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Tommy Peoples lyrics
Genre: Celtic
High Part of the Road (1977) 01. The Oak Tree/The Pinch of Snuff [add]
02. The Kid on the Mountain/O'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick [add]
03. The Wheels of the World/Toss the Feathers [add]
04. Ard an Bhothair (The High Part of the Road) /Port an Bhrathar (The ...) [add]
05. The Band of Ireland/The Dairy Maid [add]
06. The Nine Points of Roguery/Bean an It AR Lar (The Mistress on the Floor) [add]
07. The Green Groves of Erin/The Pigeon on the Gate [add]
08. Port Shean Tseain (Old John's Jig) /The Queen of the Fair [add]
09. The Salamanca/Lucy Campbell [add]
10. The Silver Slipper/The Old Hag in the Kiln [add]
11. Farewell to Ireland [add]
12. McCahill's Reels [add]

The Iron Man (1995) 01. Reavy's; Merry Siter's [add]
02. Tom Billy's; Out on the Ocean [add]
03. Sunny Brogan's Favorite; Drunken Landlady [add]
04. Kit O'Connor's [add]
05. The Iron Man; William Marshall's [add]
06. Carrigaline; Belles of St. Louis [add]
07. Crowley's/Sweeny's Dream [add]
08. John Doherty's Fancy; Brogan's Ferry [add]
09. Tell Her I Am; Chorus Jig [add]
10. O'Dowd's; Chicago Reel [add]
11. Woman of the House; Morning Star [add]
12. Kitty O'Shea [add]
13. O'Callahan's; Scarta Glen [add]

Waiting for a Call (2003) 01. Jigs: John Blessing's Delight/Australian Waters/Kit O'Mahony's [add]
02. Reels: Waiting for a Call/The Spike Island Lassies [add]
03. Jigs: Ard Baithen/The Mooncoin/The King of the Pipers [add]
04. Reels: The Bunch of Green Rushes/Carmel Mahoney Mulhaire [add]
05. Jigs: The Monaghan Jig/The Ship in Full Sail/The Blarney Pilgrim [add]
06. Reels: Miss Ramsay/Launching the Boat [add]
07. Jigs: The Wishing Well/The King of the Pipers, No. 2 [add]
08. Jigs: The Frieze Breeches/The Lark in the Morning [add]
09. Reels: The Colliers/Bob McQuillen's/The Spike Island Lassies [add]
10. Highland and Reels: D?laman Na Binne Bu?/"Tommy Peoples'"/Jenny's ... [add]
11. Slip Jigs: Hardiman the Fiddler/Give Us a Drink of Water/Heels ... [add]
12. Reels: The Drunken Landlady/The Fisherman's Island [add]
13. Strathspey: King George IV [add]
14. Jigs: P?id?n O'Rafferty/The Langstern Pony [add]
15. Strathspey and Reels: Drumnagarry/Drumnagarry Reel/Miss Crawford [add]
16. Slow Air and Hornpipe: The Fairest Rose [add]

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