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Natalie MacMaster lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Fit as a Fiddle (1997) 01. Strathspeys & Reels [add]
02. Jigs [add]
03. March, Strathspeys & Reels [add]
04. Waltz [add]
05. Hornpipe & Reels [add]
06. Air, Strathspeys & Reels [add]
07. Reel [add]
08. Air [add]
09. Reels [add]
10. Jigs [add]
11. Strathspeys & Reels [add]
12. Air [add]
13. Jig & Reels [add]

No Boundaries (1997) 01. The Honeysuckle Set [add]
02. My Friend Buddy [add]
03. Fiddle & Bow [add]
04. Reel Beatrice [add]
05. Paddy Leblanc's Set [add]
06. Silverwells [add]
07. The Drunken Piper [add]
08. Catharsis [add]
09. Where's Howie? [add]
10. Bill Crawford's Set [add]
11. The Beaumont Rag [add]
12. The Autograph [add]
13. Rev. Archie Beaton [add]

Compilation (1998) 01. Spey in Spate [add]
02. Mountain Road [add]
03. Mahone Bay Jig [add]
04. Amelia's Waltz [add]
05. Happy Go Lucky [add]
06. King of the Clans [add]
07. Buttermilk Mary Jigs [add]
08. The Kings Set [add]
09. Newcastle Hornpipes [add]
10. One for the Record [add]
11. Road to the Isle [add]
12. Capers Jig [add]
13. Blackberry Blossom [add]
14. A Buddy Jig [add]
15. Glen of Thickets [add]
16. Johnny Wilmot's Fiddles [add]

In My Hands (1999) 01. In My Hands: The Drunken Lady [add]
02. Welcome to the Trossachs: Welcome to the Trossachs/Memories of Winston [add]
03. Gramma: Maudabawn Chapel/Frank's Reel [add]
04. Blue Bonnets over the Border [add]
05. New York Jig: The New York Jig/Mrs. Gordon of Park/The Moil in the Wad [add]
06. Flamenco Fling: Music/Reel for Brenda/Flamenco Fling [add]
07. Space Ceilidh: The Night We Had the Goats/The Fairy Dance [add]
08. Olympic Reel [add]
09. Father John MacLeod's [add]
10. Get Me Through December [add]
11. The Farewell: Farewell March/Charlie Hardie Reel/Frank Gilruth ... [add]
12. Moxham Castle: Moxham Castle/Mr, Thomas Forbes/The Moving ... [add]
13. Mom's Jig: The Northside Kitchen/Mom's Jig/A Deanadh Im [add]
14. Flora MacDonald [add]

My Roots Are Showing (2000) 01. Hey Johnny Cope! /March: Johnny Cope/Reels: the Dowd's Favorite/Pares [add]
02. Willie Fraser/ Strathspeys: Willie Fraser/Thomas MacDonnell's/ ... [add]
03. The Boys of the Lake/ Jigs: the Detroit Jig/The Mucking of Geordie's Byre [add]
04. The Wildcate: the Wildcat/Little Nipper's Hornpipe [add]
05. Balmoral Highlanders/ Pipe March: The Balmoral Highlanders/ Strathspey [add]
06. The Shakin's O' the Pocky [add]
07. Captain Keeler/ Hornpipes: Miss Wharton Duff/Jimmy Linn's Hornpipe [add]
08. E Flat Set: the E Flat Reel/The Recluse/James D. Law [add]
09. Glad You Made It, Howie!: Mary Scott/The Ewie Wi' The Crookit Horn/Lor [add]
10. Close to the Floor/ Jigs: Scotty Fitzgerald's Jig/Close to the Floor [add]
11. Queen of the West/ Hornpipes: Ferry Bridge Clog/Queen of the ... [add]
12. A' Chuthag (The Cuckoo) [add]
13. A Glencoe Dance Set: the Castle Hornpipe/Sean Maguire's ... [add]

Live (2002) 01. Farewell [add]
02. Fairy Dance [add]
03. Torna a Surriento [add]
04. Bog a Lochan Steps [add]
05. Blue Bonnets [add]
06. Welcome to Trossachs [add]
07. David's Jig [add]
08. Tullochgorum [add]
09. The a Medley [add]
10. The Encore [add]
11. Natalie's Intro [add]
12. Opening Figure [add]
13. Second Figur [add]
14. Lively Steps [add]
15. Jerry Tunes [add]
16. Pipe Jigs [add]
17. Grand Promenade [add]
18. Stepdancer's Queue [add]
19. ...One Good Holler [add]

Blueprint (2003) 01. A Blast [add]
02. Appropriate Dipstick [add]
03. Jig Party [add]
04. Touch of the Master's Hand [add]
05. Eternal Friendship [add]
06. Gravel Shore [add]
07. Devil and the Dirk [add]
08. The Ewe With the Crooked Horn [add]
09. Johsefin's Waltz [add]
10. Bela's Tune [add]
11. The Silver Spear [add]
12. Minnie & Alex's Reel [add]
13. My Love, Cape Breton and Me [add]

Yours Truly (2006) 01. Volcanic Jig [add]
02. NPG: The Sunday Reel/The Old Ladywood Reel [add]
03. Flea as a Bird: Flea as a Bird Clog/Tribute to Stan Chapman ... [add]
04. Farewell to Peter [add]
05. Matt and Nat's [add]
06. David's Jig: David's Jig/Valerie Pringles's Reel [add]
07. Danny Boy [add]
08. Traditional Medley: Money Musk Strathspey/The Stormont Lads ... [add]
09. Cape Classico [add]
10. Julia's Waltz [add]
11. Mother Nature [add]
12. Interlude [add]

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