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Budgie lyrics
Genre: Rock
Budgie (1971) 01. Guts [add]
02. Everthing in My Heart [add]
03. The Author [add]
04. Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman [add]
05. Rape of the Locks [add]
06. All Night Petrol [add]
07. You and I [add]
08. Homicidal Suicidal [add]

Squawk (1972) 01. Whiskey River [add]
02. Rocking Man [add]
03. Rolling Home Again [add]
04. Make Me Happy [add]
05. Hot as a Docker's Armpit [add]
06. Drugstore Woman [add]
07. Bottled [add]
08. Young Is a World [add]
09. Stranded [add]

Never Turn Your Back on a Friend (1973) 01. Breadfan lyrics
02. Baby Please Don't Go [add]
03. You Know I'll Always Love You lyrics
04. You're the Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk [add]
05. In the Grip of a Tyrefitter's Hand [add]
06. Riding My Nightmare lyrics
07. Parents lyrics

In for the Kill! (1974) 01. In for the Kill [add]
02. Crash Course in Brain Surgery [add]
03. Wondering What Everyone Knows [add]
04. Zoom Club [add]
05. Hammer and Tongs [add]
06. Running from My Soul [add]
07. Living on Your Own [add]

Bandolier (1975) 01. Breaking All the House Rules [add]
02. Slipaway lyrics
03. Who Do You Want for Your Love? [add]
04. I Can't See My Feelings [add]
05. I Ain't No Mountain [add]
06. Napoleon Bona Part 1 & 2 [add]

If I Were Brittania I'd Waive the Rules (1976) 01. Anne Neggen [add]
02. If I Were Brittania, I'd Waive the Rules [add]
03. You're Opening Doors [add]
04. Quacktor and Bureaucats [add]
05. Sky High Percentage [add]
06. Heaven Knows Our Name [add]
07. Black Velvet Stallion [add]

Impeckable (1978) 01. Melt the Ice Away [add]
02. Love for You and Me [add]
03. All at Sea [add]
04. Dish It Up [add]
05. Pyramids [add]
06. Smile Boy Smile [add]
07. I'm a Faker Too [add]
08. Don't Go Away [add]
09. Don't Dilute the Water [add]

Power Supply (1980) 01. Forearm Smash [add]
02. Hellbender [add]
03. Heavy Revolution [add]
04. Gunslinger [add]
05. Power Supply [add]
06. Secrets in My Head [add]
07. Time to Remember [add]
08. Crime Against the World [add]
09. Wild Fire lyrics
10. High School Girls [add]
11. Panzer Division Destroyed [add]
12. Lies of Jim (The E-Type Lover) [add]

Nightflight (1981) 01. I Turned to Stone [add]
02. Keeping a Rendezvous [add]
03. Reaper of the Glory [add]
04. She Used Me Up [add]
05. Don't Lay Down and Die [add]
06. Apparatus [add]
07. Superstar [add]
08. Change Your Ways [add]
09. Untitled Lullaby [add]

Deliver Us from Evil (1982) 01. Bored With Russia [add]
02. Don't Cry [add]
03. Truth Drug [add]
04. Young Girl [add]
05. Flowers in the Attic [add]
06. N.O.R.A.D. (Doomsday City) [add]
07. Give Me the Truth [add]
08. Alison [add]
09. Finger on the Button [add]
10. Hold on to Love [add]

Life in San Antonio [live] (2002) 01. Crime Against the World [add]
02. Melt the Ice Away [add]
03. Gunslinger [add]
04. Panzer Division Destroyed [add]
05. I Turned to Stone [add]
06. Black Velvet Stallion [add]
07. In for the Kill/Rape of the Locks/Guts [add]
08. Breaking All the House Rules [add]
09. Zoom Club [add]
10. Napoleon Bona Pts. 1 and 2 [add]
11. Wildfire [add]
12. Breadfan/Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman [add]

You're All Living in Cuckooland (2006) 01. Justice [add]
02. Dead Men Don't Talk [add]
03. We're All Living in Cuckooland [add]
04. Falling [add]
05. Love Is Enough [add]
06. Tell Me Tell Me [add]
07. (Don't Want To) Find That Girl [add]
08. Captain [add]
09. I Don't Want to Throw You [add]
10. I'm Compressiong the Comb on a Cockerel's Head [add]

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