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Human Drama lyrics
Genre: Rock
World Inside (1992) 01. The World Inside I: Nothing Ever Changes/The Enemy/Here I Will Stay [add]
02. The World Inside II [add]
03. My Skin [add]
04. Tears [add]
05. Look into a Stranger's Eyes [add]
06. This Tangled Web [add]
07. Winters Life [add]
08. Fascination and Fear [add]
09. A Million Years [add]
10. Color Me Red [add]
11. Father Sing [add]
12. The Sound of the Rain [add]
13. Voices [add]
14. Fading Away [add]
15. Times Square [add]

Pin-Ups (1993) 01. Yesterday Is Here [add]
02. 'Til the Next Goodbye [add]
03. Wish You Were Here [add]
04. Love Will Tear Us Apart [add]
05. Caroline Says II [add]
06. Oh My Love [add]
07. I'm Not Like Everybody Else [add]
08. Alone [add]
09. Hang Down Your Head [add]
10. Decades [add]
11. The Carpet Crawlers [add]
12. After All [add]
13. Letter to Hermione [add]
14. If It Be Your Will [add]
15. Heaven Stood Still [add]

Songs of Betrayal (1997) 01. E. 2nd St. [add]
02. Another Fifty Miles [add]
03. This Forgotten Love (Three Years Gone) [1992] [add]
04. Solitude I [add]
05. Forever [add]
06. It Is Fear [add]
07. Where Our Weakness Lies [add]
08. Solitude II [add]
09. Let the Darkness In [add]
10. As Love Comes Tumbling [add]
11. I Wonder Why [add]
12. All That Cuts Today [add]
13. Solitude III [add]
14. Mr. Storyteller [add]
15. Blue [add]
16. Tired [add]
17. The Silent Dance [add]
18. Solitude V [add]
19. Remember Well [add]
20. Sad I Cry [add]
21. The Puzzle [add]
22. This Forgotten Love (Three Years Gone) [add]
23. Emptiness [add]

14,384 Days Later [live] (1997) 01. Death of an Angel [add]
02. Wave of Darkness [add]
03. Who by Fire [add]
04. A Million Years [add]
05. Through My Eyes [add]
06. Dying in a Moment of Splendor [add]
07. I Bleed for You [add]
08. This Forgotten Love (Three Years Gone) [add]
09. (I Keep A) Close Watch [add]
10. Voices [add]
11. Tired [add]
12. This Tangled Web [add]
13. I Could Be a Killer [add]
14. There Is Only You [add]
15. Heroin [add]

Solemn Sun Setting (1999) 01. My Denial [add]
02. The Ways and Wounds (Of My World) [add]
03. A Single White Rose [add]
04. Somewhere [add]
05. Love's Way [add]
06. To Love Her [add]
07. A Simple Glance [add]
08. The Truth About Gina [add]
09. Lost [add]
10. I Cannot Believe [add]
11. Goodbye [add]
12. The Great Pretender [add]
13. March On [add]
14. King of Loneliness [add]
15. Solemn Sun Setting [add]
16. Who Are You [add]

Cause and Effect (2002) 01. I Am Not Here [add]
02. Look at Me Now [add]
03. Quiet Desperation [add]
04. Imitation of . . . [add]
05. Goodnight Sweetheart [add]
06. Lonely [add]
07. Madame Hate's Mad Search for Love [add]
08. Bang the Drum Slowly [add]
09. The Mystery [add]
10. Cynthia's Journal [add]
11. The Battle [add]
12. About Michelle [add]
13. Dance Me to the End of Love [add]

Moments in Time (2005) 01. Mr. Storyteller [add]
02. Death of an Angel [add]
03. Tired [add]
04. My Skin [add]
05. Fascination and Fear [add]
06. As Love Comes Tumbling [add]
07. The Silent Dance [add]
08. Yesterday Is Here [add]
09. It Is Fear [add]
10. Can't Cry Hard Enough [add]
11. Forever [add]
12. Your Fire [add]
13. Sad I Cry [add]
14. This Tangled Web [#/*] [add]

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