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Jad Fair lyrics
Genre: Rock
Roll out the Barrel (1988) 01. Cheerleaders Wild Weekend [add]
02. Double for Me [add]
03. Bird of Prey [add]
04. Subterranean Homesick Blues [add]
05. If It's O.K. [add]
06. Better Safe Than Sorry [add]
07. Den of Angels [add]
08. Blind Hope [add]
09. California [add]
10. When Is She Coming [add]
11. Second Thought [add]
12. Eye of the Hurricane [add]
13. Best Left Unsaid [add]
14. No One Knows [add]
15. By and By [add]
16. Help! [add]
17. Around and Around [add]
18. What I've Been Waiting For [add]
19. Load and Mount [add]
20. Nosferatu [add]
21. Twist and Shout [add]
22. King Kong [add]
23. Rockin' Chair [add]
24. Easy to See [add]
25. On the Sunny Side of the Street [add]
26. Flower of the North [add]
27. Paths of Glory [add]

The Sound of Music (1990) 01. Beverly [add]
02. Candace [add]
03. Elenor [add]
04. The Faceless Man [add]
05. Our Cause to Worry [add]
06. Here Comes Roxanne [add]
07. Zorro's Black Whip [add]
08. Sleeping Beauty [add]
09. Pretty Angel Eyes [add]
10. Something to Sing About [add]
11. Annie Oakley [add]
12. The Sound of Music [add]

I Like It When You Smile (1992) 01. A Little Bit More [add]
02. The Only One Left [add]
03. On the Sunny Side of the Street [add]
04. Something Inside of Me [add]
05. Surprise Party [add]
06. Secret Life [add]
07. Dot [add]
08. Road Runner [add]
09. If He Says He Did [add]
10. You'll Never Know [add]
11. Big as the Sun [add]
12. The Crown [add]
13. Take a Chance [add]
14. I Like Candy [add]
15. Mule in the Corn [add]
16. Big Top [add]
17. I Had a Dream Last Night [add]
18. Angel [add]
19. The Eyes of the World [add]
20. Brand New Moon [add]
21. Texas [add]
22. Better Than Before [add]

Greater Expectations (1996) 01. Elephant/Hillbillies [add]
02. Pajamas/Wild West [add]
03. Me and the Boys [add]
04. Vampire [add]
05. Wise Old Owl/Radio [add]
06. Romeo and Juliet [add]
07. Shoe Strings/Mule [add]
08. The Tracks of My Tears [add]
09. Weeeeeeeeeeee/All [add]
10. Frankenstein Monster/Checkers [add]
11. Horses/Dog [add]
12. Whale/Speed of Sound [add]
13. Rocket Ship/Moon [add]
14. A Great Big Tiger/Robot/Baseball [add]
15. Lion [add]
16. And [add]
17. And Now I Can See [add]
18. Snakes [add]
19. Outlaw Blues [add]
20. Hog Wild [add]
21. Like a Bird [add]
22. Shakespeare [add]
23. And Then I Went [add]
24. Hot Dog [add]
25. Eiffel Tower [add]
26. Cherry Pie [add]
27. Linda Lou [add]
28. A Big Bear [add]
29. Water [add]
30. Salt and Pepper [add]
31. Cheese [add]
32. Chairs [add]
33. Cha-Cha [add]
34. Thank You, Bye [add]

We Are the Rage (1997) 01. Meet Me by the Prison Wall [add]
02. I Comb My Hair With My Hand [add]
03. Book of Love [add]
04. Love in Stores [add]
05. Jamboree [add]
06. I Love Honey [add]
07. I Saw Chris Economaki [add]
08. Caterpillar [add]
09. We Are the Rage [add]
10. Shnella [add]
11. Call Me [add]
12. Electric [add]
13. I Knew I Know (Just One Look) [add]
14. Convert [add]
15. Lots of Room for Love [add]
16. The Party [add]
17. Olives [add]
18. Evelyn Day [add]
19. Don't Change a Thing [add]
20. Summer/Winter [add]
21. Rice a Roni [add]
22. Be It Again [add]
23. And I Love Her [add]

26 Monster Songs for Children (1998) 01. Abominable Snowman [add]
02. Big Foot [add]
03. Creature [add]
04. Dracula [add]
05. E.T. [add]
06. Frankenstein [add]
07. Godzilla [add]
08. Headless Horseman [add]
09. Invisible Man [add]
10. Jabberwocky [add]
11. King Kong [add]
12. Loch Ness Monster [add]
13. Mummy [add]
14. Nosferatu [add]
15. Ogre [add]
16. Phantom [add]
17. Queen Kong [add]
18. Rodan [add]
19. Sasquatch [add]
20. Troll [add]
21. Urchin [add]
22. Vampire [add]
23. Werewolf [add]
24. The Man With the X-Ray Eyes [add]
25. Yeti [add]
26. Zombie [add]

Strange But True (1998) 01. Helpful Monkeys Wallpapers Entire Home [add]
02. Texas Man Abducted by Aliens for Outer Space Joy Ride [add]
03. National Sports Association Hires Retired English Professor to ... [add]
04. Dedicated Thespian Has Teeth Pulled to Play Newborn Baby in Highschool [add]
05. Three-Year-Old Genius Graduates High School at Top of Her Class [add]
06. Embarrased Teen Accidentally Uses Valuable Rare Postage Stamp [add]
07. Principal Punishes Students With Bad Impressions and Tired Jokes [add]
08. Retired Grocer Constructs Tiny Mount Rushmore Entirely of Cheese [add]
09. X-Ray Reveals Doctor Left Wristwatch Inside Patient [add]
10. Clumsy Grandmother Serves Delicious Dessert by Mistake #2 [add]
11. Retired Woman Starts New Career in Monkey Fashions [add]
12. Circus Strongman Runs for Pta President [add]
13. High School Shop Class Constructs Bicycle Built for 26 [add]
14. Clumsy Grandmother Serves Delicious Dessert by Mistake #1 [add]
15. Ohio Town Saved from Killer Bees by Hungry Vampire Bats [add]
16. Nevada Man Invents Piano With 21 Extra Keys [add]
17. Clever Chemist Makes Chewing Gum from Soap [add]
18. Minnesota Man Claims Monkey Bowled Perfect Game [add]
19. Ingenious Scientist Invents Car of the Future [add]
20. Car Gears Stick in Reverse, Daring Driver Crosses Town Backwards [add]
21. Shocking Fashion Statement Terrorizes Town [add]
22. Feisty Millionaire Fills Potholes With Hundred-Dollar Bills [add]

Enjoyable Songs (1999) 01. Sticky Cotton Candy Dress [add]
02. Roll Johnny Roll [add]
03. Olive [add]
04. Valerie [add]
05. Tabatha [add]
06. Damage Done [add]
07. Enjoy the Morning [add]
08. The Mummy [add]
09. You Can Do It If You Try [add]
10. Big Boots [add]
11. Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy [add]
12. Insatiable [add]
13. Lemondrops and Gumdrops [add]
14. Students of the Take [add]
15. The Beast With a Million Eyes [add]
16. Sweet Honey [add]
17. I Dig This Mess [add]
18. Wild Andrea [add]
19. Eat That Cake [add]
20. Natalie [add]
21. They Could Be Vampires [add]
22. Stand Up [add]
23. Bernadette [add]
24. Invisible Ray [add]
25. Sally [add]
26. Ask Me About Vampires [add]
27. Hand Me the Lotion [add]
28. Sweet Valentine [add]
29. Welcome to the Night [add]
30. Lovely Linda [add]
31. Amelia [add]
32. You Name This Song [add]
33. Tony to Shirley [add]
34. Animal Orchestra [add]
35. On the Town [add]

I Like Your Face (1999) 01. A Certain Smile [add]
02. Star Power [add]
03. Frankenstein [add]
04. Lucky [add]
05. Naoko [add]
06. Apple Pie [add]
07. Winnie Lake [add]
08. Cupid Shot Me [add]
09. A Day Like Any Other [add]
10. Lift Me Up [add]
11. The Helmut Maker's Wife's Sister [add]
12. Grand Champion [add]
13. I'll Do Mary's Wash [add]
14. Radiation Pill [add]
15. Better Than Before [add]
16. BZZZZZ [add]
17. The Death of the Clayton Peacock [add]
18. Kiss of the Vampire [add]
19. It Doesn't Take a Lot [add]
20. Yellow Lemon [add]
21. Open Book [add]
22. Norman [add]
23. Goya's Head [add]

It's Spooky (2001) 01. It's Spooky [add]
02. Summer Time [add]
03. I Met Roky Erickson [add]
04. Happy Talk [add]
05. McDonalds on the Brain [add]
06. I Did Acid With Caroline [add]
07. If I'd Only Known [add]
08. Tongues Wag in This Town [add]
09. Tomorrow Never Knows [add]
10. Oh Honey [add]
11. A Vow of Love [add]
12. When Love Calls [add]
13. Frankenstein Vs. The World [add]
14. Hands of Love [add]
15. Kicking the Dog [add]
16. What I've Seen [add]
17. Something's Got a Hold on Me [add]
18. Villian [add]
19. Chords of Fame [add]
20. Ostrich [add]
21. Casper the Friendly Ghost [add]
22. First Day at Work [add]
23. Fan and Games [add]
24. Nothing Left [add]
25. Memphis Tennessee [add]
26. Come Back [*] [add]
27. Tears Stupid Tears [*] [add]
28. The Making of the Album [*] [add]
29. Get Yourself Together [*] [add]
30. What the World Needs Now [*] [add]
31. Sweet Loafed [*] [add]

Best Friends (2001) 01. Blessed by Angels [add]
02. Love Train Wreck [add]
03. Voodoo Master Says [add]
04. Nancy Is an Angel-O [add]
05. Howlin' Wolf [add]
06. What Do You Want? [add]
07. Face on the Ceiling [add]
08. Everybody Loves the Tinklers [add]
09. Strange Life [add]
10. Every Night I Have the Dream [add]
11. Godzilla vs. Mecha-Godzilla [add]
12. Incredible Journey 2000 [add]
13. It Really Doesn't Matter [add]
14. They Were Shocked [add]
15. Rage and Fire [add]
16. That Love [add]
17. Purgatory, At Least [add]
18. Best Friend [add]
19. A Club About Loving You [add]
20. Someone Fell in Love [add]
21. Perry Mason in the Way [add]
22. King Kong [add]
23. Band Like Me [add]
24. Andy Griffith Show 2000 [add]
25. Hell Enough Alone [add]
26. Rock and Roll R.I.P. [add]
27. The Tinklers Rule My World [add]
28. Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Sue [add]
29. 1, 2, 3 [add]
30. Well, I'll Be John Brown [add]

The Lucky Sperms: Somewhat Humorous (2001) 01. Movie [add]
02. Yes, We Can [add]
03. She Starts Fire [add]
04. Cow at the Sacrifice [add]
05. Yellow Buttons [add]
06. Michelle [add]
07. Ruby Tuesday [add]
08. Loony Take Me Home [add]
09. Stale Spaghetti [add]
10. Lost [add]
11. Grey [add]
12. All the While [add]
13. Screw [add]
14. Pancakes Flop [add]
15. Undying Love [add]
16. Easter Bunny [add]
17. Death [add]
18. Coffee Cup [add]
19. Melody [add]
20. Berserk [add]

Six Dozen Cookies (2006) 01. Grampa's New Shoes [add]
02. 100 Yellow Pencils [add]
03. R. Sanders Anderson [add]
04. Four Leaf Clover [add]
05. Six Dozen Cookies [add]
06. Big Deck of Cards [add]
07. Grampa Feeds the Birds [add]
08. Lost Glasses [add]
09. Grampa's Room [add]
10. Presidential Pancakes [add]
11. Card Games [add]
12. Henry Penny [add]
13. Peanut Museum [add]
14. Grampa's Songs [add]
15. Grampa's Books [add]
16. Telephone Manners [add]
17. Lost Wallet [add]
18. Automatic Bird Feeder [add]
19. Asleep in Grampa's Arms [add]

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