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Makers lyrics
Genre: Rock
Howl (1994) 01. I Just Might Crack [add]
02. Think About Your Man [add]
03. I'm Hurt [add]
04. Like a Diamond Ring [add]
05. Allright, Allnight, Allright [add]
06. Memphis Chillun [add]
07. Don't Cross Your Man [add]
08. Explosion [add]
09. Ricky Ticky Tock [add]
10. Try to Cry [add]
11. Your Daddy Drives a Big Car [add]
12. Let Him Try [add]
13. Death of Mr. Monster [add]
14. Sometimes, Sometimes [add]
15. Cool, Clear and Sheen [add]
16. Howl [add]

Devil's Nine Questions (1994) 01. Read Headed Beatle of 1000 B.C. [add]
02. J.A.J. [add]
03. Kushticaw [add]
04. Showdown [add]
05. Last of the Yahi [add]
06. Abby's Bounce [add]
07. Wait Until Spring, Bandini [add]
08. Operation Mindbomb [add]
09. Sixgu [add]

All Night Riot (1995) 01. They Call Me Black Sheep [add]
02. I Wouldn't Believe [add]
03. Turn It On [add]
04. I'm Your Big Man [add]
05. Do's and Don'ts of Lying [add]
06. The Only Way [add]
07. Four Button Suit [add]
08. Every Night [add]
09. Don't Need a Thing [add]
10. Sittin' Here Drinkin' [add]
11. Let's Have a Taste [add]
12. I'm Alone [add]
13. Things That People Do [add]
14. Look Both Ways [add]
15. If I Go to Heaven [add]
16. Bust Out [add]

Makers (1996) 01. Little Piece of Action [add]
02. Do What I Wanna [add]
03. Drinking Big Water [add]
04. Waste of Flesh [add]
05. Angry Young Man [add]
06. Nothing in No Time [add]
07. Ezmerelda [add]
08. I'm Not a Social Kinda Guy [add]
09. White Bread [add]
10. Try a New Us [add]
11. Please Kill Yourself [add]
12. Hate Your Games [add]
13. Sad Little Bug [add]
14. She's Going Under [add]
15. Geting Even [add]
16. Kind That Kills [add]

Hunger (1997) 01. Small Town Depression [add]
02. Tear Apart [add]
03. No Count [add]
04. Razorblade [add]
05. Worlds Apart [add]
06. Hard Times [add]
07. Leopard Print Sissy [add]
08. Sticky [add]
09. Temper Tantrum [add]
10. Live or Die [add]
11. Fair Game [add]
12. Crash Ride [add]
13. Mr. Blood [add]
14. Take a Ride [add]
15. Stone Boy [add]
16. Why Can't I Live Forever [add]

Psychopathia Sexualis (1998) 01. Lover LLover, Lover [add]
02. Sharp Leather Walkin' Shoes [add]
03. (Are You on the Inside or the Outside of Your) Pants [add]
04. Love That Is Strange [add]
05. Turn up the Century [add]
06. Whiskey Dog Mind [add]
07. Vic's Mood, or Jeffers, I Fear the Rise of a Meaningless Life [add]
08. Sicko Sexual [add]
09. God in the Palm of My Hand [add]
10. The Mystery [add]
11. Hotel 17 [add]
12. Psychotropic Supergirl [add]
13. Deliver Your Disease [add]

Rock Star God (2000) 01. Intro (Ladies and Gentleman) [add]
02. Star Power [add]
03. Looking for a Supergirl [add]
04. A Better Way Down [add]
05. God's Playing Favorites [add]
06. I'm a Concrete Wall [add]
07. Texture of a Girl [add]
08. Metro (Soul Driver) [instrumental] [add]
09. Give Me Back Yesterday [add]
10. This Is Death Row [add]
11. Sex Is Good Food [add]
12. Open Your Eyes [add]
13. When We Was Gods [add]
14. Someone Else's Song [add]
15. Too Many Fuckers (On the Streets) [add]
16. Outro (Until We Meet Again) [add]

Strangest Parade (2002) 01. Intro Pt.1: An Eternal Climb [add]
02. Hard to Be Human [add]
03. Wild Gray Wonder [add]
04. Calling Elvis, John and Jesus [add]
05. Heaven and Hurricane [add]
06. Laughter Then Violence [add]
07. Dear Father, I Think I'm Falling [add]
08. Concert of Colors [add]
09. Calling My Name [add]
10. Intro Pt. 2: Death and the Mad Heroine [add]
11. Addicted to Dying [add]
12. Suicide Blues [add]
13. Wide Wide World of Girls [add]

Stripped (2004) 01. Intro [add]
02. Hot Kiss [add]
03. Sharp Leather Walkin' Shoes [add]
04. Leopard Print Sissy [add]
05. Little Piece of Action [add]
06. Fair Game [add]
07. Tear Apart [add]
08. Let Him Try [add]
09. Take a Ride [add]
10. Long Love [add]
11. Four Button Suit [add]
12. Out of Your World [add]
13. Do What I Wanna [add]
14. Razorblade [add]
15. White Bred [add]
16. Sad Little Bug [add]
17. Pants [multimedia track] [add]
18. Lover, Lover [multimedia track] [add]

Everybody Rise! (2005) 01. Matter of Degrees [add]
02. Good as Gold [add]
03. Everybody Rise [add]
04. Run with Me Tonight [add]
05. It Takes a Mighty Heart [add]
06. Sex Is Evil (When Love Is Dead) [add]
07. Ordinary Human Love [add]
08. The Story of You and I [add]
09. Tiger of the Night [add]
10. She Walks in Color [add]
11. Promises for Tomorrow [add]

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