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Birdsongs of the Mesozoic lyrics
Genre: Rock
Faultline (1989) 01. The True Wheelbase [add]
02. They Walk Among Us [add]
03. Coco Boudakian [add]
04. I Don't Need No Crystal Ball [add]
05. Chariots of Fire [add]
06. Magic Fingers (25?) [add]
07. Faultline [add]
08. On the Street Where You Live [add]
09. Maybe I Will [add]
10. There Is No One [add]
11. Slo-Boy [add]
12. Pteropold [add]
13. Just Say Yes [add]

Pyroclastics (1991) 01. Shortwave Longride [add]
02. Pleasure Island [add]
03. I'm a Pterodactyl [add]
04. Why Not Circulate [add]
05. Sled [add]
06. The Simpsons [add]
07. Tyronglaea II [add]
08. Papercutstone [add]
09. Sombre Reptiles [add]
10. Nothing But Trouble [add]
11. Tomorrow Never Came [add]
12. Our Prayer [add]

Dancing on A'A (1995) 01. A Band of Deborahs (Not Debbies) [add]
02. Dancing on A'a [add]
03. Ptinct [add]
04. Readymen [add]
05. Birdgam [add]
06. Electric Altamira [add]
07. Swamp [add]
08. Peter Gunn [add]
09. Ray [add]
10. Sirius the Scorching [add]
11. The Pearly Eyed March [add]

Petrophonics (2000) 01. Petrophonics [add]
02. Ptoccata II [add]
03. One Hundred Cycles [add]
04. Nevergreen [add]
05. Study of Unintended Consequences [add]
06. Birdhead [add]
07. Allswell That Endswell in Roswell [add]
08. Time Marches on Theme [add]
09. Dinosaurs Theme [add]
10. Gravity Theme [add]
11. Quincy Sore Throat Theme [add]
12. Part One [add]
13. Part Two [add]
14. Part Three [add]

The Iridium Controversy (2003) 01. Primordial Sludge [add]
02. The Iridium Controversy: Before [add]
03. The Iridium Controversy: After [add]
04. Make the Camera Dance [add]
05. This Way Out [add]
06. Lost in the B-Zone [add]
07. Tectonic Melange [add]
08. Sherpas on Parade [add]
09. 100 Years of Excellence [add]
10. Race Point [add]
11. Centrifuge [add]
12. The Beat of the Mesozoic, Pt. 1 [add]

Extreme Spirituals (2006) 01. I'm a Rollin' [add]
02. Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray [add]
03. A Little More Faith in Jesus [add]
04. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child [add]
05. Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho [add]
06. Swing Low Sweet Chariot [add]
07. Listen to the Angels Shoutin' [add]
08. Wayfaring Stranger [add]
09. Great Day [add]
10. Nobody Knows the Trouble I See [add]
11. Oh Freedom [add]
12. Amen [add]

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