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Vulgar Unicorn lyrics
Genre: Rock
Under the Umbrella (1995) 01. Under the Unbrella/The House at Fudge Corner [add]
02. By Post-Chaise to the Primrose League [add]
03. Waiting Under the Umbrella [add]
04. Thief of Clubs [add]

Sleep with Fishes (1996) 01. Food for Thought: [add]
02. Food for Thought: Supersmoke II [add]
03. Food for Thought: ... So You Say [add]
04. Food for Thought: Binary Bass [add]
05. Sieving the Day's Events: Enter the Hydrozone [add]
06. Sieving the Day's Events: Neo-City Sleeper [add]
07. Sieving the Day's Events: Dream of Me [add]
08. Sieving the Day's Events: Jazz Night [add]
09. The Stitch: Curioser and Curioser [add]
10. The Stitch: a Mad, Unthinkable Utterly Impossible Present [add]
11. The Stitch: Too Many Secrets [add]
12. The Stitch: Horses for Courses [add]
13. Unnatural Animation: a Story That May Never Had Happen [add]
14. Unnatural Animation: Sky Kid [add]
15. Unnatural Animation: Magic Carpet for Hire! [add]
16. Unnatural Animation: Ora-194 [add]

Third (1998) 01. This Is Where It All Began [add]
02. It Didn't Used to Be This Way [add]
03. Powder, Groom, Hardpack [add]
04. I Saw the Messenger of the New God There [add]
05. Secret Spot [add]
06. I'm Beginning to Think I Can Cure a Rainy Day [add]
07. Diabolical Scheme [add]
08. More Money Than I Know What to Do With [add]
09. Tierce de Picardie [add]
10. Scherzo in C Minor [add]

Persona Non Grata (2005) 01. A Thousand Julys [add]
02. It's Not How You Play the Game, It's Whether You Win or Lose [add]
03. The Only Person I Hate More Than You, Is Me [add]
04. Lament for Mayer [add]
05. Parfait Amour [add]
06. Russian Satellites [add]
07. Gliders V1.1 [add]
08. Beachlife [add]
09. I Wish That I Knew What I Know Now, When I Was Younger [add]
10. Marco Polo's Lost His Way [add]
11. The Battle of Kadesh [add]
12. Stile Over the World [add]
13. The House at Fudge Corner [add]
14. By Post-Chaise to the Primrose League [add]
15. Waiting Under the Umbrella [add]
16. Kill Your Darlings [Banished Mix] [add]

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