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Sir Dyno lyrics
Genre: Latin
Interview With a Chicano (1996) 01. Intro [add]
02. The Storm Is Coming [*] [add]
03. I'll Survive [add]
04. Killa Green [add]
05. Interview [Insert] [add]
06. Forced to Get Paid [add]
07. Can't Stop the Madness [*] [add]
08. Life [Insert] [add]
09. Dead in the Darkroom [add]
10. D-Funk [add]
11. Only the Moon Knows Where the Dead Lie [*] [add]
12. Runnin Drama [Insert] [add]
13. Mis Libras [add]
14. Death [Insert] [add]
15. Corrupt [add]
16. Brown Chicana [add]
17. Mobbin' in Cali [Bouns Track] [add]
18. Cruz All Night [add]
19. Interview With a Chicano [add]
20. Come With $20 [add]
21. The Uprise [add]

Chicano Chronicles (1999) 01. Fighting My Destiny [add]
02. Cries of the Dead [add]
03. I Don't Care [add]
04. Triple Beam Dips [add]
05. I Got the Crank [add]
06. Texas Revolution [add]
07. The Chola [Radio Cut] [add]
08. Would U Run [add]
09. Please Come Home [Radio Cut] [add]
10. Connected by Honor [add]
11. My Biography [add]
12. Struggle 2 the Top [add]
13. Gonna Ride [add]
14. Last Words [add]
15. The Chola [Radio Cut] [add]
16. Are U Down? [add]
17. Revelations Chapter 6 [add]

What Have I Become? (2000) 01. Golden State [add]
02. I Can't See Through the Rain [add]
03. How to Be a Dope Dealer [add]
04. I Understand Why U Hate Me [add]
05. House of Pain [R.I.P. Sir Dyno] [add]
06. Tonight It's All U [add]
07. What Have I Become? [add]
08. Let's All Go Back to Charter Way [add]
09. How Many Ways [add]
10. Pure Darkroom Funk [add]
11. Will U Still Remember Me? [add]
12. '99 Lincoln Navigator [add]
13. 14 Ways to Kill You [add]
14. Civil War [add]

Through My Eyes: Gangs, Drugs & Murder (2001) 01. Intensify the Struggle [add]
02. Df'ers Worldwide [add]
03. Have You Ever Lost All Hope [add]
04. Through My Eyez [add]
05. I Killed Yout Homeboy [add]
06. Sit Down and Listen [add]
07. Chicano Boogie [add]
08. The Clavo [add]
09. Letter 2 the Youngsters [add]
10. Inhale the Gunsmoke [add]
11. Hunter of Souls [add]
12. Pull Some Sheets [add]

Engrave These Words on My Stone (2002) 01. Engrave These Words on My Stone [add]
02. Risen from the Dead [add]
03. Closed Casket [add]
04. Times Are Changing [add]
05. Dame Polvo [add]
06. Chicano Gangster Rap [add]
07. La Mas Hermosa [add]
08. This Cholo Life [add]
09. Do You Really Wanna Know? [add]
10. My Homegirl [add]
11. How We Roll [add]
12. Crazy Weekend Night [add]
13. G-Luv [add]
14. Daddys Home [add]
15. The Struggle [add]

Brown Persuasion (2005) 01. Stay Trucha [add]
02. Brown Persuasion [add]
03. Have You Ever Sold Dope [add]
04. Locote [add]
05. Ballin in the Valley [add]
06. A Man Ain't Supposed to Cry [add]
07. Daddy's Home (Original) [add]
08. Why Do I Hear My Barrio Cry [add]
09. In the Centro Valle [add]
10. Lobo (Rola to Rap To) [add]
11. Barrio Funk (Rola to Rap to 2) [add]
12. Centro Valle [instrumental] [add]

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