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The Ziggens lyrics
Genre: Rock
Rusty Never Sleeps (1998) 01. Ride the Wild Surf [add]
02. Call It Quits lyrics
03. Barefoot on Hot Cement [add]
04. On the Way [add]
05. Gilligan [add]
06. Couldn't Get a Date [add]
07. Dandruff [add]
08. When I Die [add]
09. Bin Loop Baby Pt. II [add]
10. Dickie Built a Halfpipe [add]
11. Go Wild at the Beach [add]
12. Buttermilk [add]
13. Ed Gein [add]
14. I'm Tryin' [add]
15. Carry Your Cross [add]
16. Females [add]
17. High School Love [add]
18. I Hit My Head (On the Corner of a Kitchen Cabinet) [add]
19. Outside [add]
20. Mississippi [add]
21. End of the Summer [add]
22. The Lottery Song [add]
23. Sue Got the Flu [add]
24. Gravel Song [add]
25. Memphis [add]
26. All the Fun That We Missed [add]

Chicken Out (1998) 01. Something About a Waitress [add]
02. Goober Got a Girlfriend [add]
03. That Night in Georgia [add]
04. Mystery Lunch [add]
05. It's Great to Be Unemployed [add]
06. Huntington Beach [add]
07. I Hate Girls and Cars and I Cold Beer [add]
08. I Am Afraid [add]
09. Heart Attack [add]
10. Burpin' U.S.A. [add]
11. Sober Up [add]
12. Mrs. Brown [add]
13. Pizza by the Slice [add]
14. Real Presents [add]
15. Dinah Shore [add]
16. Tent City [add]
17. Tie One On [add]
18. Instant Christmas [add]
19. Hyundai Monday [add]
20. I'm Eatin to Shove My Feelings Down [add]
21. The Cheese in Wisconsin [add]

Ignore Amos (1998) 01. Domestic Violins [add]
02. Have a Bitchin' Summer [add]
03. Junipero Serra [add]
04. Channel Surfing [add]
05. My Paycheck Bounced [add]
06. Orange Co. [add]
07. Really Bad Sunburn [add]
08. She Shrunk on Her B-Day [add]
09. Big Salty Tears [add]
10. Psychiatric Evaluation [add]
11. Sea Kelp [add]
12. San Clemente [add]
13. Surfungus [add]
14. I Love a Parade [add]
15. Wait One Minute [add]
16. Barefoot on Hot Cement [add]

Pomona Lisa (1998) 01. Surfin' Buena Park [add]
02. The Waitress Song [add]
03. Joseph of Arimathea [add]
04. I Took My Mom to the Prom [add]
05. Surfin' You Say [add]
06. I'm Tryin' [add]
07. On the Way [add]
08. Can't We All Just Get a Longboard? [add]
09. What to Do [add]
10. Goin' Richter [add]
11. Fat Charlie [add]
12. Surf 3 [add]
13. Strange Way to Live [add]
14. Stranded on Clicker Island [add]
15. Pony Up [add]
16. Hang On [add]
17. Asleep at the Wheel [add]
18. Ride the Wild Surf [add]
19. The Spy Who Dubbed Me [add]

Wake Up and Smell (2000) 01. I Got Me a Girlfriend [add]
02. Really Bad Sunburn [add]
03. Surf's Up [add]
04. Furball [add]
05. Tim the Dinosaur [add]
06. Tidal Wave [add]
07. All the Fun That We Missed [add]
08. Fat Charlie [add]
09. Paper or Plastic [add]
10. I'm Not Afraid [add]
11. Walk the Plank [add]
12. Kickin' With Perry [add]
13. Outside! [add]
14. Bin Loop Baby (Pt. 1) [add]
15. Sober Up [add]
16. Go Wild at the Beach [add]
17. Big Salty Tears [add]
18. Mrs. Brown [add]
19. Tie One On [add]

Live: Tickets Still Available (2000) 01. Goin' Richter [add]
02. Breakin' the Law [add]
03. Big Salty Tears [add]
04. Surfungus [add]
05. Fat Charlie [add]
06. Sea Kelp [add]
07. Call It Quits lyrics
08. Waitress/Outside [add]
09. Strange Way to Live [add]
10. Junipero Serra [add]
11. Tim the Dinosaur [add]
12. Dinah Shore [add]
13. Dickie Built [add]

The Ziggens (2002) 01. Debutante [add]
02. I'm Gonna Miss You [add]
03. Just the Way You Aren't [add]
04. Pistol Pete [add]
05. Rincon [add]
06. I Get Yelled at Alot [add]
07. Plastic Surgery [add]
08. See You Now [add]
09. The Man With the Pushed in Face [add]
10. That Kinda Man [add]
11. I Fought the Lawn [add]
12. Temptation [add]
13. Not So Much [add]
14. Beat to Pieces [add]

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