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The Dipsomaniacs [Norway] lyrics
Genre: Rock
Reverb No Hollowness (1998) 01. Telly Anyway [add]
02. Not Cute [add]
03. Infant's OK [add]
04. Land Escapes [add]
05. ...Space Not Mind [add]
06. In My Mind [add]
07. Will I Ever [add]
08. Coffee in My Clouds [add]
09. Reverb No Hollowness [add]
10. Losing Sleep [add]
11. Whatever Misery for Miles [add]

Braid of Knees (2003) 01. Prelude (Meet Me by the Interlude) [add]
02. Sum Genius [add]
03. The Water Choir's Drowning [add]
04. Ugly Side [add]
05. Halleluja Feedback [add]
06. Queenfed [add]
07. Looking for Tape-Traders [add]
08. Smart Triangular Sandwich [add]
09. Interlude (The Twelfth Knot No.2) [add]
10. Dead Right [add]
11. The Twelfth Knot [add]
12. More Obscure [add]
13. In Deep [add]
14. Nothing Is for Keeps [add]
15. Sandbox Feeling [add]
16. Caught Me Dreaming [add]
17. Postlude (The Twelfth Knot No. 3) [add]

Praying Winter (2003) 01. Dear Mrs. Widdecombe [add]
02. How to Fall [add]
03. Feel the Travel [add]
04. Don't Think You're Safe [add]
05. No. 2 Ventricle Road [add]
06. Praying Winter [add]
07. Beyond Repair [add]
08. Read My Mind (And Tell Me) [add]
09. Someday Soon [add]
10. One Good Cry [add]
11. She Weighs Her Time [add]
12. Caught by This Feeling [add]
13. Dead Man Free [add]
14. Songbird (Without You Knowing) [add]

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