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Sharon Shannon lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Sharon Shannon (1993) 01. Glentown [add]
02. The Blackbird [add]
03. Queen of the West [add]
04. Retour des Hirondelles & Tune for a Found Harmonium [add]
05. Miss Thomsons & The Derry Reel [add]
06. The Munster Hop [add]
07. Tickle Her Leg [add]
08. The Marguerita Suite: The Peeking Pup Waltz/Graham Townsends Jig [add]
09. Coridinio [add]
10. Anto's Cajun Cousins [add]
11. Cornphiopa Corafinne & Skidoo [add]
12. Marbhna Luimni [add]
13. Phil Cunningham [add]
14. The Woodchoppers & Le Reel des Voyagers [add]
15. La Valse D'Hiver [*] [add]

Out the Gap (1995) 01. Sparky [add]
02. The Big Mistake [add]
03. Sandy River Belle [add]
04. The Mighty Sparrow [add]
05. Butterflies [add]
06. Thunderhead [add]
07. Bungee Jumpers [add]
08. Out the Gap [add]
09. Maguire and Paterson [add]
10. Reel Beatrice [add]
11. The Duke of York's Troope [add]
12. Bj?rn Again Polka [add]

Each Little Thing (1997) 01. Mouth of the Tobique: Lad O'Beirne's/Dowd's Favourite [add]
02. Kids: Fead an Fhiolair/Never Going Back Again [add]
03. Bonnie Mulligan [add]
04. Each Little Thing (Diarmuid's March) [add]
05. Bag of Cats: Barrow Burn Reel/Lexy McAskill's/Trip to ... [add]
06. Libertango [add]
07. Rathlin Island/Sporting Paddy [add]
08. Leaving Brittany/George Peoples [add]
09. Dance of the Honey Bees [add]
10. Micho Russell's: With Her Lovely Long Hair/John Brady's ... [add]
11. El Meracado Testaccio [add]
12. The Ivory and the Quill [add]

Live in Galway (2001) 01. Sandy River Belle [add]
02. Mouth of the Tobique: Lad O'Beirnes/Dowd's Favourite/Mouth of the ... [add]
03. Diamond Mountain [add]
04. Bonnie Mulligan [add]
05. The Mighty Sparrow [add]
06. The Hounds of Letterfrack: Martin O'Connor's Flying Clog/The Slopes of ... [add]
07. Polkas: Waiting for Begley/Con Fadas Polka [add]
08. Jimmy's Return [add]
09. Fire in the Bellies: The Air Tune/The Road to Recovery/Farewell to ... [add]
10. Rathlin Island: Rathlin Island/Sporting Paddy [add]
11. The Four Jimmys [add]
12. The Bungee Jumpers: The Fisherman's Lilt/Dedicato a Vares/Rodney ... [add]
13. A Costa de Galicia [add]
14. The Penguin: Retour des Hirondelles/Music for a Found Harmonium [add]

The Diamond Mountain Sessions (2001) 01. A Costa de Galicia [add]
02. The Galway Girl [add]
03. The Diamond Mountain [add]
04. Slan le Van [add]
05. The Four Jimmys [The Fitz Theme] [add]
06. A Man of Constant Sorrow [add]
07. Say You Love Me [add]
08. The Pernod Waltz [add]
09. The Hound of Letterfrack [add]
10. On the Banks of the Old Pontchertrain [add]
11. Love Love Love [add]
12. Jota Do Porto Do Cabo [add]
13. Fire in the Bellies [add]
14. Northern Lights [add]

Libertango (2004) 01. The Whitestrand Sling [add]
02. Libertango [add]
03. Duncan's [add]
04. An Phailist?n [add]
05. Albatross [add]
06. Hogs and Heifers [add]
07. The Seven Rejoices of Mary [add]
08. All the Ways You Wander [add]
09. The Burst Mattress [add]
10. Space Party [add]
11. Anachie Gordon [add]
12. The Wishing Well [add]
13. What You Make It (Da da da Da) [add]

Tunes (2005) 01. The Cappataggle Shuffle: Jim Donoghues/The Cappataggle Shuffle/The ... [add]
02. The Rookery: Paidin O'Rafferty's Jig/The Rookery [add]
03. The Jewels of the Ocean: The Jewels of the Ocean/Lizzie in the Low Ground [add]
04. The Road to Corrandulla: The Lochaber Badger/The Road to Corrandulla [add]
05. Billy in the Low Ground: Billy in the Low Ground/Lost Giri [add]
06. Summer's Coming: Summer's Coming/Pasucais of Coana [add]
07. Calum's Road [add]
08. Mickey Joe Mikes: Mikey Joe Mikes/The Diddeley-I-Pod [add]
09. The Bass Rock: The Bass Rock/The Road to Errogie [add]
10. The Cat's Miaow: The Cat's Miaow/Tickle Her Leg/Drag Her Around the Road [add]
11. The Clare Reel: The Clare Reel/An Coilleach [add]
12. The Bucks of Oranmore: King of the Pipers/The Bucks of Oranmore [add]

Sharon Shannon & Friends Live at Dolan's (2006) 01. Cavan Potholes [add]
02. Bunjee Jumpers [add]
03. Rathlin Island [add]
04. Trailin' the True Star [add]
05. One and the Same [add]
06. Sandy River Belle [add]
07. Big Rock Candy Mountain [add]
08. Hand Me Down Me Bible [add]
09. I've No Alibi [add]
10. Colony [add]
11. Penguin [add]
12. Burst Mattress [add]
13. Whitestrand Sling [add]
14. Galileo [add]
15. No Brakes [add]
16. Donegal Kid [add]
17. Time to Time [add]
18. Don't Give Up [add]
19. Mighty Sparrow [add]
20. Say You Love Me [add]
21. Come Down from the Mountain Katie Daly [add]
22. Blackbird [add]
23. Mexico [add]
24. July [add]
25. Bag of Cats [add]
26. Encore 1: Mouth of the Tobique/Courtin' in the Kitchen [add]
27. Encore 2: Galway Girl/Ring of Fire [add]

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