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Glampire lyrics
Genre: Rock
Beginning of Terror (1997) 01. The Grey Light of Pre-Down [add]
02. Our Drugs [add]
03. Punishment of Memory [add]
04. Numb and Blind [add]
05. The Heart Lives Hungrily [add]
06. Bow Down [add]
07. I Know This Feeling [add]
08. Harder Than Any Enemy [add]
09. Slave to My Fate [add]
10. Finally Arrived [add]

Pretty Scary (1998) 01. Give in Give Up [add]
02. Headspace [add]
03. Refuse to Believe [add]
04. Beat You at Your Own Damn Game [add]
05. Set Yourself Free [add]
06. Trick on My Skin [add]
07. Breakable [add]
08. Monsters in My Head [add]
09. Right Mind State [add]
10. Consider Me Dead [add]
11. Invincible [add]

The Heraldic Universe (1999) 01. Super Sad [add]
02. Happy Again [add]
03. Conviction [add]
04. Peace N Glitta N Phasion [add]
05. My Own God [add]
06. Love Is a Muscle [add]
07. Shake Me Take Me Make Me [add]
08. Twice as Strong [add]
09. Lie of the Land [add]
10. All That Glitters [add]
11. Sell Your Love to the World [add]
12. Build a Machine [add]

Soft White Ghetto (2000) 01. Welcome [add]
02. Night Time [add]
03. Bright Like a Star [add]
04. Stuck in Hollow [add]
05. Halloween in July [add]
06. Took It Out on You [add]
07. Oh No, Here I Go [add]
08. Burning Bridges [add]
09. People Like You [add]
10. Karma Is a Boomerang [add]
11. Self Hate Falls Away [add]
12. We're All Just Dogs in the End [add]
13. If You Think [add]
14. All Is Fair [add]
15. The Risk of Beauty [add]
16. Shooting Your Mouth Off [add]
17. Famous Last Words [add]

Drop Dead Gorgeous (2001) 01. New Way of Living [add]
02. Let Your Love Decide [add]
03. Rise [add]
04. Somewhere in Space [add]
05. Kill All Feelings [add]
06. Cold Stare [add]
07. New Free Radio Waves [add]
08. Drop Dead Gorgeous [add]
09. The World and Its Ways [add]
10. Better Than This [add]
11. We as One [add]
12. Life Means Nothing to Them [add]
13. Deathwish [add]
14. Look Who's Laughing at You Now [add]
15. One More [add]

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