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John Wright lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Ride the Rolling Sky (1995) 01. Never Be the Sun [add]
02. Granemoor Hare [add]
03. Chisel Hill [add]
04. Wail O'Flodden/Floo'ers O'Forest [add]
05. Rising for the Moon [add]
06. Little Pot Stove [add]
07. Bonnie George Campbell [add]
08. Bright Blue Rose [add]
09. Caledonia [add]
10. Down Too Deep [add]
11. Adieu, Adieu [add]
12. The Lock-Keeper [add]
13. Sheep Crook, Black Dog [add]
14. Dunbartons Drums [add]

Other Roads (1997) 01. Naked to the Eyes [add]
02. What's the Use of Wings [add]
03. Winds of Freedom [add]
04. Ghost of the Chair [add]
05. All the Answers [add]
06. The Snows of France and Holland [add]
07. Keep Your Distance [add]
08. What You Do with What You've Got [add]
09. Weakness in Me [add]
10. Bigg Market Lasses/Queen of the Argyll/Keep It Up [add]
11. Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground [add]
12. All Used Up [add]
13. Family [add]

Pages Turning (1999) 01. Was It You? [add]
02. River Run [add]
03. Hermitage Water to Kinzigtal [add]
04. Middle Time [add]
05. Sand and Water [add]
06. Past the Point of Rescue [add]
07. Hungry for Love [add]
08. Love Is Our Cross to Bear [add]
09. Knee Deep in a River [add]
10. Not a Matter of Pride [add]
11. How Weak I Am [add]
12. Hold on to That Heart [add]
13. Hermitage Water to Kinzigtal Reprise [add]

The Things We've Handed Down (1999) 01. You Decide My Love [add]
02. So Much Love [add]
03. All the Lies [add]
04. I'm a Dreamer [add]
05. Waste the Paint [add]
06. The End of My Pirate Days [add]
07. Only Love Can Do [add]
08. The Things We've Handed Down [add]
09. Late Night Grande Hotel [add]
10. Blue Old Saturday Night [add]
11. Glory Dayz [add]
12. Reconciliation [add]

Just Left of Center (2000) 01. Well May the World Go (With the Side Ways Jig) [add]
02. Black Thorn Hill [add]
03. The Humors of Whiskey/Stack the Rags [add]
04. No Stranger to the Fall [add]
05. A Means to the End [add]
06. Forward Motion [add]
07. Building Blocks [add]
08. Roses by Day [add]
09. All the Answers to Sell lyrics
10. Soft Tears [add]
11. Addiction/The Story [add]
12. Like Father, Like Son [add]
13. Hearth Fire [add]

A Few Short Lines (2000) 01. Lord Franklin [add]
02. Raglan Road [add]
03. Hills of Ardmorn [add]
04. The Kerry Recruit [add]
05. Song (Heaven to Be Near Thee) [add]
06. Starry Night [add]
07. Ned of the Hill [add]
08. Helen of Kirkconnell [add]
09. Black Is the Color [add]
10. Rout of the Blues [add]
11. Galway Shawl [add]
12. Carrickfergus [add]

Language of the Heart (2001) 01. Show the Way [add]
02. Hold On [add]
03. How Can I Tell You [add]
04. We Lie [add]
05. Good Noise [add]
06. The Ballad of Mary Magdalene [add]
07. Black Clothes/Black Jacket Reel [add]
08. Language of the Heart [add]
09. If You Could See [add]
10. Raven in the Storm [add]
11. Fragile Peace [add]
12. Fishing [add]
13. Not for the Love of the Money [add]
14. Time for Leaving [add]

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