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The Legendary Shack Shakers lyrics
Genre: Rock
Hunkerdown (1998) 01. The Sheriff's Ranch for Boys [add]
02. Go Hog Wild [add]
03. Tickle Your Innards [add]
04. She's Gone Haywire [add]
05. Hunkerdown [add]
06. Back to Paducah [add]
07. The Kentucky Song [add]
08. Is'wanee! [add]
09. Pitchin' a Fit [add]
10. Rattletrap [add]
11. The CB Song [add]
12. Love Bug Crawl [add]
13. That's What I Know [add]
14. Right Behind You Baby [add]

Cockadoodledon't (2002) 01. Pinetree Boogie [add]
02. CB Song [add]
03. Help Me from My Brain [add]
04. Shakerag Holler [add]
05. Clodhopper [add]
06. Bullfrog Blues [add]
07. Blood on the Bluegrass [add]
08. Devil's Night Auction [add]
09. Wild Wild Lover [add]
10. Shake Your Hips [add]
11. Hoptown Jailbreak [add]

Cockadoodledon't [Bonus Track] (2003) 01. Pinetree Boogie [add]
02. CB Song [add]
03. Help Me from My Brain [add]
04. Shakerag Holler [add]
05. Hunkerdown [add]
06. Clodhopper [add]
07. Bullfrog Blues [add]
08. Blood on the Bluegrass [add]
09. Devil's Night Auction [add]
10. Wild Wild Lover [add]
11. Shake Your Hips [add]
12. Hoptown Jailbreak [add]

Believe (2004) 01. Agony Wagon [add]
02. Creek Cats [add]
03. Where's the Devil...When You Need Him? [add]
04. Piss and Vinegar [add]
05. County of Graves [add]
06. All My Life to Kill [add]
07. Cussin' in Tongues [add]
08. Help Me [add]
09. Bible Cyst [add]
10. The Pony to Bet On [add]
11. Fistwhistle Boogie [add]
12. Misery Train [add]

Pandelerium (2006) 01. Ichabod! [add]
02. Sound Electric Eyes [add]
03. No Such Thing [add]
04. Iron Lung Oompah lyrics
05. Bottom Road [add]
06. Somethin' in the Water [add]
07. Jipsy Valentine [add]
08. Thin the Herd [add]
09. Monkey on the Doghouse [add]
10. The Ballad of Speedy Atkins [add]
11. Bible, Candle and Skull [add]
12. Nellie Bell [add]

Lower Broad Lo-Fi [live] (2007) 01. 21 Days [add]
02. Don't Start Cry'n [add]
03. Dump Road Yodel [add]
04. Hip Shake [add]
05. Bull Frog Blues [add]
06. Yer Gonna Need Me [add]
07. Wild Wild Lover [add]
08. Doin' My Time [add]
09. Rollin' in My Sweet Baby's Arms [add]
10. Ghost Riders in the Sky [add]
11. Devil's Night Auction [add]
12. I Ain't Home [add]

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