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Thee Headcoats lyrics
Genre: Rock
Headcoats Down! (1989) 01. Smile Now [add]
02. Please Little Baby [add]
03. You're Looking Fine [add]
04. In Your Hand [add]
05. Childs Death Letter [add]
06. I'll Make You Mine [add]
07. Headcoat and the Mortar-Board [add]
08. Wily Coyote [add]
09. Let Me Touch [add]
10. I'm the Docotor [add]
11. John the Revelator [add]
12. Young Blood [add]

Heavens to Murgatroyd Even! Its Thee Headcoats (1991) 01. Mantrap [add]
02. No Way Out [add]
03. Reindeer Are Wild [add]
04. Hand to Hand [add]
05. Headcoat Man [add]
06. Girl of Matches [add]
07. I Don't Like the Man I Am [add]
08. Pokerhuntus Was Her Name [add]
09. We're Gone [add]
10. Stewball [add]
11. I Ain't About to Give You My Name [add]
12. Rusty Hook [add]

The Good Times Are Killing Me (1993) 01. Got to Get What's Been Forbidden [add]
02. I Wasn't Made for This World [add]
03. It Was Too Late [add]
04. Double Face [add]
05. I'll Be out of Here [add]
06. Picket Fence [add]
07. The Good Times Are Killing Me [add]
08. House on the Water [add]
09. Paedophile [add]
10. At the Bridge [add]
11. Strychnine [add]
12. Every Little Thing [add]
13. Walk of the Lost [add]
14. She'll Keep You on Stanby [add]

Conundrum (1994) 01. Every Bit of Me [add]
02. (Bitten off) More Than You Can Chew [add]
03. I Wish I'd Never Been [add]
04. We Ain't Gonna Be [add]
05. What Smashed Me [add]
06. Crazy Horse [add]
07. Again and Again [add]
08. Girl from '62 [add]
09. Thief [add]
10. Watch Me Fall [add]
11. He's So Popular With the Girls [add]
12. I'm an Idiot [add]
13. Hoping [add]
14. Wish I Knew What I Was Looking For [add]

Beached Earls (1995) 01. Youngblood [add]
02. You Broke My Very Mind [add]
03. The Strangler of Boston Town [add]
04. Beach Bums Must Die [add]
05. A Town Named Squaresville [add]
06. Slide [add]
07. That Special Kind of Clay [add]
08. Headcoat on Backwards [add]
09. Murder on the Moors [add]
10. All My Feelings Denied [add]
11. Pow Wow [add]
12. I Ain't Never Found [add]
13. No Such Animal [add]
14. In Your Hand [add]
15. The Case of the Thundering Dunderhead [add]
16. Give Me That Apple, Eve [add]
17. No Escape [add]
18. I'm a Headcoat, Baby [add]
19. Alone [add]
20. Out Little Rendezvous [add]
21. Everyday [add]
22. She's Got a Stange Attractor [add]
23. Branded [add]
24. Round Every Corner [add]
25. Poka Hontas [add]
26. My 7th Girl Eve [add]
27. The Killing Hold [add]
28. Jaguar and Thunderbird [add]
29. We Can Only Lose [add]
30. Going Outside My Head [add]

In Tweed We Trust (1996) 01. Everybody's Wiser Now [add]
02. Too Afraid [add]
03. Want Me-Win Me [add]
04. I'm Good Enough [add]
05. Fingers in the Sun [add]
06. This Day to Bust [add]
07. It Don't Come Easy [add]
08. I'm Hurting [add]
09. Going Down [add]
10. The Man With Eyes Like Little Fishes [add]
11. I Was Weak [add]
12. Sex and Flies [add]

Knights of the Baskervilles (1996) 01. She's in Disguise [add]
02. You Can Choose [add]
03. Meet Me [add]
04. I'm Unkind [add]
05. Knights of the Baskervilles [add]
06. By the Hairs on My Chinny Chin Chin [add]
07. What You See Is What You Are [add]
08. She's Fine, She's Mine [add]
09. What's Wrong With Me [add]
10. This Wond'rous Day [add]
11. Like a Flag [add]
12. It Ain't Mine [add]

Sound of the Baskervilles (1998) 01. Just Like a Dog [add]
02. All My Feelings Denied [add]
03. Sex and Flies [add]
04. Paedophile [add]
05. She's Just Fifteen [add]
06. Squaresville [add]
07. Lie Detector [add]
08. She's Fine, She's Mine [add]
09. Strychnine [add]
10. I Was Led to Believe [add]
11. I Gotta Move [add]
12. Big Boss Man [add]
13. Baby Please [add]
14. It's Bad [add]
15. When You Stop Lovin' Me [add]

Headcoatitude (2000) 01. My Dear Watson [add]
02. Everybody Lies [add]
03. Troubled Times [add]
04. Hog's Jaw [add]
05. By Hook or by Crook [add]
06. It's Gonna Hurt You (More Than It Hurts Me) [add]
07. Neither Fish nor Fowl [add]
08. I Wonder Why People Don't Like Me [add]
09. Snitch Baby [add]
10. Gotta Get Inside That Girl's Mind [add]
11. Headcoatitude [add]
12. I Don't Like You [add]

W.O.A.H. (2000) 01. Road Runner (Intro) [add]
02. Crackin' Up [add]
03. Can't Judge a Book [add]
04. Who Do You Love? [add]
05. Greatest Lover in the World [add]
06. Diddy Wah Diddy [add]
07. One Ugly Child [add]
08. Keep Your Big Mouth Shut [add]
09. I Can Tell [add]
10. She's Fine, She's Mine [add]
11. Dearest Darlin' [add]
12. Before You Accuse Me [add]
13. Road Runner [add]

The Messerschmitt Pilot's Severed Hand (2000) 01. The Messerschmitt Pilot's Severed Hand [add]
02. A Beauty of Love That Splits the Body in Two [add]
03. We Hate the Fucking N.M.E. [add]
04. Organic Footprints [add]
05. I Suppose I'm a Poseur [add]
06. Blood Piss and Sperm [add]
07. Where Are the Children That Hitler Kissed? [add]
08. I Wouldn't Want to Be You [add]
09. Good Morning Little Snob [add]
10. I've Been Fucking Your Daughters and Pissing on Your Lawn [add]
11. I Wanna Stop This World [add]
12. Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot [add]

Brother Is Dead... But Fly Is Gone! (2003) 01. Louie, Louie [add]
02. Boredom [add]
03. Diddy Wah Diddy [add]
04. What's My Name [add]
05. Whatcha Gonna Do About It [add]
06. Love Comes in Spurts [add]
07. Don't Gimme No Lip [add]
08. 1977 [add]
09. Loathsome and Wild [add]
10. Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot [add]
11. You Gotta Lose [add]
12. Viva la Rock 'N' Roll [add]
13. Darling, Let's Have Another Baby [add]
14. Agitated [add]

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