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Loud Family lyrics
Genre: Rock
Plants and Birds and Rocks and Things (1992) 01. He Do the Police in Different Voices [add]
02. Sword Swallower [add]
03. Aerodeliria [add]
04. Self Rightous Boy Reduced to Tears [add]
05. Jimmy Still Comes Around [add]
06. Take Me Down (Too Halloo) [add]
07. Don't All Thank Me at Once [add]
08. Idiot Son [add]
09. Some Grand Vision of Motives and Irony [add]
10. Spot the Setup [add]
11. Inverness [add]
12. Rosy Overdrive [add]
13. Slit My Wrists [add]
14. Isaac's Law [add]
15. The Second Grade Applauds [add]
16. Last Honest Face [add]
17. Even You [add]
18. Ballard of How You Can All Shut Up [add]
19. Give in World [add]

The Tape of Only Linda (1994) 01. Soul Drain [add]
02. My Superior [add]
03. Marcia and Etrusca [add]
04. Hyde Street Virgins [add]
05. Baby Hard-To-Be-Around [add]
06. I Just Wouldn't Be Christmas [add]
07. Better Nature [add]
08. Still Its Own Reward [add]
09. For Beginners Only [add]
10. Ballet Hetero [add]

Interbabe Concern (1996) 01. Sodium Laureth Sulfate [add]
02. North San Bruno Dishonor Trip [add]
03. Don't Respond, She Can Tell lyrics
04. I'm Not Really a Spring [add]
05. Rise of the Chokehold Princess [add]
06. Such Little Nonbelievers [add]
07. The Softest Tip of Her Baby Tongue [add]
08. Screwed over by Stylish Introverts lyrics
09. Top-Dollar Survivalist Hardware [add]
10. Not Expecting Both Contempo and Classique [add]
11. I No Longer Fear the Headless [add]
12. Hot Rox Avec Lying Sweet-Talk [add]
13. Uncle Lucky [add]
14. Just Gone [add]
15. Asleep and Awake on the Man's Freeway [add]
16. Where They Go Backto School But Get Depressed [add]
17. Where They Sell Antique Food [add]
18. Where the Flood Waters Soak Their Belongings [add]
19. Where They Walk over Sainte Therese [add]

Days for Days (1998) 01. Cortex the Killer [add]
02. Good, There Are No Lions in the Street [add]
03. Deee-Pression [add]
04. Way Too Helpful [add]
05. Mozart Sonatas [add]
06. Businessmen Are Okay [add]
07. Crypto-Sicko [add]
08. Why We Don't Live in Mauritania [add]
09. Sister Sleep [add]

Attractive Nuisance (2000) 01. 720 Times Happier Than the Unjust Man [add]
02. One Will Be TH Highway [add]
03. Save Your Money [add]
04. Nice When I Want Something [add]
05. Years of Wrong Impressions [add]
06. Blackness, Blackness [add]
07. Backward Century [add]
08. Soul D.C. [add]
09. The Apprentice [add]
10. No One's Watching My Limo Ride [add]
11. Controlled Burn, Pts. 1-2 [add]
12. Motion of Ariel [add]

From Ritual to Romance [live] (2002) 01. Where the Flood Waters Soak Their Belongings [add]
02. Here Come the Warm Jets [add]
03. Spot the Setup [add]
04. Such Little Nonbelievers [add]
05. Aerodeliria [add]
06. Don't Respond, She Can Tell lyrics
07. Sword Swallower [add]
08. Nine [add]
09. Not Because You Can [add]
10. Good, There Are No Lions in the Street [add]
11. Five [add]
12. Eleven [add]
13. Deee-Pression [add]
14. Debaser [add]
15. Sodium Laureth Sulfate [add]
16. Baby Hard-to-Be-Around [add]
17. Go Ahead, You're Dying To [add]
18. Asleep and Awake on the Man's Freeway [add]
19. Curse of the Frontier Land [add]
20. When You Sleep [add]

What If It Works (2006) 01. Rocks Off [add]
02. Song About "Rocks Off" [add]
03. Pop Song 99 [add]
04. Total Mass Destruction [add]
05. Flow Thee Water [add]
06. Remember You [add]
07. (Kind Of) In Love [add]
08. Mavis of Maybelline Towers [add]
09. I Think I See the Light [add]
10. What If It Works? [add]
11. Don't Bother Me While I'm Living Forever [*] [add]
12. I've Been Craving Lately [*] [add]

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