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Yo La Tengo lyrics
Genre: Rock
Ride the Tiger (1986) 01. The Cone of Silence [add]
02. Big Sky [add]
03. The Evil That Men Do lyrics
04. The Forest Green [add]
05. The Pain of Pain [add]
06. The Way Some People Die lyrics
07. The Empty Pool [add]
08. Alrock's Bells [add]
09. Five Years [add]
10. Screaming Dead Balloons [add]
11. Living in the Country [add]
12. The River of Water [add]
13. A House Is Not a Motel [add]
14. Crispy Duck [add]
15. Closing Time [add]

President Yo La Tengo (1989) 01. Barnaby, Hardly Working [add]
02. Drug Test lyrics
03. Evil That Men Do [add]
04. Orange Song [add]
05. Alyda lyrics
06. Evil That Men Do [add]
07. I Threw It All Away lyrics

Fakebook (1990) 01. Can't Forget [add]
02. Griselda lyrics
03. Here Comes My Baby [add]
04. Barnaby, Hardly Working [add]
05. Yellow Sarong lyrics
06. You Tore Me Down [add]
07. Emulsified [add]
08. Speeding Motorcycle [add]
09. Tried So Hard [add]
10. The Summer lyrics
11. Oklahoma, U.S.A. [add]
12. What Comes Next [add]
13. The One to Cry [add]
14. Andalucia [add]
15. Did I Tell You [add]
16. What Can I Say [add]

May I Sing with Me (1992) 01. Detouring America with Horns [add]
02. Upside-Down [add]
03. Mushroom Cloud of Hiss [add]
04. Swing for Life [add]
05. Five-Cornered Drone (Crispy Duck) [add]
06. Some Kinda Fatigue [add]
07. Always Something [add]
08. 86-Second Blowout [add]
09. Out the Window [add]
10. Sleeping Pill [add]
11. Satellite [add]

Painful (1993) 01. Big Day Coming lyrics
02. From a Motel 6 [add]
03. Double Dare lyrics
04. Superstar-Watcher [add]
05. Nowhere Near lyrics
06. Sudden Organ lyrics
07. A Worrying Thing lyrics
08. I Was the Fool Beside You for Too Long [add]
09. The Whole of the Law [add]
10. Big Day Coming lyrics
11. I Heard You Looking [add]

Electr-O-Pura (1995) 01. Decora lyrics
02. Flying Lesson [Hot Chicken #1] [add]
03. The Hour Grows Late lyrics
04. Tom Courtenay lyrics
05. False Ending [add]
06. Pablo and Andrea [add]
07. Paul Is Dead lyrics
08. False Alarm lyrics
09. The Ballad of Red Buckets [add]
10. Don't Say a Word [Hot Chicken #2] [add]
11. (Straight Down to the) Bitter End [add]
12. My Heart's Reflection lyrics
13. Attack on Love [add]
14. Blue Line Swinger lyrics

I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One (1997) 01. Return to Hot Chicken [add]
02. Moby Octopad lyrics
03. Sugarcube lyrics
04. Damage lyrics
05. Deeper into Movies [add]
06. Shadows lyrics
07. Stockholm Syndrome lyrics
08. Autumn Sweater lyrics
09. Little Honda lyrics
10. Green Arrow [add]
11. One PM Again lyrics
12. The Lie and How We Told It [add]
13. Center of Gravity [add]
14. Spec Bebop [add]
15. We're an American Band [add]
16. My Little Corner of the World [add]

And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out (2000) 01. Everyday lyrics
02. Our Way to Fall [add]
03. Saturday lyrics
04. Let's Save Tony Orlando's House lyrics
05. Last Days of Disco [add]
06. The Crying of Lot G [add]
07. You Can Have It All lyrics
08. Tears Are in Your Eyes [add]
09. Cherry Chapstick lyrics
10. From Black to Blue [add]
11. Madeline lyrics
12. Tired Hippo [add]
13. Night Falls on Hoboken [add]

The Sounds of the Sounds of Science (2002) 01. Sea Urchins [add]
02. Hyas and Stenorhynchus [add]
03. Shrimp Stories [add]
04. How Some Jellyfish Are Born [add]
05. Liquid Crystals [add]
06. The Love Life of the Octopus [add]
07. Acera or the Witches' Dance [add]
08. The Sea Horse [add]

Summer Sun (2003) 01. Beach Party Tonight [add]
02. Little Eyes lyrics
03. Nothing But You and Me [add]
04. Season of the Shark [add]
05. Today Is the Day [add]
06. Tiny Birds lyrics
07. How to Make a Baby Elephant Float [add]
08. Georgia Vs. Yo la Tengo [add]
09. Don't Have to Be So Sad [add]
10. Winter A-Go-Go [add]
11. Moonrock Mambo lyrics
12. Let's Be Still [add]
13. Take Care [add]

I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass (2006) 01. Pass the Hatchet, I Think I'm Goodkind [add]
02. Beanbag Chair [add]
03. I Feel Like Going Home [add]
04. Mr. Tough [add]
05. Black Flowers [add]
06. The Race Is on Again [add]
07. The Room Got Heavy [add]
08. Sometimes I Don't Get You [add]
09. Daphnia [add]
10. I Should Have Known Better [add]
11. Watch out for Me Ronnie [add]
12. The Weakest Part [add]
13. Song for Mahila [add]
14. Point and Shoot [add]
15. The Story of Yo La Tengo [add]

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