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Genre: Soundtrack
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Encounter at Farpoint (1988) 01. Star Trek the Next Generation/Main Title [add]
02. Stardate [add]
03. Troi Senses [add]
04. Piicard's Plan/First Chase/First Chase, Pt. 2 [add]
05. Detaching/Separation [add]
06. Shaken/Court Time/There Goes Da Judge [add]
07. U.S.S. Hood/On Manual [add]
08. Star Trek/The Next Generation/End Credit [add]
09. Personal Log/Admiral/Old Lovers [add]
10. Caverns [add]
11. Splashing/The Woods/Memories [add]
12. Scanned/Big Guns/Unknown [add]
13. Revealed/Reaching Out [add]
14. Departure/Main Title [Alternate M.T.] [add]

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993) 01. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Main Title) [add]
02. Wolf 359 [add]
03. The Enterprise Departs/A New Home [add]
04. Trashed and Thrashed [add]
05. Bajor/Jake/Saying Goodbye [add]
06. Cucumbers in Space [add]
07. New Personality [add]
08. Into the Wormhole [add]
09. Time Stood Still [add]
10. Searching for Relatives [add]
11. Painful Memories [add]
12. Passage Terminated [add]
13. Back to the Saratoga/What Shields? [add]
14. Reconciliation [add]
15. The Sisko Kid [add]
16. A New Beginning [add]
17. Theme from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine [Single Version] [add]
18. Passage Terminated [version] [add]

Star Trek: Generations (1995) 01. Star Trek: Generations (Overture) [add]
02. Main Title [add]
03. The Enterprise B/Kirk Saves the Day [add]
04. Deck 15 [add]
05. Time Is Running Out [add]
06. Prisoner Exchange [add]
07. Outcunned [add]
08. Out of Control/The Crash [add]
09. Coming to Rest [add]
10. The Nexus/A Christmas Hug [add]
11. Jumping the Ravine [add]
12. Two Captains [add]
13. The Final Fight [add]
14. Kirk's Death [add]
15. To Live Forever [add]
16. Enterprise B Bridge [add]
17. Enterprise B Doors Open [add]
18. Distress Call Alert [add]
19. Enterprise B Helm Controls [add]
20. Nexus Energy Ribbon [add]
21. Enterprise B Deflector Beam [add]
22. Enterprise B Warp Pass-By [add]
23. Enterprise D Transporter [add]
24. Tricorder [add]
25. Hypo Injector [add]
26. Communicator Chirp [add]
27. Door Chime [add]
28. Enterprise D Warp Out #1 [add]
29. Bird of Prey Bridge/Explosion [add]
30. Klingon Sensor Alert [add]
31. Bird of Prey Cloaks [add]
32. Bird of Prey De-Cloaks [add]
33. Klingon Transporter [add]
34. Soran's Gun [add]
35. Soran's Rocket de-Cloaks [add]
36. Shuttlecraft Pass-By [add]
37. Enterprise D Bridge/Crash Sequence [add]
38. Enterprise D Warp Out #2 [add]

The Utilizer (1995) 01. The Utilizer [add]
02. Getting a Wish [add]
03. Land for Sale [add]
04. New Mansion [add]
05. Classical Music [add]
06. Collins [add]
07. The Utilizer Shrinks [add]
08. Vacation [add]
09. Future City [add]
10. Quarry [add]
11. End Credits [add]

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