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Genre: Easy Listening
The George Gershwin Collection (1994) 01. Shall We Dance? [add]
02. The Man I Love [add]
03. Maybe [add]
04. Fascinating Rhythm [add]
05. How Long Has This Been Going On? [add]
06. 'S Wonderful [add]
07. Oh, So Nice [add]
08. He Loves and She Loves [add]
09. I Got Rhythm [add]
10. Isn't It a Pity? [add]
11. Liza (All the Clouds'll Roll Away) [add]
12. A Foggy Day [add]
13. Bess, You Is My Woman Now [add]
14. Aren't You Kind of Glad We Did? [add]
15. Love Is Here to Stay [add]
16. My Cousin in Milwaukee [add]
17. Someone to Watch over Me [add]
18. Tra-La-La [add]
19. Embraceable You [add]
20. By Strauss [add]
21. Changing My Tune [add]
22. Clap Yo' Hands [add]
23. Love Walked In [add]

Billy Mayerl Piano Transcriptions, Vol. 1 (1994) 01. Did You Ever See a Dream Walking? [add]
02. Thanks [add]
03. Love Locked Out [add]
04. On the Other Side of Lovers' Lane [add]
05. I Cover the Waterfront [add]
06. Weep No More, My Baby [add]
07. We Belong Together [add]
08. Close Your Eyes [add]
09. Masquerading in the Name of Love [add]
10. Two Cigarettes in the Dark [add]
11. Oceans of Time [add]
12. April in Paris [add]
13. Arlene [add]
14. Love the Neighbour [add]
15. Say It [add]
16. Balloons [add]
17. Other People's Babies [add]
18. June in January [add]
19. Imaginary Foxtrot [add]
20. The Continental [add]
21. With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming [add]
22. Chasing Shadows [add]
23. The Girl With the Dreamy Eyes [add]
24. Cheek to Cheek [add]

The Billy Mayerl Piano Transcriptions, Vol. 2 (1995) 01. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes [add]
02. You Hit the Spot [add]
03. Anything Goes [add]
04. I Feel Like a Feather in the Breeze [add]
05. Love Me Forever [add]
06. Please Believe Me [add]
07. Ev'rything's Been Done Before [add]
08. I Breathe on Windows [add]
09. Without a Word of Warning [add]
10. There's a Star in the Sky [add]
11. Fatal Fascination [add]
12. Limehouse Blues [add]
13. Will I Ever Know? [add]
14. A Penny in My Pocket [add]
15. Turn on the Taps [add]
16. The Dance Goes On [add]
17. I'm in a Dancing Mood [add]
18. Without Rhythm [add]
19. My First Thrill [add]
20. Stranger in a Cup of Tea [add]
21. You're Not Too Bad Yourself [add]
22. Lambeth Walk [add]
23. At the Balalaika [add]
24. Everything's in Rhythm With My Heart [add]

Robots by Billy Mayerl: Impressions for the Piano (1997) 01. Look Lively [add]
02. The Jazz Master (No. 1) [add]
03. The Jazz Mistress (No. 2) [add]
04. Eskimo Shivers (No. 3) [add]
05. Ladybird [add]
06. Pastoral [add]
07. Fiddle Dance [add]
08. Love in Bloom [add]
09. Honeymoon for Three- Melody [add]
10. Darling, Not Without You [add]
11. All-Of-A-Twist (No. 4) [add]
12. Virginia Creeper (No. 5) [add]
13. Jazzaristrix (No. 6) [add]
14. Billy's Fancy [add]
15. Chameleon [add]
16. Marigold Lodge [add]
17. Busy Lizzie [add]
18. Cherry Blossom [add]
19. Carpet of Yellow [add]
20. April Showers [add]
21. Sweet [add]
22. Head over Heels- Medley [add]
23. I Love Cinderella [add]
24. Christmas Rose [add]
25. The First Snowdrop [add]
26. Evergreen [add]
27. Robots [add]
28. Waltz for a Lonely Heart [add]
29. Fireside Fusiliers [add]
30. Theme from Majestic Interlude [add]

Manhattan Playboy: A Tribute to Robert Farnon (1997) 01. Journey into Melody [add]
02. Malaga [add]
03. In a Calm [add]
04. The Lonely Dancer [add]
05. Poodle Parade [add]
06. Country Girl [add]
07. Peanut Polka [add]
08. Still Life [add]
09. Lazy Day [add]
10. Portrait of a Flirt [add]
11. A Star Is Born: Birthday Waltzes for Robert Farnon [add]
12. Birthday Waltzes for Robert Farnon/Three-Four Affair [add]
13. Birthday Waltzes for Robert Farnon/Just Another Three-Four [add]
14. Birthday Waltzes for Robert Farnon/They're Singing Our Waltz [add]
15. The Huckle Buckle [add]
16. La Casita Mia [add]
17. Let's Try Again [add]
18. Joanne [add]
19. The Westminster Waltz [add]
20. Reflections [add]
21. Jumping Bean [add]
22. How Beautiful Is Night [add]
23. Midsummer Mood [add]
24. Manhattan Playboy [add]

The Piano Music of Arnold Bax, Vol. 1 (2000) 01. Lullaby [add]
02. Country-Tune [add]
03. Sonata No. 1 [add]
04. Winter Waters [add]
05. Sonata No2 [In F Sharp Minor] [add]

The Genius of Billy Mayerl (2001) 01. Sweet William [add]
02. Ace of Clubs [add]
03. Ace of Diamonds [add]
04. Ace of Hearts [add]
05. Ace of Spades [add]
06. The Joker [add]
07. Siberian Lament [add]
08. Funny Peculiar [add]
09. April's Fool [add]
10. Orange Blossom [add]
11. Souvenir [add]
12. Song of the Desert [add]
13. Patrol of the Camels [add]
14. Shy Ballerina [add]
15. Chopsticks [add]
16. Evening Primrose [add]
17. Pastorale Exotique [add]
18. Shallow Waters [add]
19. English Dance [add]
20. Cricket Dance [add]
21. Harmonica Dance [add]
22. Hollyhock [add]
23. Carminetta [add]
24. Scallywag [add]
25. Minuet for Pamela [add]
26. Penny Whistle [add]
27. Peg O My Heart [add]
28. I Got Love [add]
29. I'm in a Dancing Mood [add]
30. I'm Always in the Mood for You [add]
31. April in Paris [add]
32. Haymaker's Holiday [add]
33. Oceans of Time [add]
34. Poor Little Rich Girl [add]
35. On the Other Side of Lovers Lane [add]
36. Highland Swing [add]
37. There's a Star in the Sky [add]
38. Love Me Forever [add]
39. Blue Velvet [add]
40. Fools Rush In [add]
41. Amoresque [add]
42. So Rare [add]
43. Without a Word of Warning [add]
44. Close Your Eyes [add]
45. Deep Henderson [add]
46. My Heaven in the Pines [add]
47. Other Peoples Babies [add]
48. Is It Tru What They Say About Dixie? [add]
49. My First Thrill [add]
50. Thanks [add]

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