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Brian Auger lyrics
Genre: Rock
Definitely What! (1968) 01. A Day in the Life [add]
02. George Bruno Money [add]
03. Far Horizon [add]
04. John Brown's Body [add]
05. Red Beans and Rice [add]
06. Bumpin' on Sunset [add]
07. If You Live [add]
08. Definitely What [add]
09. What You Gonna Do? [*] [add]

Don't Send Me No Flowers (1968) 01. Don't Send Me No Flowers [add]
02. I See a Man Downstairs [add]
03. She Was So Dumb [add]
04. The Goat [add]
05. Walking [add]
06. Little Girl How Are You [add]
07. It's a Bloody Life [add]
08. Getting Out of Town [add]

Befour (1970) 01. I Wanna Take You Higher [add]
02. Pavane [add]
03. No Time to Live [add]
04. Maiden Voyage [add]
05. Listen Here [add]
06. Adagio per Archi e Organo [add]
07. Just You, Just Me [add]
08. Rain Forest Talking [#/*] [add]
09. Pavane [#/*] [add]

Brian Auger's Oblivion Express (1971) 01. Dragon Song [add]
02. Total Eclipse [add]
03. The Light [add]
04. On the Road [add]
05. The Sword [add]
06. Oblivion Express [add]

A Better Land (1971) 01. Dawn of Another Day [add]
02. Marai's Wedding [add]
03. Trouble [add]
04. Women of the Seasons [add]
05. Fill Your Head With Laughter [add]
06. On Thinking It Over [add]
07. Tomorrow City [add]
08. All the Time There Is [add]
09. A Better Land [add]

Second Wind (1972) 01. Truth [add]
02. Don't Look Away [add]
03. Somebody Help Us [add]
04. Freedom Jazz Dance [add]
05. Just Me, Just You lyrics
06. Second Wind [add]

Closer to It! (1973) 01. Whenever You're Ready lyrics
02. Happiness Is Just Around the Bend lyrics
03. Light on the Path [add]
04. Compared to What [add]
05. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) [add]
06. Voices of Other Times [add]

Streetnoise (1973) 01. Tropic of Capricorn [add]
02. Czechoslovakia [add]
03. Medley: Take Me to the Water/I'm Going Back Home [add]
04. A Word About Colour [add]
05. Light My Fire [add]
06. Indian Rope Man [add]
07. When I Was a Young Girl [add]
08. Flesh Failures (Let the Sunshine In) [add]
09. Ellis Island [add]
10. In Search of the Sun [add]
11. Finally Found You Out [add]
12. Looking in the Eye of the World [add]
13. Vauxhall to Lambeth Bridge [add]
14. All Blues [add]
15. I've Got Life [add]
16. Save the Country [add]

Straight Ahead (1974) 01. Beginning Again [add]
02. Bumpin' on Sunset [add]
03. Straight Ahead [add]
04. Change [add]
05. You'll Stay in My Heart [add]

Live Oblivion, Vol. 1 (1974) 01. Beginning Again [add]
02. Don't Look Away [add]
03. Bumpin' on Sunset [add]
04. Truth [add]

Reinforcements (1975) 01. Brain Damage [add]
02. Thoughts from Afar [add]
03. Foolish Girl [add]
04. The Big Yin [add]
05. Plum [add]
06. Something out of Nothing [add]
07. Future Pilot [add]

Live Oblivion, Vol. 2 (1976) 01. Freedom Jazz Dance [add]
02. Happiness Is Just Around the Bend lyrics
03. Maiden Voyage [add]
04. Second Wind [add]
05. Whenever You're Ready lyrics
06. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) [add]
07. Straight Ahead [add]
08. Compared to What [add]

Encore (1978) 01. Spirit [add]
02. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood [add]
03. Git Up [add]
04. Freedom Highway [add]
05. Future Pilot [add]
06. Rope Ladder to the Moon [add]
07. No Time to Live [add]
08. Nothing Will Be as It Was (Nada Ser? Como Antes) [add]
09. Lock All the Gates [add]

Search Party (1981) 01. Planet Earth Calling [add]
02. Red Alert [add]
03. Sea of Tranquility [add]
04. Voyager 3 [add]
05. I'm Gone [add]
06. Golden Gate [add]
07. Black Octopus [*] [add]

Here and Now (1982) 01. The Hurricane [add]
02. Call Me [add]
03. Downtown Hookup [add]
04. Heart of the Hunter [add]
05. The Seeker [add]
06. They Say Nothing Lasts Forever [add]
07. Happiness Is Just Around the Bend lyrics
08. Let's Keep This Love Together [add]

Keys to the Heart (1987) 01. Pacific Coast Highway [add]
02. Sundown [add]
03. Blue Note Shuffle [add]
04. Pools [add]
05. The Stork [add]
06. Mary Bing's Boogie [add]
07. Forget Me Not [add]

Voices of Other Times (2000) 01. It Burns Me Up [add]
02. Isola Natale [add]
03. Voices of Other Times [add]
04. Splatch [add]
05. Indian Rope Man [add]
06. Soul Glow [add]
07. Victor's Delight [add]
08. Circles [add]
09. Never Gonna Come Down [add]
10. Jam Side Down [add]

Happiness Heartaches (2003) 01. Back Street Bible Class [add]
02. Spice Island [add]
03. Gimme a Funky Break [add]
04. Never Gonna Come Down [add]
05. Happiness Heartaches [add]
06. Got to Be Born Again [add]
07. Paging Mr. McCoy [instrumental] [add]

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