

Tight Shoes (1980) 01. Stranger in My Home Town [add]
02. Loose Ends [add]
03. Fulll Time Lover [add]
04. Baby I Can Change Your Mind [add]
05. Too Late the Hero [add]
06. Dead End Street [add]
07. Be My Woman [add]
08. No Hard Feelings [add]

Girls to Chat & Boys to Bounce (1981) 01. Wide Boy [add]
02. Let Me Get Close to You [add]
03. Live Now, Pay Later [add]
04. Love Zone lyrics
05. Delayed Reaction [add]
06. Second Childhood [add]
07. Weekend Driver [add]
08. Sing About Love [add]

In the Mood for Something Rude (1982) 01. Slipped, Tripped, Fell in Love [add]
02. Bustin' Up or Bustin' Out [add]
03. Take This Heart of Mine [add]
04. Love Rustler [add]
05. Ain't Livin' Long Like This [add]
06. Back for a Taste of Your Love [add]
07. There Ain't No Man That Can't Be Caught [add]
08. And I Do Just What I Want [add]

Zig-Zag Walk (1983) 01. That's What Love Can Do [add]
02. Zig-Zag Walk [add]
03. Choo Choo Ch'boogie [add]
04. Jenny Don't Mind [add]
05. Three Wheeled Cadillac [add]
06. It'll Be Me [add]
07. Silent Treatment [add]
08. Down the Road a Piece [add]
09. Seven Day Weekend [add]
10. Linda Lou [add]

The Return of the Boogie Men (1994) 01. Jump That Train [add]
02. Louisiana Blues [add]
03. Motel Shaker [add]
04. Play Dirty [add]
05. Nothin' But Trouble [add]
06. Talk to Me Baby [add]
07. I Just Want to Make Love to You [add]
08. Take Me to the River [add]
09. That's Alright Mama [add]
10. Feel So Good [add]
11. I Just Want to Make Love to You [add]
12. Writing on the Wall [add]

Live (2000) 01. Fool for the City [add]
02. My Babe [add]
03. Drivin' Wheel [add]
04. Honey Hush [add]
05. Nightshift [add]
06. Slow Ride lyrics
07. Home in My Hand [add]
08. Eight Days on the Road [add]
09. Leavin' Again (Again!) [add]
10. I Just Want to Make Love to You [add]

Family Joules (2003) 01. Mumbo Jumbo [add]
02. Hero to Zero [add]
03. Thames Delta Blues [add]
04. Flat Busted (And Out of Gas) [add]
05. I Feel Fine [add]
06. I'm a Rock 'N Roller [add]
07. Hit the Ground Running [add]
08. Looking for You [add]
09. Long Time Coming [add]
10. Sex With the Ex [add]
11. Self-Medicated [add]
12. Mean Voodoo Woman [add]
13. Voodoo Woman Blues [add]

Drivin' Wheel (Live 2005) (2007) 01. Drivin' Wheel [edit/#] [add]
02. I'm a Rock N' Roller [add]
03. Home in My Hand [#] [add]

Live II (2007) 01. Night Shift [add]
02. Take Me to the River [add]
03. Stone Blue [add]
04. Slippin' & Slidin' [add]
05. Drivin' Wheel [add]
06. Mumbo Jumbo [add]
07. Terraplane Blues [add]
08. Bang, Bang [add]
09. Fool for the City [add]
10. California Blues [add]
11. I Just Want to Make Love to You [add]
12. Chateau Lafitte '59 Boogie [add]
13. Slow Ride lyrics
14. Trouble, Trouble [*] [add]
15. Chevrolet [*] [add]
16. I'm a Rock N' Roller [*] [add]
17. I Feel Fine [*] [add]
18. My Babe [*] [add]
19. Self-Medicated [*] [add]
20. Road Fever [*] [add]

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