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DJ Skribble lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Traffic Jams, Vol. 1 (1997) 01. Skribble's Intro [add]
02. Step into a World (Rapture's Delight) [add]
03. The Theme [add]
04. Love Is All We Need [Remix] [add]
05. Must Be the Music lyrics
06. The Franklins [add]
07. I Need Your Love [add]
08. What Cru Is Number One? [add]
09. I'll Do Anything [add]
10. The Battle [add]
11. Get Up [add]
12. The Streets Are Like a Jungle [add]
13. The Ladies [add]
14. Get Me Home [add]
15. Loungin' [add]
16. You Can't Stop the Pras [add]
17. The Beat of the Year [add]
18. Shimmy Shimmy Ya [add]
19. Everybody Come On [add]
20. Treat Me Right [add]
21. Love Dancing [add]
22. Ain't No Nigga [add]
23. Big Momma Thang [add]
24. In My Bed [add]
25. Keep It Tight [add]
26. Morning Tribute [add]
27. Keep It Tight [add]
28. Morning Tribute [add]

MDMA, Vol. 1 (1998) 01. Intro [add]
02. Otm (Turn Dis ?*$@# Up) [add]
03. Bangin' [add]
04. Shout to the Top! [Club 69 Future Dub] [add]
05. The Build-Up [add]
06. Freedom [add]
07. Musik Musik Musik [add]
08. I'll House You [dub/mix] [add]
09. Fright Train [add]
10. Do It Again [add]
11. Totally Fabu [Richie Santana Remix] [add]
12. What You Do [Keith's Mental Mix] [add]
13. Alright Is Everybody Ready [add]
14. Music Makers [add]
15. Lift up the Needle [J's 27th Street Anthem] [add]
16. Kamasutra [add]

MDMA, Vol. 2 (1999) 01. Intro [add]
02. Aura Tribe [Club 69 Tribal Mix] [add]
03. Aumore Chimico [Sintetico Remix] [add]
04. Hodo [Satori] [add]
05. I Want Your Love [Da Bangin' Main Mix] [add]
06. Got to Dance Disco [The Insider Mix] [add]
07. People Get Down [Main Mix] [add]
08. Feel the Drugs [add]
09. Relentless [Original Mix] [add]
10. Got the Groove [SM in Motion Club Mix] [add]
11. Ride the Trip [Lift-Off Mix] [add]
12. Reel Thing [Main Mix] [add]
13. C'mon Get Up [Nuts Off Mix] [add]
14. Let There Be House [add]
15. Don't Wanna Be Free [Main Mix] [add]
16. One Life [Main Mix] [add]

Traffic Jams 2000 [Bonus Track] (1999) 01. Flava's Traffic Report (Intro) [add]
02. Intro [add]
03. 187 lyrics
04. Ride Away [add]
05. Can't F*** Wit' Me [add]
06. No Competition [add]
07. Interlude [add]
08. East Coast Boy & West Coast Girl [add]
09. Walking Like a [add]
10. Russian Roulette [add]
11. It's War [add]
12. Slow Down 2000 (No Doubt) [add]
13. See Me [add]
14. Don't You... [add]
15. From da Back [add]
16. Interlude [add]
17. Party [add]
18. Night Fever [add]
19. Bah Dah Bing, Bah Dah Boom [add]
20. Interlude [add]
21. Play That Beat Mr. DJ [add]
22. Pass the P#$% [add]
23. [*] [add]

Traffic Jams, Vol. 2 (1999) 01. 187 lyrics
02. Like a Ho [add]
03. Witness Me Ballin' [add]
04. Pass the P#$% [add]
05. Play That Beat Mr. DJ [add]
06. Russian Roulette [add]
07. Y2k [add]
08. No Doubt [add]

Essential Dance 2000 (2000) 01. Intro [add]
02. Flowers [Radio Edit] [add]
03. Sun Is Shining [Radio Deluxe Edit] [add]
04. Groovejet [add]
05. That Sound [Extended Vocals Mix] [add]
06. Believe [Almighty Definitive Mix] [add]
07. Desire [Club Mix] [add]
08. Sexual (Li da Di) [Thunderpuss 2000 Club Mix] [add]
09. I Believe in Love [Jonathan Peter's Edit] [add]
10. I'm Not in Love [Dj Skribble and Anthony Acid Remix] [add]
11. Take a Picture [add]
12. I Do Both Jay and Jane [Rave Radio Edit] [add]
13. Bodyrock [Dean Honer Remix] [add]
14. Kernkraft 400 [Radio Edit] [add]
15. 9 P.M. (Till I Come) [Sequential One 1999 Remix] [add]
16. Kiss [add]
17. Barber's Adagio for Strings [Ferry Corsten Remix] [add]
18. Toca's Miracle [Club Mix] [add]
19. Higher & Higher [Dj Skribble and Anthony Acid Remix] [add]

Essential Spring Break (2001) 01. Pasilda [add]
02. Salsoul Nugget (If U Wanna) [add]
03. Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) [Spiller's Extended Vocal Mix] [add]
04. American Dream [Joey Negro Club Mix] [add]
05. Happy People [add]
06. Spaced Invader [add]
07. Rocket Base [add]
08. I Wanna Be You [add]
09. Stranger in My House [HQ2 Mix] [add]
10. The House of God [Collusion Mix] [add]
11. Somebody [add]
12. Phat Bass [Warp Brothers Phat Mix] [add]
13. Faith [Rachel Auburn Mix] [add]
14. Sandstorm [Js16 Remix] [add]
15. Played a Live (The Bongo Song) [add]
16. Beauty of Silence [add]
17. Silence [DJ Tiesto Remix] [add]

Skribble's House (2001) 01. Skribble and Anthony Acid Intro [add]
02. Rapture (Tastes So Sweet) [add]
03. Get Ur Freak On [Superfreakon Mix] [add]
04. A Summer Song [add]
05. I Feel Loved [Danny Tenaglia Radio Edit] [add]
06. Brand New Day [add]
07. U Need It [add]
08. Musak [Steve Lawler Mix] [add]
09. The Soulshaker [Robbie Rivera's Tribal Sessions Mix] [add]
10. My Man [add]
11. Absolutely Not [Hex Hector and Mac Quayle Radio Remix] [add]
12. Your Heart [add]
13. Everyday [Hex Hector and Max Quayle Club Mix] [add]
14. Don't Hold Me Back [Klubbheads Mix] [add]
15. Happiness [add]
16. Hells Drums/Revolution [add]
17. 1st Period [add]
18. On the Move [du Monde Remix] [add]
19. Sunshine [add]

Perfecto Presents (2005) 01. Believe [Groove Collective Remix] [add]
02. Flashdance [Hoxton Whores Remix] [add]
03. Don't Stop [add]
04. G-Minor [add]
05. Feel It [add]
06. Shake It [Steve Angello's Remode Mix] [add]
07. What Do You Want, Pt. 1 [dub] [add]
08. In and Out [add]
09. Need to Feel Loved [Fuzzy Hair Mix] [add]
10. Twisted [Anthony Acid & Peter Bailey Mix] [add]
11. Dirtyfilthy [Murk Miami Mix] [add]
12. Feedback [add]
13. Southern Sun [Skribble & Sal's Sunrise-Sunset Re-Rub] [add]
14. When the Dawn Breaks [Cicada CD Mix] [add]

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