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Danielson Famile lyrics
Genre: Rock
A Prayer for Every Hour (1996) 01. Nice of Me [add]
02. Feeling Tank [add]
03. Ugly Tree [add]
04. Like a Vacuum [add]
05. Need a Beard [add]
06. Pepcid 20 MG. [add]
07. Birds [add]
08. 1,000 Push-Ups [add]
09. God Bless [add]
10. Guilt Scout [add]
11. What to Wear [add]
12. Do a Good Turn Daily [add]
13. Burn in Hart [add]
14. Hot Air [add]
15. Be Your Wild Man [add]
16. Pray 1, 995 Prayers [add]
17. Headz in the Cloudz [add]
18. Soul [add]
19. Heimlich Remover [add]
20. Naive Child [add]
21. Tell Me Oh You [add]
22. In the Malls Not for Them [add]
23. No Foundation [add]
24. Pretty [add]

Tell Another Joke at the Ol' Choppin' Block (1997) 01. A No No [add]
02. Ye Olde Battle Axe [add]
03. Me to Datee [add]
04. The Lord's Rest [add]
05. Flesh Thang [add]
06. Jersey Loverboy [add]
07. I Am My Beloved's [add]
08. Big Baby [add]
09. Deviled Egg [add]
10. Quest for Thrills [add]
11. Smooth Death [add]
12. Jokin' at the Block [add]

Tri-Danielson, Vol. 1 (Alpha) (1998) 01. Southern Paws [add]
02. Southern Paws [add]
03. Rubbernecker [add]
04. Body English [add]
05. Runnin' to Brother [add]
06. Between the Lines of the Scout Signs [add]
07. A Meeting With Your Maker [add]
08. Gorgeous [add]
09. Potty Mouth [add]
10. The Elderly [add]
11. Holy Kisser's Block Party [add]
12. Flesh [add]
13. Lord Did You Hear Harrison? [add]

Tri-Danielson, Vol. 2 (Omega) (1999) 01. Cutest Lil' Dragon [add]
02. Fruitful Weekend [add]
03. Sold! To the Nice Rich Man! [add]
04. Deeper Than My Gov't [add]
05. Simply Be Just [add]
06. Idiot Boksen [add]
07. Failing a Test Falling in Love [add]
08. The Nose Knows [add]
09. Deeper Than the Gov't [add]
10. Thanx to Noah [add]
11. Guilt Scouting [add]
12. Don't You Be the Judge [add]
13. Deeper Than Our Gov't [add]

Fetch the Compass Kids (2001) 01. We Don't Say Shut Up [add]
02. Let Us A.B.C. [add]
03. Good News for the Pus Pickers [add]
04. Fetch the Compass Kids [add]
05. Rallying the Dominoes [add]
06. Sing to the Singer [add]
07. The Wheel Made Man [add]
08. Singers Go First [add]
09. Fathom the Nine Fruits Pie [add]
10. Who the Hello [add]
11. Can We Camp at Your Feet [add]
12. Farmers Serve the Waiters [add]

Brother Is to Son (2004) 01. Things Against Stuff [add]
02. Cookin' Mid-County [add]
03. Animal in Every Corner [add]
04. Daughters Will Tune You [add]
05. Our Givest [add]
06. Sweet Sweeps [add]
07. Perennial Wine [add]
08. Hammers Sitting Still [add]
09. Physician Heal Yourself [add]
10. Brother: Son [add]

Ships (2006) 01. Ship the Majestic Suffix [add]
02. Cast It at the Setting Sail [add]
03. Bloodbook on the Halfshell [add]
04. Did I Step on Your Trumpet [add]
05. When It Comes to You I'm Lazy [add]
06. Two Sitting Ducks [add]
07. My Lion Sleeps Tonight [add]
08. Kids Pushing Kids [add]
09. Time That Bald Sexton [add]
10. He Who Flattened Your Flame Is Gettin' Torched [add]
11. Five Stars and Two Thumbs Up [add]

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