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Kleenex Girl Wonder lyrics
Genre: Rock
AGAS (Ain't Going Anywhere Soon) (1999) 01. Ain't Going Anywhere Soon [add]
02. Louis, My Corpse Looks a Little Familiar [add]
03. Language [add]
04. Halloween Graduates [add]
05. Response and Responsibility [add]
06. Sunberry Gate [add]

Graham Smith Is the Coolest Person Alive (2000) 01. The Bostonians [add]
02. Five Minutes [add]
03. Mildly Obsessed [add]
04. Put If on the Desk [add]
05. Road to San Francisco [add]
06. Moses Alone [add]
07. Julie and Barbara [add]
08. You Need Me [add]
09. I Invented the Drums [add]
10. Ponyoak [add]
11. The Prince of the Major Leagues [add]
12. Turn the Bitch Off [add]
13. Dog Protects Wife [add]
14. Cavewoman [add]
15. What Is Your Posture? [add]
16. I Can't Humanize [add]
17. Data for the Turtle in the Maze [add]
18. The Muscles-Into Mountains [add]
19. Great Alcoholics [add]
20. May Be Icy [add]

Smith (2001) 01. Intro [add]
02. Reunited Airlines [add]
03. The Connection [add]
04. Have We Been Working Out? (Bling Bling) [add]
05. A Potential Ally [add]
06. 12 Instruments [add]
07. The Nadir [add]
08. A New Wrinkle [add]
09. Lake Koshlonong Valley Song [add]
10. Weekend [add]
11. Hard World Flooring [add]
12. Remembrance of Things Past [add]
13. Professor Bordeaux [add]
14. The Party 1 [add]
15. Love at Firt Byte? [add]
16. Love Is Golden, French, Eternal [add]
17. The Aftermath [add]
18. Do You Want Me? [add]
19. Jenny Fleeks [add]
20. That Nature Is a Herclitcan Fire and of the Comfort of the ... [add]
21. Steve Jesus [add]
22. An Old Friend [add]
23. So Right. It's Wrong [add]
24. Report From George [add]
25. 34th Street [add]
26. A Shame and a Waste [add]
27. Nadia Ivanovna [add]
28. After the Party 3 [add]
29. A Perfect Prelude [add]
30. An Accident [add]
31. To the Boatcourt [add]
32. Van Buren Street [add]
33. I Never Asked You to Cry [add]
34. Nadia's Last Assignment [add]
35. Withholding Hands [add]
36. The Party 4 [add]
37. Apprehension [add]
38. Westmont [add]
39. Autumn Sonata [add]
40. Epilogue [add]
41. Coda [add]

After Mathematics (2002) 01. I'm Pregnant [add]
02. Ain't a Damned Thing Changed [add]
03. Why I Write Such Good Songs [add]
04. No Melody [add]
05. The Pathetic Fallacy [add]
06. Amelia [add]
07. The International Fallacy [add]
08. I Am a Serving Wench at a Themed Restaurant [add]
09. Everything Is Easy [add]
10. If You Only Knew [add]
11. Stages of Cruelity [add]
12. Fitzcarraldo [add]

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