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The Flower Kings lyrics
Genre: Rock
Back in the World of Adventures (1995) 01. World of Adventures [add]
02. Atomic Prince/Kaleidoscope [add]
03. Go West Judas [add]
04. Train to Nowhere [add]
05. Oblivion Road [add]
06. Theme for a Hero [add]
07. Temple of the Snakes [add]
08. My Cosmic Lover [add]
09. The Wohnder Wheel [add]
10. Big Puzzle [add]

Edition Limitee Quebec, 1998 (1998) 01. Kite [add]
02. Piece of Nizzimo [add]
03. The Flower King [add]
04. Duke of Nuke [add]
05. Garden of Dreams, Pt. 1 [add]
06. Buffalo Man [add]

Flower Power (1999) 01. Garden of Dreams [add]
02. Garden of Dreams [add]
03. Garden of Dreams [add]
04. Garden of Dreams [add]
05. Garden of Dreams [add]
06. Garden of Dreams [add]
07. Garden of Dreams [add]
08. Garden of Dreams [add]
09. Garden of Dreams [add]
10. Garden of Dreams [add]
11. Garden of Dreams [add]
12. Garden of Dreams [add]
13. Garden of Dreams [add]
14. Garden of Dreams [add]
15. Garden of Dreams [add]
16. Garden of Dreams [add]
17. Garden of Dreams [add]
18. Garden of Dreams [add]
19. Captain Capstan [add]
20. Ikea by Night [add]
21. Astral Dog [add]
22. Deaf, Numb & Blind [add]
23. Stupid Girl [add]
24. Corruption [add]
25. Power of Kindness [add]
26. Psycedelic Postcard [add]
27. Hudson River Sirens Call 1998 [add]
28. Magic Pie [add]
29. Calling Home [add]
30. Calling Home [add]
31. Afterlife [add]

Alive on Planet Earth (2000) 01. There Is More to This World [add]
02. Church of Your Heart [add]
03. The Judas Kiss [add]
04. Nothing New Under the Sun [add]
05. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway [add]
06. Big Puzzle [add]
07. Sounds of Violence [add]
08. Three Stories [add]
09. In the Eyes of the World [add]
10. The Flower King [add]
11. Stardust We Are, Pt. 3 [add]

Space Revolver (2000) 01. I Am the Sun, Pt. 1 [add]
02. Dream on Dreamer [add]
03. Rumble Fish Twist [add]
04. Monster Within [add]
05. Chicken Farmer Song [add]
06. Underdog [add]
07. You Don't Know What You've Got [add]
08. Slave to Money [add]
09. A King's Prayer [add]
10. I Am the Sun, Pt. 2 [add]

Retropolis (2000) 01. Rhythm of Life [add]
02. Retropolis [add]
03. Rhythm of the Sea [add]
04. There Is More to This World [add]
05. Romancing the City [add]
06. The Melting Pot [add]
07. Silent Sorrow [add]
08. The Judas Kiss [add]
09. Retroplis by Night [add]
10. Flora Majora [add]
11. The Road Back Home [add]

Stardust We Are (2000) 01. In the Eyes of the World [add]
02. A Room With a View [add]
03. Just This Once [add]
04. Church of Your Heart [add]
05. Porr Mr. Rain; S Ordinary Guitar [add]
06. The Man Who Walked With Kings [add]
07. Circus Brimstone [add]
08. Crying Clown [add]
09. Compassion [add]
10. Pipes of Peace [add]
11. The End of Innocence [add]
12. The Merry-Go-Round [add]
13. Don of the Universe [add]
14. A Day at the Mall [add]
15. Different People [add]
16. Kingdom of Lies [add]
17. If 28 [add]
18. Ghost of the Red Cloud [add]
19. Hotel Nirvana [add]
20. Stardust We Are [add]

Rainmaker (2001) 01. Last Minute on Earth [add]
02. World Without a Heart [add]
03. Road to Sanctuary [add]
04. The Rainmaker [add]
05. City of Angels [add]
06. Elaine [add]
07. Thru the Walls [add]
08. Sword of God [add]
09. Blessing of a Smile [add]
10. Red Alert [add]
11. Serious Dreamers [add]

Unfold the Future (2002) 01. The Truth Will Set You Free: Lonely Road/Primal Instincts/From the Source [add]
02. Monkey Business [add]
03. Black and White [add]
04. Christianopel [add]
05. Silent Inferno [add]
06. The Navigator [add]
07. Vox Humana [add]
08. Genie in a Bottle [add]
09. Fast Lane [add]
10. Grand Old World [add]
11. Soul Vortex [add]
12. Rollin' the Dice [add]
13. The Devil's Danceschool [add]
14. Man Overboard [add]
15. Solitary Shell [add]
16. Devil's Playground [add]

Meet the Flower Kings [CD & DVD] [live] (2003) 01. The Truth Will Set You Free [add]
02. Garden of Dreams, Pt. 1 [add]
03. Garden of Dreams, Pt. 2 [add]
04. Humanizzimo [add]
05. Circus Brimstone [add]
06. Silent Inferno [add]
07. Stardust We Are [add]
08. On Tour in USA [DVD] [add]
09. On Tour in Europe [DVD] [add]
10. Setting Up for the DVD [DVD] [add]
11. Oddballs of Rehearsing [DVD] [add]
12. In Recording Studio June 2002 [DVD] [add]
13. On Tour in South America [DVD] [add]

Meet the Flower Kings [live] (2003) 01. The Truth Will Set You Free [add]
02. Garden of Dreams, Pt. 1 [add]
03. Garden of Dreams, Pt. 2 [add]
04. Humanizzimo [add]
05. Circus Brimstone [add]
06. Silent Inferno [add]
07. Stardust We Are [add]

Adam & Eve (2004) 01. Love Supreme [add]
02. Cosmic Circus [add]
03. Babylon [add]
04. A Vampires View [add]
05. Days Gone By [add]
06. Adam & Eve [add]
07. Starligh Man [add]
08. Timelines [add]
09. Driver's Seat [add]
10. The Blade of Cain [add]

Paradox Hotel (2006) 01. Check In [add]
02. Monsters & Men [add]
03. Jealousy [add]
04. Hit Me with a Hit [add]
05. Pioneers of Aviation [add]
06. Lucy Had a Dream [add]
07. Bavarian Skies [add]
08. Selfconsuming Fire [add]
09. Mommy Leave the Light On [add]
10. End on a High Note [add]
11. Minor Giant Steps [add]
12. Touch My Heaven [add]
13. The Unorthodox Danceing Lesson [add]
14. Man of the World [add]
15. Life Will Kill You [add]
16. The Way the Waters Are Moving [add]
17. What if God Is Alone [add]
18. Paradox Hotel [add]
19. Blue Planet [add]

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