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Planxty lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Planxty (1973) 01. Raggle Taggle Gypsy/Tabhair Dom Do Lamh [add]
02. Arthur Mcbride [add]
03. Planxty Irwin [add]
04. Sweet Thames Flow Softly [add]
05. Junior Crehan's Favourite/Corney Is Coming [add]
06. The West Coast of Claire [add]
07. The Jolly Beggar-Reel [add]
08. Only Our Rivers [add]
09. S? Bheag, S? Mh?r [add]
10. Follow Me up to Carlow [add]
11. Merrily Kissed the Quaker [add]
12. The Blacksmith lyrics

The Well Below the Valley (1973) 01. Cunla [add]
02. Pat Reilly [add]
03. Slip Jigs: The Kid on the Mountain/An Phis Fhliuch [add]
04. As I Roved Out [add]
05. Reels: The Dogs Among the Bushes/Jenny's Wedding [add]
06. The Well Below the Valley [add]
07. Hewlett [add]
08. Bean Phaidin [add]
09. Hornpipes: A Fisherman's Lilt/Cronin's Hornpipe [add]
10. As I Roved Out [add]
11. Solo Jig: Humours of Ballyloughlin [add]
12. Time Will Cure Me [add]

Cold Blow and the Rainy Night (1974) 01. Johnny Cope [add]
02. Polkas: Dennis Murphy's Polka/The 42 Cheque/John Ryan's Polka [add]
03. Cold Blow and the Rainy Night [add]
04. P Stands for Paddy, I Suppose lyrics
05. Reels: The Old Torn Petticoat/The Dublin Reel/The Wind That Shakes Th [add]
06. Baneasa's Green Glade [add]
07. Mominsko Horo [add]
08. The Little Drummer [add]
09. The Lakes of Pontchartrain [add]
10. Jigs: The Hare in the Corn/The Frost Is All Over/The Gander in the ... [add]

After the Break (1979) 01. The Good Ship Kangaroo lyrics
02. East at Glendart/Brian O'Lynn/Pay the Reckoning [add]
03. You Rambling Boys of Pleasure [add]
04. The Blackberry Blossom/Lucky in Love/The Dairy Maid [add]
05. The Rambling Siuler [add]
06. The Lady on the Island/The Gatehouse Maid/The Virginia/Callaghan's [add]
07. The Pursuit of Farmer Michael Hayes [add]
08. Lord Mcdonald/The Chattering Magpie [add]
09. The Bonny Light Horseman [add]
10. Smeceno Horo [add]

The Woman I Loved So Well (1980) 01. True Love Knows No Season [add]
02. Out on the Ocean/Tiocfaidh T? Abhaile Liom (You Will Come Home ...) [add]
03. Roger O'Hehir [add]
04. The Tailor's Twist (Hornpipes) [add]
05. Kellswater [add]
06. Johnny F Brady's Lea [add]
07. The Woman I Never Forgot (Canny's) /The Pullet/The Ladies' Pantalettes [add]
08. Little Musgrave [add]

Words & Music (1983) 01. The Queen of the Rushes/Paddy Fays Jig [add]
02. Thousands Are Sailing [add]
03. T?imse Im' Chodladh [add]
04. Lord Baker [add]
05. Accidentals/Aragon Mill [add]
06. The Aconry Lasses/The Old Wheels of the World/The Spike Island Lasses [add]
07. I Pity the Poor Immigrant [add]
08. The Irish Marche [add]

Live 2004 (2004) 01. The Starting Gate [add]
02. The Good Ship Kangaroo lyrics
03. The Clare Jig [add]
04. Arthur McBride [add]
05. Little Musgrave [add]
06. Vicar Street Reels [2004] [add]
07. The Blacksmith/Black Smithereens [add]
08. The Dark Slender Boy [add]
09. As Christy Roved Out [add]
10. As Andy Roved Out [add]
11. The Kildareman's Fancy [add]
12. Raggle Taggle Gypsy [add]
13. The West Coat of Clare [add]

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