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Maddy Prior lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Silly Sisters (1976) 01. Doffin' Mistress [add]
02. Burning of Auchidoon lyrics
03. Lass of Lock Royal [add]
04. The Seven Joys of Mary [add]
05. My Husband's Got No Courage in Him [add]
06. Singing the Travels (Symondsbury Mummers) [add]
07. Silver Whistle [add]
08. The Grey Funnel Line [add]
09. Geordie [add]
10. The Seven Wonders [add]
11. Four Loom Weaver [add]
12. The Game of Cards [add]
13. Dame Durdan [add]

Changing Winds (1978) 01. To Have and to Hold [add]
02. Pity the Poor Night Porter [add]
03. Bloomers [add]
04. Accappella Stella lyrics
05. Canals [add]
06. The Sovereign Prince [add]
07. Ali Baba [add]
08. The Mountain lyrics
09. In Fighting [add]
10. Another Drink [add]

Woman in the Wings (1978) 01. Woman in the Wings lyrics
02. Cold Flame [add]
03. Mother and Child [add]
04. Gutter Geese [add]
05. Rollercoaster [add]
06. Deep Water [add]
07. Long Shadows [add]
08. I Told You So [add]
09. Rosettes [add]
10. Catseyes [add]
11. Baggy Pants [add]

Carols & Capers (1991) 01. The Boar's Head [add]
02. Away in a Manger [add]
03. My Dancing Day [add]
04. Monsieur Charpentier's Christmas Stomp [add]
05. See Amid the Winter's Snow [add]
06. A Boy Was Born [add]
07. Poor Little Jesus [add]
08. Turkey in the Straw/Whiskey Before Breakfast [add]
09. Wassail! [add]
10. Joy to the World [add]
11. Cradle Song [add]
12. Shepherd's Rejoice [add]
13. Old Joe Clark [add]
14. Ane Sang of the Birth of Christ (Balulalow) [add]
15. Monsieur Charpentier's Christmas Swing [add]
16. Quem Pastores [add]
17. While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks [add]
18. I Saw Three Ships [add]

Happy Families (1991) 01. Happy Families [add]
02. Good Job [add]
03. Rose [add]
04. Mother and Child [add]
05. Here Comes Midnight [add]
06. Bewcastle [add]
07. Who's Sorry Now? [add]
08. Fire on the Line [add]
09. Goodbye [add]
10. Alex [add]
11. Low Flying [add]
12. Happy Families (Reprise) [add]
13. Bewcastle Instrumental [instrumental] [add]

Year (1993) 01. Snowdrops/Birth [add]
02. Swimming Song [add]
03. Marigold/Harvest Home [add]
04. Red and Green [add]
05. Long Shadows [add]
06. Somewhere Along the Road lyrics
07. What Had You for Supper [add]
08. Saucy Sailor [add]
09. The Fabled Hare [add]
10. Deep in the Darkest Night [add]
11. Boys of Bedlam [add]
12. TWA Corbies [add]

Sing Lustily & with Good Cheer (1994) 01. Who Would True Valour See [add]
02. Rejoice Ye Shining Worlds [add]
03. O Thou Who Camest from Above [add]
04. Lo! He Comes with Clouds Descending [add]
05. How Firm a Foundation [add]
06. O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing [add]
07. As Pants the Hart [add]
08. The God of Abraham Praise! [add]
09. Instrumental: The Twenty-Ninth of May [add]
10. Light of the World [add]
11. All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name [add]
12. Lord, in the Morning [add]
13. Away With Our Sorrow and Care [add]
14. Christ the Lord Is Risen Today [add]
15. O Worship the King [add]
16. And Can It Be [add]

Hang Up Sorrow & Care (1996) 01. The Prodigals Resolution [add]
02. Playford Tunes [instrumental] [add]
03. The World Is Turned Upside Down [add]
04. The Jovial Begger [add]
05. The Leathern Bottel [add]
06. Iantha [instrumental] [add]
07. An Thou Were My Ain Thing [add]
08. O That I Had But a Fine Man [add]
09. Now, O Now, I Needs Must Part [add]
10. Man Is for the Woman Made [add]
11. A Northerne Catch/The Little Barley Corn [add]
12. Granny's Delight/My Lady Foster's Delight [instrumental] [add]
13. A Round of Three Country Dances in One [add]
14. Youth's the Season Made for Joys [add]
15. In the Days of My Youth [add]
16. Never Weather Beaten Sail [add]
17. Old Simon the King [add]

Flesh & Blood (1998) 01. Sheath & Knife [add]
02. The Rolling English Road [add]
03. Honest Work [add]
04. Finlandia [add]
05. Hind Horn [add]
06. Bitter Withy [add]
07. Who Am I? [add]
08. The Cruel Mother [add]
09. Boy on a Horse [add]
10. Jade [add]
11. Brother Lawrence lyrics
12. The Laugh and the Kiss [add]
13. The Point [add]
14. Heart of Stone [add]

Tapestry of Carols (1999) 01. The Sans Day Carol [add]
02. In Dulci Jubilo [add]
03. God Rest You Merry Gentlemen [add]
04. It Came Upon a Midnight Clear [add]
05. The Holly and the Ivy [add]
06. The Coventry Carol [add]
07. Ding Dong! Merrily on High [add]
08. The Angel Gabriel [add]
09. Angels from the Realms of Glory [add]
10. Infant Holy [add]
11. A Virgin Most Pure [add]
12. Unto Us a Boy Is Born [add]
13. Rejoice and Be Merry [add]
14. Joseph Dearest [add]
15. Personent Hodie [add]
16. On Christmas Night (Sussex Carol) [add]

Ravenchild (2000) 01. Twanky Dillo [add]
02. Bold Poachers [add]
03. Boney [add]
04. Scorched Earth [add]
05. Loot [add]
06. Rigs of the Time [add]
07. In the Company of Ravens [add]
08. Young Bloods [add]
09. The Masts of Morrigan [add]
10. Rich Pickings [add]
11. Ravenchild [add]
12. Dance of the Wind [add]
13. Great Silkie of Sules Skerry [add]

Ballads and Candles (2001) 01. Blacksmith [add]
02. Blood and Gold [add]
03. Boar's Head [add]
04. A Virgin Most Pure [add]
05. All in the Morning [add]
06. Sing, Sing All the Earth [add]
07. Doffing Mistress [add]
08. Betsy Bell [add]
09. Hind Horn [add]
10. Singing the Travels [add]
11. Long Shadows [add]
12. The King [add]
13. Rose [add]
14. Mother and Child [add]
15. Alex [add]
16. My Husband's Got No Courage in Him [add]
17. Blackleg Miner [add]
18. Padstow May Song [add]

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh (2001) 01. Melchior [add]
02. Caspar [add]
03. Balthazar [add]
04. Journey to Jericho [add]
05. Melima [add]
06. Journey to Bethlehem and Song of the Animals [add]
07. Welcome Stranger [add]
08. Song of the Angels [add]
09. The Oxen [add]
10. The Carnal and the Crane [add]
11. Rorate Coeli de Super [add]
12. Entre le Boeuf at l'Ane Gris [add]
13. Hark! Hark What News [add]
14. Bethlehem Down [add]

Bib and Tuck (2002) 01. Acapella Stella [add]
02. I Am the World [add]
03. Stitch in Time [add]
04. Hush Hush [add]
05. Rain [add]
06. Sweet Thames Flow Softly [add]
07. Down in the Valley [add]
08. I Need You to Turn To [add]
09. Drop of Blood [add]
10. Sparkling Rills [add]
11. True Colours [add]
12. The Cotton Triangle: Blow Boys Blow [add]
13. The Cotton Triangle: The Dead Are Not Dead [add]
14. The Cotton Triangle: Homeless [add]
15. The Cotton Triangle: Haul Her Away [add]
16. The Cotton Triangle: Cotton Fields [add]
17. The Cotton Triangle: Blow the Man Down [add]
18. The Cotton Triangle: Cropper Lads [add]
19. The Cotton Triangle: Doffin Mistress [add]
20. The Cotton Triangle: Liverpool Judies [add]

Lionhearts (2003) 01. Maman [add]
02. John [add]
03. Salah Ed-Din [add]
04. Old Lion [add]
05. Thomas [add]
06. War Games [add]
07. Salisbury Plain [add]
08. John Barleycorn [add]
09. Yellow [add]
10. Ship in Distress [add]
11. Jupiter [add]

Arthur the King (2004) 01. Arthur the King: The Name of Arthur [add]
02. Arthur the King: Veturae Remembering [add]
03. Arthur the King: Hallows I [add]
04. Arthur the King: Queen and Sovereignty [add]
05. Arthur the King: Hallows II [add]
06. Arthur the King: Tribal Warriors [add]
07. Arthur the King: Hallows III [add]
08. Arthur the King: Sentry [add]
09. Arthur the King: Hallows IV [add]
10. Arthur the King: Once and Future King [add]
11. Reynardine [add]
12. Hail the Ball [add]
13. Duke of Marlborough [add]
14. Fanny Blair [add]
15. Lark in the Morning [add]

Under the Covers (2005) 01. Ka Ching [add]
02. Under Yr Thumb [add]
03. One Way [add]
04. Complex Person [add]
05. Fear of Life [add]
06. Bend + Break [add]
07. Sheela Na Gig [add]
08. Great Divide [add]
09. Lost It [add]
10. Get Out [add]
11. Paraguay [add]
12. Perfect Indian [add]
13. 715 Wave [add]
14. Slow Dance [add]
15. Sword [add]
16. Meeting Point [add]
17. Melody Moon [add]
18. Finnish Song [add]
19. Truth of a Woman [add]
20. Turning Point [add]

An Evening of Carols & Capers (2005) 01. Masters in This Hall [add]
02. The Sans Day Carol [add]
03. God Rest You Merry Gentlemen [add]
04. This Endris Night [add]
05. M. Charpentier's Christmas Stomp [add]
06. Let an Anthem of Praise [add]
07. The Oxen [add]
08. Balthazar [add]
09. Round of the Animals [add]
10. Melima [add]
11. It Came Upon the Midnight Clear [add]
12. The Sussex Carol [add]
13. Watts Cradle Song [add]
14. Vals Musette [add]
15. Entre le Boeuf [add]
16. M. Charpentier's Christmas Swing [add]
17. Dratenik (Tinker Polka) [add]
18. The Carnal and the Crane [add]
19. Ding Dong Merrily on High [add]
20. Angels from the Realms of Glory [add]
21. Hark [add]
22. While Sheperds Watched [add]

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