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Wild Man Fischer lyrics
Genre: Rock
An Evening with Wild Man Fischer (1968) 01. Merry-Go-Round lyrics
02. New Kind of Songs for Sale [add]
03. I'm Not Shy Anymore [add]
04. Are You from Clovis [add]
05. The Madness of Ecstacy [add]
06. Which Way Did the Freaks Go lyrics
07. I'm Working for the F B N lyrics
08. The Leaves Are Falling lyrics
09. 85 Times lyrics
10. Cops and Robbers lyrics
11. Monkeys Verses Donkeys lyrics
12. Start Life over Again [add]
13. The Mope [add]
14. Life Brand New lyrics
15. Who Did It Johnny lyrics
16. Think of Me When Your Clothes lyrics
17. Taggy Lee lyrics
18. Rhonda lyrics
19. I Looked Around You lyrics
20. Jennifer Jones [add]
21. The Taster lyrics
22. Story of the Taster [add]
23. The Rocket Rock lyrics
24. Explanation and Dialog [add]
25. Dream Girl lyrics
26. Explanation [add]
27. Serrano Beach lyrics
28. Success Will Not Make Me Happy [add]
29. Wild Man on the Strip Again [add]
30. Why Am I Normal [add]
31. Wild Man Fischer Story lyrics
32. Balling Isn't Everything [add]
33. Ugly Beautiful Girl lyrics
34. Larry and His Guitar [add]
35. Circle lyrics
36. Larry Under Pressure [add]

Wildmania (1977) 01. My Name Is Larry [add]
02. Jimmy Durante [add]
03. I Light the Pilot [add]
04. Josephine [add]
05. Do the Wildman [add]
06. I'm a Truck [add]
07. Sir Larry [add]
08. Who's Your Favorite Singer? [add]
09. Go to Rhino Records [add]
10. Handy Man [add]
11. Disco in Frisco [add]
12. Do the Wildman (And Other in Dances) [add]
13. I'm Selling Peanuts for the Dodgers [add]
14. I'm the Meany [add]
15. Wild Man Fischer Impersonation Contest [add]
16. Guitar Licks [add]
17. What Do You Think of Larry? [add]
18. Young at Heart [add]
19. My Name Is Larry (Reprise) [add]

Pronounced Normal (1981) 01. Pronounced Normal [add]
02. Don't Be a Singer [add]
03. It's Nice to Have Things [add]
04. I Swear to God My Love Was True [add]
05. Talking [add]
06. Watch out for the Sharks [add]
07. When You're Younger [add]
08. Yesterday [add]
09. Fish Heads [add]
10. Mistakes [add]
11. Frank [add]
12. It's a Money World [add]
13. The Mope, Pt. 2 [add]
14. The Righteous [add]
15. Oh Linda, Oh Laurie [add]
16. The Bouillabaisse [add]
17. One Minutes [add]
18. In My Room [add]
19. I'm a Christmas Tree [add]
20. Let Us Live as One [add]
21. Pronounced Normal (Reprise) [add]
22. My Sweet Little Cathy [add]

Nothing Scary (1984) 01. Intro [add]
02. Derailroaded [add]
03. Larry and the Next Wave [add]
04. Sparkling Diamonds [add]
05. Mark Business Shark [add]
06. Don't Ever Get Mad at Me [add]
07. My Friend Robert [add]
08. The Omar Walk [add]
09. I Look Around You [add]
10. Oh, God, Please Send Me a Kid [add]
11. Back in Time [add]
12. Track Star [add]
13. I Got a Camera [add]
14. Scotty's Got a Cake [add]
15. Walking Thru the Underground [add]
16. Merry Go Round [add]
17. You're a Liar and a Thief [add]
18. All I Think About Is You [add]
19. Outside the Hospital [add]
20. Big Boots [add]
21. Ping Pong Ball Head [add]
22. Real Cool Cowboy [add]
23. One of a Kind Mind [add]
24. The Record Player Song [add]
25. When You Record Singers [add]
26. Wild Man Discher Records [add]
27. Gimme a Ride Down the Hill [add]
28. Bad Leg [add]
29. I Worry About My Friends [add]
30. The Rain Song [add]
31. The Pep [add]
32. Love Love Love in Everything You Do [add]
33. Larry in Las Vegas [add]
34. Outro [add]

Sing Popular Songs (1997) 01. Stigmatize Your Mind [add]
02. Midnight Train/Rock & Roll Star/Say It [add]
03. Jimmy Durante [add]
04. Dandylion Flower [add]
05. Please Like Us [add]
06. Potato War [add]
07. Stino [add]
08. Breakfast With Bananas [add]
09. Auto Suk #2 [add]
10. When the Saints Go Marching In [add]
11. Fill the Boot [add]
12. The Party's Over [add]

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