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Chandler Travis lyrics
Genre: Rock
Writer-Songwriter (1993) 01. I Threw Some Meat into the Pond [add]
02. She Knows How [add]
03. When Can We Do This Again? [add]
04. House of Dance [add]
05. This Radio Station [add]
06. Spanish Harlem Incident [add]
07. Ya Su [add]
08. New Version of Us [add]
09. Sex Is Bad [add]
10. It Don't Really Matter [add]
11. Family's Family [add]
12. With Both of My Feet Planted Firmly in Mid-Air [add]
13. Drums, Vocals, Guitars [add]
14. Small Talk [add]
15. As Burt Lancaster Said [add]

Ivan in Paris (1998) 01. (You & Me) Pushin' Up Daisies [add]
02. How to Cry [add]
03. Something Right About It [add]
04. Ball the Wall [add]
05. Drive the Car, Mabel [add]
06. Haircut [add]
07. Air, Running Backwards [add]
08. Titled [add]
09. Skylark [add]
10. Love Is Too Much [add]
11. You Jerk [add]
12. I Depend on You [add]
13. You Better Slow Down [add]
14. Ivan in Paris [add]

Let's Have a Pancake (2000) 01. That's What She Said (Clean) [add]
02. This Is Home [add]
03. Bob What's-Is-Name [add]
04. Stay Like That [add]
05. What'll It Be [add]
06. Baby Come Get Your Cat [add]
07. Nature Boy [add]
08. Got to Let Go Sometime [add]
09. Say When [add]
10. Crab Napkin [add]
11. Chandler Travis, King of the World [add]
12. That's What She Said (Regular) [add]

You Must Come Over To-Night (2000) 01. When She Smiles at Me [add]
02. Workin' Weekends [add]
03. Runnin' Down [add]
04. Say What You Want [add]
05. Sometimes I'm Happy [add]
06. Broadway Harry [add]
07. My Father Met My Mother in New York [add]
08. Dark Clouds Passing [add]
09. If I Fell [add]
10. Big Time [add]
11. Hungry Man [add]
12. Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered [add]

Llama Rhymes (2002) 01. Llama Doesn't Quite Rhyme With Perpendicular [add]
02. Village of the Darned [add]
03. Weasel Don't Be Mean [add]
04. My Old Man [add]
05. Milk Truck on Fire [add]
06. Sha la La (Lover's Heart) [add]
07. Llama Rhumes With Mama [add]
08. Don't Come Near Me [add]
09. Not Unhappy [add]
10. Mothra [add]
11. You Hurt Me [add]
12. Did You Ever Know [add]
13. ...or Alabama Either [add]
14. Fluffy [add]
15. Cymbal 426 [add]

Tarnation and Alastair Sim (AKA Kitty) (2007) 01. It's Almost Christmas Again [add]
02. I'm Chandler's Butterfly [add]
03. Ronalto [add]
04. Truck Hits Man/The Horn Melted [add]
05. Apple Possum Time, Pt. 1 [add]
06. Wireless [add]
07. Brown Eyed Girl [add]
08. Balzac Without Balzac [add]
09. Do the Flaw [add]
10. Strong Strong Strong [add]
11. Money Won't Buy You Happiness [add]
12. Unibrow Man Oatmeal #1 [add]
13. 'Tis the Season to Be Reversed [add]
14. Friday, 2: 28 Am [add]
15. Balzac [add]
16. Drip, Fer Chrissake [add]
17. Dance Godammit [add]
18. Jesus Teaches Lloyd Price About Remote Controls [add]
19. Here's Dinner [add]
20. Nola [add]
21. Must Be Love [add]
22. Flaw Goes Surfin' [add]
23. Checking on Yoko's Flight [add]
24. Yoko at the Airport [add]
25. Fluffy to the Point of Curliness [add]
26. Sparky's Industrial Popsicle [add]
27. Sunday, 11:56/Call Back A.S.A.P. [add]
28. Eje Ka Jo [add]
29. Mr. Fleming's Outer Beauty [add]
30. The Bridge Going This Way [add]
31. Festering Hope Ministies Presents the Flaw [add]
32. Ronald [add]
33. Vasco Da Gama [add]
34. Apples for Charlie [add]
35. Biting Paw Paw [add]
36. Giant Bug Bites Back [add]
37. Apple Possum Time, Pt. 2 & 3 [add]
38. Monday, 12: 43 Am/Still a Little Concerned [add]
39. Climatic Arrival in Florida of Dirigible Long Thought Lost [add]
40. Silencio [add]
41. Can't Think of Anything [add]
42. Totally Toiletry Tree Tyme [add]
43. Unibrow Man Oatmeal Too [add]
44. Dinosaurs [add]
45. Unibrow Oatmeal Man Tree [add]
46. Hopelessly out of Step [add]
47. Takin' the Ol' 636 [add]
48. I've Been Workin' on the Railroad (Land Speed Record) [add]

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