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Roger Chapman lyrics
Genre: Rock
Chappo (1979) 01. Midnite Child [add]
02. Moth to a Flame [add]
03. Keep Forgettin' [add]
04. Shape of Things [add]
05. Face of Stone [add]
06. Who Pulled the Nite Down [add]
07. Always Gotta Pay in the End [add]
08. Hang on to a Dream [add]
09. Pills [add]
10. Don't Give Up [add]

Mail Order Magic (1980) 01. Unknown Soldier (Can't Get to Heaven) [add]
02. He Was, She Was [add]
03. Barman [add]
04. Right to Go [add]
05. Ducking Down [add]
06. Making the Same Mistake [add]
07. Another Little Hurt [add]
08. Mail Order Magic [add]
09. Higher Ground [add]
10. Ground Floor [add]

Hyenas Only Laugh for Fun (1981) 01. Prisoner [add]
02. Hyenas Only Laugh for Fun [add]
03. Killing Time [add]
04. Wants Nothing Chained [add]
05. The Long Goodbye [add]
06. Blood and Sand [add]
07. Common Touch [add]
08. Goodbye Reprise [add]
09. Hearts on the Floor [add]
10. Step up Take a Bow [add]
11. Juke Box Mama [add]

He Was... She Was... You Was... We Was... (1982) 01. Higher Ground [add]
02. Ducking Down [add]
03. Making the Same Mistake [add]
04. Blood and Sand [add]
05. King Bee [add]
06. That Same Thing [add]
07. Face of Stone [add]
08. Hyenas Only Laugh for Fun [add]
09. Night Down (A la ZZ) [add]
10. Prisoner [add]
11. Slow Down [add]
12. Common Touch [add]
13. Juke Box Mama [add]
14. He Was, She Was [add]
15. Stone Free [add]
16. Bitches Brew [add]
17. Unknown Soldier (Can't Get to Heaven) [add]

Mango Crazy (1983) 01. Mango Crazy [add]
02. Toys: Do You [add]
03. I Read Your File [add]
04. Los Dos Bailadores [add]
05. Bluesbreaker [add]
06. Turn It up Loud [add]
07. Let Me Down [add]
08. Hunt the Man [add]
09. Rivers Run Dry [add]
10. I Really Can't Go Straight [add]
11. Room Service [add]
12. Hegoshegowegoamigo [add]

The Shadow Knows (1984) 01. Busted Loose [add]
02. Leader of Men [add]
03. Ready to Roll [add]
04. I Think of You Now [add]
05. Sitting up Pretty [add]
06. How How How [add]
07. Only Love Is in the Red [add]
08. Sweet Vanilla [add]
09. I'm a Good Boy Now [add]

Zipper (1986) 01. Zipper [add]
02. Running With the Flame [add]
03. On Do-Die-Day [add]
04. Never Love a Rolling Stone [add]
05. Let the Beat Get Heavy [add]
06. It's Never Too Late to Do-Ron-Ron [add]
07. Woman of Destiny [add]
08. Hoodoo Me Up [add]

Techno Prisoners (1987) 01. The Drum [add]
02. Wild Again [add]
03. Black Forest [add]
04. We Will Touch Again [add]
05. Run for Your Love [add]
06. Slap Bang in the Middle [add]
07. Who's Been Sleeping [add]
08. Ball of Confusion (That's What the World Is Today) [add]

Walking the Cat (1989) 01. Kick It Back [add]
02. Son of Red Moon [add]
03. Stranger Than Strange [add]
04. Just a Step Away [add]
05. The Fool [add]
06. Toys '89 [add]
07. Walking the Cat [add]
08. Come the Dark Night [add]
09. Hands Off [add]
10. Jivin' [add]
11. Saturday Night Kick Back [add]

Hybrid and Lowdown (1990) 01. Hot Night to Rhumba [add]
02. Holding On [add]
03. Hideaway [add]
04. Beautifully Indecent [add]
05. Susie Roll [add]
06. Someone Else's Clothes [add]
07. Chicken Fingers [add]
08. House Behind the Sun [add]
09. Sushi Rock [add]
10. Is There Anybody Out There? [add]
11. Cops in Shades [add]
12. Bye Bye Love [add]

Under No Obligation (1992) 01. Love Is a Hard Thing [add]
02. Just a Child U.N.O. [add]
03. Dance Hall Years [add]
04. Stand Up [add]
05. King of Cats [add]
06. Magic [add]
07. Even Angels [add]
08. Goldfish Blues (Without You) [add]
09. Skin and Bone [add]
10. Praying for Rain [add]

Kiss My Soul (1996) 01. Into the Bright [add]
02. Habits of a Lifetime [add]
03. A Cat Called Kokomo [add]
04. One More Whiskey [add]
05. Kiss My Soul [add]
06. Outside Looking In [add]
07. Beautiful Dreamers [add]
08. It's All over Now, Baby Blue [add]
09. Mistreated [add]
10. Song of Desire [add]
11. Two Pieces of Silver [add]
12. Really Started Something [add]

A Turn Unstoned? (1998) 01. Riot on the Western Front [add]
02. Wicked World [add]
03. The Same Old Rock & Roll [add]
04. 'X'-Town [add]
05. Do I Leave a Stone Unturned? [add]
06. Ready for You [add]
07. Glory Ride [add]
08. Vapour Trails [add]
09. City of Souls [add]
10. Toucan Play [add]
11. Drive [add]

In My Own Time (Live) (1999) 01. In My Own Time lyrics
02. Toucan Play [add]
03. Chicken Fingers [add]
04. Hideaway [add]
05. Love Is a Hard Thing [add]
06. Stand Up [add]
07. Let's Go Get Stoned [add]
08. 16 Tons [add]
09. The Weaver's Answer [add]
10. Son of Red Moon [add]
11. Hands Off [add]
12. Just a Step Away (Let's Go) and Kick It Back [add]
13. Shadow on the Wall [add]

Moth to a Flame (2001) 01. Moth to a Flame [add]
02. Keep Forgettin' [add]
03. Midnite Child [add]
04. Who Pulled the Nite Down [add]
05. Medley: Talkin' About You/Going Down [add]
06. Short List [add]
07. Medley: Can't Get in/Keep a Knockin' [add]
08. I'm You Hootchie Cootchie Man [add]
09. Let's Spend the Night Together [add]
10. Big Bad River [add]
11. Lipstick, Powder and Paint [add]
12. Sing 'Em the Way I Feel [add]
13. Stove Pipe [add]
14. High Blood Pressure [add]

Riff Burglars (2003) 01. Free, Single and Disengaged [add]
02. Can't Stand It [add]
03. Bring It on Home [add]
04. Strange Brew Bruce [add]
05. Slow Down [add]
06. Big Leg Woman [add]
07. Stovepipe [add]
08. High Blood Pressure [add]
09. 5-10-15-20, Pt. 1 [add]
10. Havanna Moon [add]
11. Wang Dang Doodle [add]
12. Big Roll Daddy [add]
13. Big River [add]
14. Lipstick, Powder and Paint [add]
15. Sing 'Em the Way I Feel [add]
16. Downbound Train [add]
17. 5-10-15-20, Pt. 2 [add]
18. The Shadow Knows [add]
19. Who Do You Love/Peter Gunn [add]
20. Harlem Shuffle [add]
21. Mama Told Me Not to Come [add]
22. Treat Her Right [add]
23. I Heard It Through the Grapevine [add]
24. Don't You Just Know It [add]
25. Roberta [add]
26. Chain of Fools/See Saw [add]
27. Love the Life I Live [add]
28. Sea of Heartbreak [add]
29. Born Under a Bad Sign [add]
30. High Heel Sneakers [add]
31. Watch Your Step [add]

Roger Chapman and Family (2007) 01. Shadow on the Wall [live] [add]
02. Let Me Down [live] [add]
03. How How How [live] [add]
04. Mango Crazy [live] [add]
05. Burlesque [add]
06. Sweet Vanilla [add]
07. In My Own Time lyrics
08. Children [add]
09. Burning Bridges [add]
10. A Song for Me [add]
11. A Good Friend of Mine [add]
12. Drowned in Wine [add]
13. My Friend the Sun [add]
14. No Mule's Fool [add]
15. Anyway [add]
16. Ready to Go [add]
17. Sat'd'y Barfly [add]
18. Spanish Tide [add]
19. The Weaver's Answer [add]
20. It's Only a Movie [add]
21. Sweet Desiree [add]
22. I'm a Good Boy Now [add]
23. I Think of You Now [add]
24. Some Poor Soul [add]
25. Good Friend of Mine [add]
26. Wheels [add]
27. Good News - Bad News [add]
28. Strange Band [add]
29. The Cat and the Rat [add]
30. Part of the Load [add]

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