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Concrete Blonde lyrics
Genre: Rock
Mexican Heartbeat (0000) 01. Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) [add]
02. Ghost of a Texas Ladies' Man [add]
03. When You Smile [add]
04. ...Long Time Ago [add]
05. Someday? [add]
06. Heal It Up lyrics
07. Jenny I Read [add]
08. Days and Days [add]
09. Joey lyrics
10. Mexican Moon [add]
11. Shout [add]
12. Castles Made of Sand [add]

Concrete Blonde (1987) 01. True [add]
02. Your Haunted Head [add]
03. Dance Along the Edge [add]
04. Still in Hollywood [add]
05. Song for Kim (She Said) [add]
06. Beware of Darkness [add]
07. Over Your Shoulder [add]
08. Little Sister [add]
09. Make Me Cry [add]
10. Cold Part of Town [add]
11. True II [add]
12. It'll Chew You Up and Spit You Out [add]

Free (1989) 01. God Is a Bullet [add]
02. Run Run Run [add]
03. It's Only Money [add]
04. Help Me [add]
05. Sun [add]
06. Roses Grow [add]
07. Scene of a Perfect Crime [add]
08. Happy Birthday [add]
09. Little Conversations [add]
10. Carry Me Away [add]

Bloodletting (1990) 01. Bloodletting (The Vampire Song) [add]
02. The Sky Is a Poisonous Garden [add]
03. Caroline lyrics
04. Darkening of the Light [add]
05. I Don't Need a Hero [add]
06. Days and Days [add]
07. The Beast lyrics
08. Lullabye lyrics
09. Joey lyrics
10. Tomorrow, Wendy [add]

Walking in London (1992) 01. Ghost of a Texas Ladies' Man [add]
02. Walking in London [add]
03. Les Coeurs Jumeaux [add]
04. Woman to Woman [add]
05. Why Don't You See Me [add]
06. City Screaming [add]
07. Someday? [add]
08. I Wanna Be Your Friend Again [add]
09. Long Time Ago [add]
10. It's a Man's Man's Man's World [add]

Mexican Moon (1993) 01. Jenny I Read [add]
02. Mexican Moon [add]
03. Heal It Up lyrics
04. Jonestown [add]
05. Rain [add]
06. I Call It Love [add]
07. Jesus Forgive Me (For the Things I'm About Say) [add]
08. When You Smile [add]
09. Close to Home [add]
10. One of My Kind [add]
11. End of the Line [add]
12. (Love Is A) Blind Ambition [add]
13. Bajo la Lune Mexicana [add]

Concrete Blonde y los Illegals (1997) 01. Caminando [add]
02. Viva la Vida [add]
03. La Llorona [add]
04. Echoes [add]
05. Despierta [add]
06. Another Hundred Years of Solutude [add]
07. Maria Elena (Letter from L.A.) [add]
08. Ode to Rosa Lopez [add]
09. Xich Vs. The Migra Zombies [add]
10. Deportee [add]

Group Therapy (2002) 01. Roxy [add]
02. Violent [add]
03. When I Was a Fool [add]
04. True, Pt. 3 [add]
05. Tonight [add]
06. Valentine [add]
07. Your Llorona [add]
08. Take Me Home [add]
09. Inside/Outside [add]
10. Fried [add]
11. Angel [add]
12. Memory [add]

Live In Brazil (2003) 01. God Is a Bullet [add]
02. Valentine [add]
03. Tonight [add]
04. Everybody Knows lyrics
05. The Vampire Song [add]
06. Take Me Home [add]
07. Little Conversations [add]
08. Caroline lyrics
09. Joey lyrics
10. Days and Days [add]
11. I Was a Fool [add]
12. Violent [add]
13. Someday? [add]
14. Scene of a Perfect Crime [add]
15. Your Haunted Friend [add]
16. Roxy [add]
17. Mexican Moon [add]
18. Tomorrow, Wendy [add]

Mojave (2004) 01. A "A" Road [add]
02. Because I Can [add]
03. True to This [add]
04. (Ghost) Riders in the Sky [add]
05. Hey Coyote [add]
06. Himalayan Motorcycles [add]
07. Mojave [add]
08. Snakes [add]
09. Jim Needs an Animal [add]
10. Someone's Calling Me [add]
11. Tornado at Rest [add]

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