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Grabass Charlestons lyrics
Genre: Rock
Grabass Charlestons/Billy Reese Peters (2004) 01. Back to L.A. [add]
02. Bossman [add]
03. Galaga [add]
04. Check Me Out, I'm Stupid [add]
05. Monolina [add]
06. I'm So Happy I Could Shit [add]
07. Shit and Roses [add]
08. Girlfriend Is a Pirate [add]
09. Busses [add]
10. W.A.I.S.T.E.D. [add]
11. If You Came South on 75 [add]
12. Hello There [add]
13. November Spawned a Shithead [add]
14. What's Up Ding Dong? [add]

The Greatest Story Ever Hula'd (2004) 01. Beer Exile [add]
02. Young [add]
03. Squidilly Diddilly [add]
04. Human Resource Office [add]
05. Jackass With Fruit [add]
06. South [add]
07. Sports [add]
08. Dismember Me [add]
09. Providence Sent [add]
10. Suicide at $8 an Hour [add]
11. Going Away Party [add]
12. Cold, Cold Ground [add]
13. Ashes [add]

Ask Mark Twain (2005) 01. Ask Mark Twain [add]
02. Atlanta Is a Cocaine Town [add]
03. The Fucking Song [add]
04. Capricornicus [add]
05. Misery Loves Company [add]
06. Best in Shitty [add]
07. Those Dirty Line Cooks Are Mysterious [add]
08. What a Country [add]
09. Crazy Plane [add]
10. Goatcheese [add]
11. Prosthetic Soul [add]
12. The Laughing Song [add]
13. Evil Uncle [add]

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