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Royal Trux lyrics
Genre: Rock
Royal Trux (First) (1988) 01. Bad Blood [add]
02. Incineration [add]
03. Strawberry Soda [add]
04. Hashish [add]
05. Sanction Smith [add]
06. Zero Dok [add]
07. Touch [add]
08. Bits and Spurs [add]
09. Esso Dame [add]
10. Sice I Bones [add]
11. Gold Dust [add]
12. Jesse James [add]
13. Andersonville [add]
14. The Set-Up [add]
15. Walking Machine [add]
16. Hawk'n Around [add]

Twin Infinitives (1990) 01. Solid Gold Tooth/Ice Cream/Jet Pet/RTX-USA/Kool Down Wheels [add]
02. Chances Are the Comets in Our Future/Yin Jim Versus the Vomit Creature [add]
03. (Edge of the) Ape Oven [add]
04. Florida Avenue Theme/Lick My Boots/Glitterburst/Funky Son/Ratcreeps [add]

Royal Trux (1992) 01. Air [add]
02. Move [add]
03. Hallucination [add]
04. Junkie Nurse [add]
05. Sometimes [add]
06. Lightning Boxer [add]
07. Blood Flowers [add]
08. Sun on the Run [add]

Cats & Dogs (1993) 01. Teeth [add]
02. The Flag [add]
03. Friends [add]
04. The Spectre [add]
05. Skywood Greenback Mantra [add]
06. Turn of the Century [add]
07. Up the Sleeve [add]
08. Hot and Cold Skulls [add]
09. Tight Pants [add]
10. Let's Get Lost [add]
11. Driving in That Car (With the Eagle on the Hood) [add]

Thank You (1995) 01. A Night to Remember [add]
02. The Sewers of Mars [add]
03. Ray O Vac [add]
04. Map of the City [add]
05. Granny Grunt [add]
06. Lights on the Levee [add]
07. Fear Strikes Out [add]
08. (Have You Met) Horror James? lyrics
09. You're Gonna Lose [add]
10. Shadow of the Wasp [add]

Sweet Sixteen (1997) 01. Don't Try Too Hard [add]
02. Morphic Resident [add]
03. The Pickup [add]
04. Cold Joint [add]
05. Golden Rules [add]
06. You'll Be Staying in Room 323 [add]
07. Can't Have It Both Ways [add]
08. 10 Days 12 Nights [add]
09. Microwave Made [add]
10. Sweet Sixteen [add]
11. I'm Looking Through You [add]
12. Rosewell Seeds and Stems [add]
13. Pol Pot Pie [add]

Accelerator (1998) 01. I'm Ready [add]
02. Yellow Kid [add]
03. The Banana Question [add]
04. Another Year [add]
05. Juicy, Juicy, Juice [add]
06. Liar [add]
07. New Bones [add]
08. Follow the Winner [add]
09. Stevie [For Steven S.] [add]

Veterans of Disorder (1999) 01. Waterpark [add]
02. Stop [add]
03. The Exception [add]
04. Second Skin [add]
05. Witch's Tit [add]
06. Lunch Money [add]
07. ?Yo Se! [add]
08. Sickazz Dog [add]
09. Coming-Out Party [add]
10. Blue Is the Frequency [add]

Pound for Pound (2000) 01. Call Out the Lions [add]
02. Fire Hill [add]
03. Platinum Tips [add]
04. Accelerator [The Original] [add]
05. Deep Country Sorcerer [add]
06. Sunshine and Grease [add]
07. Blind Navigator [add]
08. Teenage Murder Mystery [add]
09. Small Thief [add]
10. Dr. Gone [add]

Hand of Glory (2002) 01. Domo des Burros (Two Sticks) [add]
02. The Boxing Story: Electric Boxing Show [add]
03. The Boxing Story: Four Kings [add]
04. The Boxing Story: Golden Lament [add]
05. The Boxing Story: Pots and Pansy [add]
06. The Boxing Story: K-9 to the Core [add]

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