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Lord Finesse lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Funky Technician (1990) 01. Lord Finesse's Theme Song (Intro) [add]
02. Baby, You Nasty [New Version] [add]
03. Funky Technician lyrics
04. Back to Back Rhyming [add]
05. Here I Come lyrics
06. Slave to My Soundwave lyrics
07. I Keep the Crowd Listening lyrics
08. Bud Mutha [add]
09. Keep It Flowin' [add]
10. Lesson to Be Taught [add]
11. Just a Little Something lyrics
12. Strictly for the Ladies lyrics
13. Track the Movement lyrics

Return of the Funky Man (1991) 01. Lord Finesse Intro [add]
02. Return of the Funky Man lyrics
03. I Like My Girls With a Boom lyrics
04. Yes You May lyrics
05. Hey Look at Shorty lyrics
06. Praise the Lord lyrics
07. Save That Shit lyrics
08. Show 'Em How We Do Things lyrics
09. Isn't He Something lyrics
10. Fat for the 90's [add]
11. Stop Sweating the Next Man lyrics
12. Funky on the Fast Tip lyrics
13. That's How Smooth I Am lyrics
14. Party Over Here lyrics
15. Fuck 'Em lyrics
16. Kicking Flavor With My Man lyrics

The Awakening (1996) 01. Da Sermon (Intro) (Interlude) [add]
02. Time Ta Bounce (Interlude) [add]
03. True and Livin' [add]
04. O' Lord (Interlude) [add]
05. Brainstorm/P.S.K. [Remix] [add]
06. Taking It Lyte (Interlude) [add]
07. Gameplan lyrics
08. Words from da Ak (Interlude) [add]
09. Flip da Style [add]
10. Showtime (Interlude) [add]
11. Speak Ya Peace lyrics
12. Food for Thought [add]
13. Da Kid Himself (Interlude) [add]
14. Hip 2 da Game [add]
15. No Gimmicks lyrics

Diggin' on Blue (1999) 01. Night Whistler [add]
02. Wind Parade [add]
03. Tidal Wave [add]
04. Mystic Brew [add]
05. Oblighetto [add]
06. Chicago Damn [add]
07. Prelude [add]
08. Peace of Mind [add]
09. We've Only Just Begun [add]
10. Back on the Track [add]
11. San Francisco Lights [add]
12. Monkin Around [add]
13. My Little Girl [add]
14. Living Inside Your Love [add]
15. Mundo de Maravillas [add]
16. Montara [add]
17. Procession [add]
18. Just a Love Child [add]
19. Maybe Tomorrow [add]
20. Soul Symphony [add]
21. Now [add]
22. At the Source [add]
23. Feel Like Makin Love [add]
24. You're Welcome Stop on By [add]
25. Sittin Duck [add]
26. Repeat After Me [add]
27. Sugar Hill [add]
28. Get out of My Life Woman [add]
29. Hot Rod [add]
30. We're in Love [add]
31. Think Twice [add]
32. Dominoes [add]
33. Spinning Wheel [add]
34. Everything I Play Is Funk [add]
35. Pot Belly [add]
36. Tennessee Waltz [add]
37. It's Your Thing [add]
38. Ode to Billie Joe [add]
39. Change [add]
40. Who's Makin Love [add]
41. Absolutions [add]
42. Soul Symphony [add]
43. Down Here on the Ground [add]
44. Raise (3 D Lifestyles) [add]

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