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Genre: World
Sunlit Plains (1995) 01. Where Silence Reigns [add]
02. The Gift of Years [add]
03. New Life, New Love [add]
04. The Declaration [add]
05. Across the Warego [add]
06. Susquehanna [add]
07. Oh for Me Grog [add]
08. I Don't Go Shearing [add]
09. Shepherd on the Fell [add]
10. Somewhere in America [add]
11. Donald Sullivan [add]
12. Never-Neverland [add]
13. Aged Stockman [add]
14. Shearer's Nightmare [add]

Mussels on a Tree (1995) 01. Bold Reynolds [add]
02. The Hills Are Clad [add]
03. Irish Lords [add]
04. Reunion [add]
05. Flash Stockman [add]
06. Bunch of Red Roses [add]
07. Valley of Trees [add]
08. Smokestack Land [add]
09. Jim Jones [add]
10. 'Ard Tack [add]
11. Cockleshells [add]
12. The Springtime It Brings on the Shearing [add]
13. Ginny on the Moor [add]
14. Van Dieman's Land [add]
15. Shelter [add]

Beneath a Southern Sky (1997) 01. A Shearer's Lament/Orotaba Waltz [add]
02. Emu Plains [add]
03. The Colonial [add]
04. My Eldorado [add]
05. Lambs on the Green Hills [add]
06. Heel & Toe Polka [add]
07. Sailor Home from Sea [add]
08. Faithful Emma [add]
09. Goorianawa [add]
10. The Lily/Exercise 77 [add]
11. The Best of Autumn [add]
12. Banks of the Tees [add]
13. Off to the Shearing [add]
14. The Swaggie Snake & Frog/Ebb Wren's Schottische [add]

Undiscovered Australia I (1997) 01. Reedy River [add]
02. The Declaration [add]
03. The Water Lily [add]
04. Flash Jack from Gundagai/A Bush Lullaby [add]
05. Gentle Annie [add]
06. Shearing in a Bar [add]
07. Where the Brumbies Come to Water [add]
08. The Flash Stockman [add]
09. Irish Lords [add]
10. 'Ard Tac [add]
11. Jim Jones at Botany Bay [add]
12. The Springtime It Brings on the Shearing [add]
13. New Life, New Love [add]
14. Where Silence Reihns [add]
15. Across the Warego [add]
16. I Don't Go Shearing Now [add]
17. Never-Neverland [add]
18. The Aged Stockman [add]

Beyond the Red Horizon (1999) 01. Genoa [add]
02. Where the Brumbies Come to Water [add]
03. Shining Down on Sennen [add]
04. The Teams [add]
05. The Broken Hearted Shearer & Mudgee Waltz [add]
06. I Dreamed of Phoebe [add]
07. Down the River [add]
08. The Constant Lovers [add]
09. The Black Swans [add]
10. The Lapwing's Feather [add]
11. From Severn by the Somme [add]
12. The Banks of Claudy [add]
13. Silence and Tears [add]
14. Buncloudy [add]
15. Tomahawking Fred [add]
16. Possumland [add]

Emu Plains (2001) 01. The Stockman's Last Bed [add]
02. The Ile de France [add]
03. Reedy River [add]
04. Declaration [add]
05. Water Lily [add]
06. Flash Jack from Gundagai/A Bush Lullaby [add]
07. Andy's Gone with Cattle [add]
08. Gentle Annie [add]
09. Wandering Aengus [add]
10. Do You Think I Do Not Know? [add]
11. Ae Waukin O [add]
12. Shearing in a Bar [add]
13. Where the Brumbies Come to Water [add]
14. The Exile of Erin [add]
15. The Ballard of the Drover [add]
16. Springtime It Brings on the Shearing [add]

Oceans in the Sky (2005) 01. White Shepherd [add]
02. Across the Miles [add]
03. Foxes Go Hunting [add]
04. New Road [add]
05. Standing in the Light [add]
06. Beyond the Distant Hills [add]
07. Carrying Nelson Home [add]
08. Suit of Grey [add]
09. Knocked Up [add]
10. Morning Dove [add]
11. Slaughterhouse Drover [add]
12. Sally Sloan's Mazurka [add]
13. These Are My Dreams [add]
14. Days of Summer [add]
15. The Last Song [add]

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