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Lighter Shade of Brown lyrics
Genre: Rap
Brown & Proud (1990) 01. Brown and Proud [add]
02. El Varrio [add]
03. Spill the Wine [add]
04. Pancho Villa [add]
05. Paquito Soul [add]
06. La Cucaracha [add]
07. T.J. Nights [add]
08. On a Sunday Afternoon [add]
09. Bouncin' [add]
10. Latin Active lyrics
11. T.J. Nights [Club Oh Version] [add]

Hip Hop Locos (1992) 01. Intro [add]
02. Hip Hop Locos lyrics
03. A Young Vato [add]
04. Spill the Rhyme [add]
05. Viva Zapata [add]
06. Check It Out [add]
07. Raize Up [add]
08. Alla en el Rancho Grande [add]
09. The Huggy Boy Show [add]
10. Homies lyrics
11. Low Rider Madness [add]
12. Brownies [add]
13. Interrogated Cause I'm Brown, Pt. 1 & 2 [add]
14. Spill the Wine [DJ Muggs Remix] [add]

Layin' in the Cut (1994) 01. Dip into My Ride [add]
02. Where Ya At? [add]
03. Talkin' 'Bout (Gettin' It On) [add]
04. Hey D.J. [Radio Remix] [add]
05. Playin' in the Shade [add]
06. If You Wanna Groove [add]
07. I Like It [add]
08. Things Ain't the Same [add]
09. Doin' the Same Thing [add]
10. Everyday All Day [add]
11. Hey D.J. [add]

Lighter Shade of Brown (1997) 01. Welcom to Club Fed [add]
02. Club Fed [add]
03. Street Life [add]
04. Interlude [add]
05. Do U Wanna Ride (Hey Buddy Hey Buddy) [add]
06. It's on Tonight [add]
07. They Can't Stand It [add]
08. Whatever You Want [add]
09. Bounce [add]
10. So What You Say [add]
11. Klsob Request Line [add]
12. Can't Hold Back [add]
13. World Famous [add]

If You Could See Inside Me (1999) 01. Next to Ball [add]
02. Major League [add]
03. JD Interlude [add]
04. Presidential [add]
05. Hardcore Spirits [add]
06. If You Could See Inside Me [add]
07. Ganna Give It to You [add]
08. Sunny Day lyrics
09. Party Don't Start [add]
10. Paridise [add]

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