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Lifter Puller lyrics
Genre: Rock
Lifter Puller (1997) 01. Doublestraps [add]
02. Bloomington [add]
03. Starwarships [add]
04. Brucebender [add]
05. Lazy Eye [add]
06. Themezzaninegypoff [add]
07. Jeep Beep Suite [add]
08. Rental [add]
09. Solidgoldsole [add]
10. Sublet [add]
11. Summer House [add]
12. Mission Viejo [add]
13. Mono [add]

Half Dead and Dynamite (1997) 01. To Live and Die in Lbi [add]
02. I Like the Lights [add]
03. Sherman City [add]
04. Nassau Coliseum [add]
05. Kool NYC [add]
06. Half Dead and Dynamite [add]
07. The Bears [add]
08. Hardware [add]
09. The Gin and the Sour Defeat [add]
10. Viceburgh [add]
11. Rock for Lite Brite [add]

Fiestas + Fiascos (2000) 01. Lonely in a Limousine [add]
02. Candy's Room [add]
03. Space Humping $19.99 [add]
04. Manpark [add]
05. Lake Street Is for Lovers [add]
06. Nice Nice [add]
07. Katrina and the K-Hole [add]
08. Cruised and Accused of Cruising [add]
09. Touch My Stuff [add]
10. Lie Down on Landsdowne [add]
11. Lifter Puller vs. The End of the Evening [add]
12. The Flex and the Buff Result [add]

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