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Eddie Martin [Guitar] lyrics
Genre: Blues
Solo in Soho (2003) 01. Bourgeois Blues [add]
02. Somethin' Bout You Baby I Like [add]
03. Seperation Boogie [add]
04. You Thrill Me [add]
05. Edge of the Line [add]
06. Closer to You [add]
07. Lonely World [add]
08. Sure Feel Good [add]
09. Revolution of Love [add]
10. Key to the Highway [add]
11. Bristol Breakdown [add]
12. Love House [add]

Pillowcase Blues (2003) 01. Down the Road [add]
02. Pillowcase Blues [add]
03. Underwater Woman [add]
04. Natural Thing [add]
05. Cool and Lonesome [add]
06. I Done Done It [add]
07. Please Stop [add]
08. The Hatfields and the McCoys [add]
09. Let's Get Together [add]
10. I Wanna Groove With You [add]
11. Long Ride Home [add]

Keep on Working (2003) 01. The Devils Joker [add]
02. Bundle Up and Go [add]
03. Barbecue Bop [add]
04. It's a Mystery to Me [add]
05. Queen of Spades [add]
06. Jumping Beans [add]
07. Keep on Working [add]
08. It Hurts Me Too [add]
09. Toy Ballerina [add]
10. Mean Ole Frisco [add]
11. Delta Moon [add]
12. Henry Ford [add]
13. Funny Bone Blues [add]
14. Too Many Red Lights [add]
15. Fox Chase No.3 [add]

Ice Cream (2003) 01. Let's Move It On [add]
02. Ice Cream [add]
03. Put the Brakes On [add]
04. Elmore's Stomp [add]
05. Love Is Like a River [add]
06. Keep It Natural [add]
07. Cherry Red (335) [add]
08. Blues Took Me by the Hand [add]
09. Tough But Tender [add]
10. Lazy Monday [add]

Fires and Floods (2003) 01. Fires and Floods [add]
02. Blues with Feeling [add]
03. Answerphone Blues [add]
04. Prickly as a Porcupine [add]
05. Rebound Blues [add]
06. Real Woman [add]
07. You Can't Hold Mercury [add]
08. Hideaway [add]
09. I Wanna Be Your Man [add]
10. I Want to Live with You [add]
11. See Red Blues [add]
12. Dukes Boogie [add]
13. Breaking Even [add]
14. Put Down Blues [add]

Blue to the Bone (2003) 01. Blue to the Bone [add]
02. Autumn Blues [add]
03. The Fumble [add]
04. Edge of the Line [add]
05. You Thrill Me [add]
06. Something for Nothing [add]
07. Big Enough Lever [add]
08. Revolution of Love [add]
09. On Your Own [add]
10. Sad Time [add]
11. Protest Letter [add]
12. The Birds and the Bees [add]
13. No Place to Go [add]

Live in the USA (2003) 01. Answerphone Blues [add]
02. Hideaway [add]
03. See Red Blues [add]
04. Blue to the Bone [add]
05. Red Lights [add]
06. G String Fling [add]
07. Cleanhead Blues [add]
08. Birds and the Bees [add]

Play the Blues With Feelings (2005) 01. Someone's Making Money [add]
02. Selfish Guy [add]
03. My Black Mama [add]
04. Bubble Blues [add]
05. Bristol Shakedown [add]
06. Play the Blues with Feeling [add]
07. Tell Me Why [add]
08. One-Man-Band Rag [add]
09. Barbed Wire [add]
10. Bone Shaker [add]

Contrary Mary (2007) 01. Contrary Mary [add]
02. Something About You Baby (I Like) [add]
03. Watching the Weather [add]
04. Month on Mondays [add]
05. Beautiful Miracles [add]
06. Give It Time [add]
07. Better the Devil You Know [add]
08. Strong for You [add]
09. Living for the Weekend [add]
10. Ingolstadt [add]

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