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Genre: Rock
The Image Has Cracked (1978) 01. Alternatives [add]
02. Action Time Vision [add]
03. Why Don't You Do Right? [add]
04. Good Times [add]
05. Still Life [add]
06. Viva la Rock & Roll [add]
07. Nasty Little Lonely [add]
08. Red [add]
09. Splitting in Two [add]

What You See Is What You Are (1978) 01. What You See Is What You Are [add]
02. Dog in Hell [add]
03. Addicted [add]
04. Action Time Vision [add]
05. Time Lemon [add]
06. Going Round in Circles [add]
07. Fellow Sufferer [add]
08. Splitting in Two [add]

Live at the Rat Club '77 (1979) 01. Memphis [add]
02. Love Lies Limp [add]
03. My Hand Was Still Wet [add]
04. Sleep in Bed [add]
05. Life [add]
06. How Much Longer [add]
07. Alternatives to N.A.T.O. [add]
08. You Bastard [add]
09. Why Don'tcha Do Me Right? [add]
10. Total Switch Off [add]

Vibing Up the Senile Man (1979) 01. Release the Natives [add]
02. Serpentine Gallery [add]
03. Poor Association [add]
04. The Radio Story [add]
05. Facing Up to the Facts [add]
06. The Good Missionary [add]
07. Graves of Deluxe Green [add]
08. Smile in the Day [add]

Action Time Vision (1980) 01. Action Time Vision [add]
02. Another Coke [add]
03. Life After Life [add]
04. Love Lies Limp [add]
05. How Much Longer [add]
06. Life After Dub [add]
07. The Good Missionary [add]
08. The Force Is Blind [add]
09. Facing up to the Facts [add]
10. Lost in Room [add]
11. Vibing [add]

Strange Kicks (1981) 01. The Ancient Rebels [add]
02. Strange Kicks [add]
03. Communicate [add]
04. Anye Is Back [add]
05. Mirror Boy [add]
06. My Hand Is Still Wet [add]
07. Fun City [add]
08. TV Operator [add]
09. There Goes My Date With Doug [add]
10. Cold Rain [add]
11. Who Are They [add]
12. Sleep in Dub [add]

Peep Show (1987) 01. Victory [add]
02. Repulsion [add]
03. Chrissie's Moon [add]
04. Let's Sleep Now [add]
05. Tumble Time [add]
06. The River [add]
07. Welcome to the End of Fun [add]
08. Boy Eats Girl [add]
09. Anti [add]
10. My Baby's Laughing [add]
11. Death Time [add]
12. Scandal [add]
13. White Walls [add]
14. Animal [add]
15. You Never Know [add]

Punk Life (1998) 01. Unlikely Star [add]
02. Punk Life [add]
03. Guntai Wa Moumoku [add]
04. Give Me Love [add]
05. I Had Love in My Hands [add]
06. Jane's Not at Home [add]
07. Alternative TG. [add]
08. Jesus on the Mainline [add]
09. You Never Know [add]
10. God Saves! [add]
11. Purpose in My Life [add]
12. A Bold Chance [add]
13. Alternative Television [add]

Apollo (1999) 01. Introducing [add]
02. Apollo [add]
03. Communication Failure [add]
04. I Looked at Your Face [add]
05. Hello, I'm Mika... [add]
06. Where? [add]
07. Propaganda [add]
08. Return of the Crack [add]
09. Politics in Every Sausage [add]
10. A Love Song [add]
11. Oh Shit, We Fell from Grace [add]
12. Slap and Tickle [add]
13. The Green Hair [add]
14. Jane's Bath [add]
15. Just a Memory [add]
16. Do You Know What Time It Is? [add]

Love Lies Limp [live] (2003) 01. Alternatives [add]
02. Action Time Vision [add]
03. Why Don't You Do Me Right? [add]
04. Good Times [add]
05. Ancient Rebels [add]
06. Loves Lies Limp [add]
07. Still Life [add]
08. Communications Failure [add]
09. Nasty Little Lonely [add]
10. Life (Back to Basics) [add]
11. Total Switch Off [add]
12. Splitting in Two [add]
13. How Much Longer? [add]
14. You Bastard [add]

Revolution (2003) 01. Revolution [add]
02. Good Times [add]
03. Urban Kids [add]
04. In Control [add]
05. Total Switch Off [add]
06. Never Going to Give It Up [add]
07. On Your Knees [add]
08. Company of Lies [add]
09. It's Raining [add]
10. Back to Basics [add]
11. Visions [add]
12. At War [add]
13. Communication Failure [*] [add]
14. Action Time Vision [*] [add]

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