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Plunky & the Oneness of Juju lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Every Way But Loose (1992) 01. Every Way But Loose [add]
02. (Family Tree) Make a Change [add]
03. Run Away Bay [add]
04. Always Have to Say Goodbye [add]
05. Higher [add]
06. Love's Wonderland [add]
07. Every Way But Loose [instrumental] [add]

I Can't Hold Back (1998) 01. I Can't Hold Back [add]
02. Plunkadelic [add]
03. Jazz Phunk Soul Food [add]
04. Love's Will Be Done [add]
05. Dreaming of Love [add]
06. Cosmic Karma [add]
07. Quantum Metaphysics [add]
08. Masters of the Universe [add]
09. Journey of a Lifetime [add]
10. Love Letters [add]
11. F the Phunk [add]
12. X Marks the Spot [add]
13. Just Keep on Doin' It (Break Song) [add]
14. Psych! [add]

One World One Music (1998) 01. Funk Loose and Fancy Free [Jazz Funk] [add]
02. Up and Down [Funk] [add]
03. Knocking at Your Door [Ballad] [add]
04. Hold on to This Moment [Soul] [add]
05. Only You [R and B] [add]
06. One World, One Music [Rap] [add]
07. Get Here [Ballad] [add]
08. Quiet Storm [Mellow Jazz] [add]
09. A New World Order [Soul World Beat] [add]
10. African Sunset [Mellow Jazz] [add]
11. One World, One Music [Afro Beat Instrumental/Vocal Mix] [add]
12. Afrocentricity [instrumental] [add]
13. Hot Sax After the Fact [instrumental] [add]
14. A New World Order [add]

Groove Tones (1998) 01. Chasing the Dream [add]
02. Outstanding [add]
03. Destiny [add]
04. Near the Castle at Elmina [add]
05. Where Love Is the Norm [add]
06. Just Know That I Love You [add]
07. My Funny Valentine [add]
08. Search for Freedom [add]
09. Don't Be Afraid of Freedom [add]
10. Dust Free Trust Free [add]
11. U Can Be Anything You Want to Be [add]
12. We Be So Cool [add]
13. Summertime [add]
14. Acid Jazz Riff [add]
15. Thrust Toward a Mellow Moon [add]
16. Feel Real Easy Earth [add]
17. Heavenly Groove Thing [add]
18. If You Have to Ask [add]

Saxy Mellow Moments (2000) 01. The Also Rises [add]
02. By Special Request [add]
03. Love Changes [add]
04. When & Where You [add]
05. I Believe I Can Fly [add]
06. Do Drob Inn [add]
07. I-95 North [add]
08. Love's Will Be Done [add]
09. Chriscross Hopscotch [add]

Got to Be Phunky... (2001) 01. P-L-U-N-K-Y-S B-A-N-D (Pts. 1 & 2) [add]
02. Any Which Way Cool [add]
03. Wanting What I Shouldn't Have [add]
04. Bet'cha by Golly Wow [add]
05. Back into Me [add]
06. He Doesn't Even Know [add]
07. When and Where You [add]
08. P-L-U-N-K-Y-S B-A-N-D [alternate take] [add]
09. Plastic (Is Easy to See Through) [add]
10. P-L-U-N-K-Y-S B-A-N-D [mix] [add]
11. Be About the Future [add]
12. P-L-U-N-K-Y-S B-A-N-D [mix] [add]
13. Phunky Love Toys [add]
14. P-L-U-N-K-Y-S B-A-N-D [Whole Mix] [add]

Got to Move Something (2002) 01. Drastic Measures [add]
02. Funk U Up [add]
03. Drastic Measures [add]
04. Got to Move Something [add]
05. You Make It Happen [add]
06. Will You Smile [add]
07. Loose Interlude [add]
08. Special Moments Special Friend [add]
09. The Reasons I Adore You [add]
10. Play It Straight [add]
11. Up and Down [add]
12. Oh So Mysterioso [add]
13. Dogmas and Dog-Isms [add]
14. Another Way to Get Loose [add]
15. Everthing Is Gonna Be Alright [add]
16. Funk U Up (Reprise) [add]
17. (Intro) Invocation [live] [add]
18. Nia [live] [add]
19. The African Sunset [live] [add]
20. Sabi Get Down [live] [add]
21. Got to Move Something [live] [add]
22. Asante Solo [live] [add]
23. African Rhythms [live] [add]
24. Up and Down [live] [add]
25. Shake Something [live] [add]
26. Be About the Future [live] [add]
27. Plunky's Band [live] [add]
28. One World One Music [live] [add]
29. Don't Be Afraid of Freedom [live] [add]
30. P-Funk Plunk Phunk [live] [add]
31. Funk U Up [live] [add]
32. Intrductons [live] [add]
33. Asante Solo [live] [add]

Forever in a Moment (2004) 01. Happiness Is [add]
02. It Feels So Right [add]
03. Like Nobody's Watching [add]
04. Forever in a Moment [add]
05. The Gift Bearers [add]
06. Relax, We're Among Friends [add]
07. Simple Pleasures [add]
08. Some Time Together [add]
09. Come With Me [add]
10. Forever My Love [add]
11. Brazillian Fantasy [add]
12. Just Up Ahead and the the Left [add]

Live in Paris (2006) 01. Nia/Space Jungle Luv [add]
02. River Luvrite [add]
03. Follow Me [add]
04. Sax Solo/Summertime/Up and Down/Be About the Future/Get Up Stand ... [add]
05. Got to Move Something/Break Song [add]
06. Sex Machine [add]
07. Plunky's Band [add]
08. Kool/One World One Music [add]
09. Don't Be Afraid of Freedom [add]
10. World Wide Party [add]
11. Plastic (Is Easy to See Through) [add]
12. This Is How We Do It [add]
13. Every Way But Loose [add]
14. Funk U Up [add]
15. African Rhythms [add]

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