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E-Rotic lyrics
Genre: Rock
Sex Affairs (1995) 01. Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex lyrics
02. Big Max lyrics
03. Sexme [add]
04. Come on Make Love to Me [add]
05. Fred Come to Bed [add]
06. Wild Love lyrics
07. Sex on the Phone [add]
08. Falling for a Witch [add]
09. Take My Love lyrics
10. Final Heartbreak lyrics
11. Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex [Remix] [add]
12. Fred Come to Bed [Remix] [add]

Sexual Madness (1997) 01. Sexual Madness lyrics
02. Turn Me On lyrics
03. Save Me lyrics
04. Give Me Delight lyrics
05. Don't Say We're Through lyrics
06. All I Desire [add]
07. I Want You lyrics
08. Gotta Get It Groovin' lyrics
09. Shenandoah lyrics
10. Send Me a Message of Love [add]
11. Is It You lyrics
12. When I Cry for You [add]

Thank You for the Music (1997) 01. Intro [add]
02. The Winner Takes It All lyrics
03. Angel Eyes lyrics
04. Fernando lyrics
05. Chiquitita lyrics
06. Lay All Your Love on Me [add]
07. One of Us [add]
08. Dancing Queen lyrics
09. Money, Money, Money [add]
10. Rock Me [add]
11. S.O.S. lyrics
12. Waterloo lyrics
13. Thank You for the Music [add]
14. Outro [add]

Gimme Gimme Gimme (2000) 01. Gimme Gimme Gimme lyrics
02. Get Away lyrics
03. Hearts Are a Changing [add]
04. Chico Chaco lyrics
05. Missing You lyrics
06. In the Heat of the Night [add]
07. Don't Make Me Wet lyrics
08. Touch Me lyrics
09. Don't Go lyrics
10. Mambo No, Sex [add]
11. I'm Horny lyrics
12. Dynamite lyrics
13. Shy lyrics
14. My Heart Goes Bumm Bumm [add]
15. Gimme Gimme Gimme [Extended Version] [add]

Dancemania Presents E-Rotic Megamix (2000) 01. Turn Me On lyrics
02. Dynamite lyrics
03. Cat's Eye lyrics
04. Sex on the Phone [add]
05. Gimme Gimme Gimme lyrics
06. Do It All Night lyrics
07. Fritz Love My Tits lyrics
08. Willy Use a Billy ... Boy [add]
09. Temple of Love [add]
10. Help Me Dr. Dick lyrics
11. Gotta Get It Groovin lyrics
12. Kiss Me lyrics
13. Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex lyrics
14. In the Heat of the Night [add]
15. Missing You lyrics
16. Oh Nick Please Not So Quick lyrics
17. Fred Come to Bed [add]
18. Get Away lyrics
19. In the Dark of the Night [add]
20. Wild and Strong [add]
21. The Winner Takes It All lyrics
22. En Mon Coeur lyrics
23. Move Me, Baby [add]
24. Ooh Lalala [add]
25. Test My Best lyrics
26. Cat's Eye [*] [add]

Sexual Healing (2001) 01. L.O.V.E. (Sex on the Beach) lyrics
02. Sexual Healing lyrics
03. Tempt Me on the Line [add]
04. Ralph, Don't Make Love by Yourself [add]
05. Veejay the DJ [add]
06. Shag Me lyrics
07. Lay Back lyrics
08. Seven Seconds [add]
09. Jonny Y lyrics
10. Got to Get It lyrics
11. Baby Please Stop lyrics
12. When I Lie lyrics
13. Test My Best lyrics
14. L.O.V.E. (Sex on the Beach) [Extended Version] [add]
15. Sexual Healing [Remix] [add]

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