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Malow Mac lyrics
Genre: Rap
Second Look (2003) 01. Intro - Come Play With Me... (Second Look) [add]
02. Thug March [add]
03. My Life Is Slippin [add]
04. Chicano Maestro [add]
05. Love You So lyrics
06. Skit [add]
07. Going Down Tonight [add]
08. Blazing Crops [add]
09. Something Ain't Right [add]
10. Life Goes On [add]
11. Don't Try Us [add]
12. West Coasting [add]
13. Till the Day I Must Die [add]
14. This Games a Trip [add]
15. Message (Wonder Why) [add]

Sly, Slick and Wicked (2005) 01. Intro [add]
02. Don't Doubt Me [add]
03. Oh Do You Wanna Get High [add]
04. Sly Sick and Wicked [add]
05. Notorious, Notorious [add]
06. Gangstered Up [add]
07. Skit [add]
08. Crusin With Malow Mac [add]
09. Party + VIP [add]
10. Who's an Outlaw [add]
11. Stand Tall Won't Fall [add]
12. Ie Keeping It G [add]
13. Venum of Sin [add]
14. Interlude [add]
15. Home Invasion (To Be Continued) [add]

Street Life (2006) 01. Street Life (Intro) [add]
02. Living the Street Life [add]
03. Spittin Fire [add]
04. I'd Rather Be Your T.H.U.G.G. [add]
05. Comin Quick to Getcha [add]
06. California [add]
07. I'm Hustlin [add]
08. It's South Side [add]
09. When I Met You [add]
10. This Party Is Jumpin [add]
11. We're Riders When We Roll [add]
12. Your Sexy Ways [add]
13. Take a Shot [add]
14. Malow Mac Underground (Interlude) [add]
15. Hi Power Mega Mixx 2006 [add]

Playing for Keeps (2007) 01. Everybody Come Ride with Me [add]
02. Dedicated 2 My Ladies [add]
03. My Thug Poetry [add]
04. When I'm Rappin [add]
05. Ridin on My Enemies [add]
06. Hi Power Sh*T [add]
07. Bring the Drama [add]
08. Why You Talkin Crazy? [add]
09. Westcoast [add]
10. Spend the Night with Me [add]
11. Still Cruzin [add]
12. If I Die Tonight [add]
13. All the Homies South Siden [add]
14. Playing for Keeps [add]
15. Remember That Hoe [add]

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