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Dick Gaughan lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Copper and Brass (1977) 01. Jigs: Coppers and Brass/The Gander in the Pratie Hole [add]
02. Reels: O'Keef's/The Foxhunter [add]
03. Hornpipes: The Flowing Tide/The Fairies' Hornpipe [add]
04. Reels: The Oak Tree/The Music in the Glen [add]
05. Planxty: Planxty Johnson [add]
06. Slip Jig: Gurty's Frolics [add]
07. Reels: The Spey in Spate/The Hurricane [add]
08. 6/8 Marches: Alan Macpherson of Mosspark/The Jig of Slurs [add]
09. Reels: The Thrush in the Storm/The Flogging Reel [add]
10. 12/8 Jig and Reels: Ask My Father/Lads of Laoise/The Connaught Heifer [add]
11. Reels: The Bird in the Bush/The Boy in the Gap/Macmahon's Reel [add]
12. Jigs: Strike the Gay Harp/Shores of Lough Gowna [add]
13. Shetland Reels: Jack Broke the Prison Door/Donald Blue/Wha'll Dance W [add]

Gaughan (1978) 01. Bonnie Jeannie O' Bethelnie [add]
02. Bonnie Lass Amang the Heather [add]
03. Alan MacPherson of Mosspark/The Jig of Slurs [add]
04. Crooked Jack [add]
05. The Recruited Collier [add]
06. The Auchengeich Disaster [add]
07. Bonnie Woodha' [add]
08. The Pound a Week Rise [add]
09. Ask My Father/Lads of Laoise/The Cannaught Heifers [add]
10. My Donald [add]
11. Strike the Gay Harp/Shores of Lough Gowna [add]
12. Willie O'Winsbury [add]
13. Such a Parcel O'Rogues in a Nation [add]
14. Jack Broke the Prison Door/Donald Blue/Wha'll Dance Wi' Wattie [add]
15. Gillie Mor [add]

Handful of Earth (1981) 01. Erin Go Bragh [add]
02. Now Westlin Winds [add]
03. Craigie Hill [add]
04. World Turned Upside Down [add]
05. The Snows They Melt the Soonest [add]
06. Lough Erne/First Kiss at Parting [add]
07. Scojun Waltz/Randers Hopsa [add]
08. Song for Ireland [add]
09. Workers' Song [add]
10. Both Sides the Tweed [add]

A Different Kind of Love Song (1983) 01. A Different Kind of Love Song [add]
02. Revolution [add]
03. Prisoner 562 [add]
04. Song of Choice [add]
05. The Father's Song [add]
06. Think Again [add]
07. As I Walked on the Road [add]
08. Stand up for Judas [add]
09. By the People [add]
10. Games People Play [add]
11. World Turned Upside Down [*] [add]
12. Lassie, Lie Near Me [*] [add]

Parallel Lines (1983) 01. The Creggan White Hare [add]
02. The Lads O' the Fair/Leith Docks [add]
03. At Twenty-One [add]
04. My Back Pages/Afterthoughts [add]
05. The Dodgers Song [add]
06. Captain Thunderbolt [add]
07. Captain Colston [add]
08. Floo'ers O' the Forest [add]
09. Thousands Are Sailing to Amerikay [*] [add]

True and Bold: Songs of the Scottish Miners (1986) 01. Miner's Life Is Like a Sailor's [add]
02. Schoolday's End [add]
03. Farewell to 'Cotia [add]
04. Auchengeich Disaster [add]
05. Pound a Week Rise [add]
06. Collier Laddie [add]
07. Which Side Are You On? [add]
08. Drunk Rent Collecter [add]
09. The Blantyre Explosion [add]
10. One Miner's Life [add]
11. Ballad of '84 [add]

Sail On (1996) 01. Land of the North Wind [add]
02. Son of Man [add]
03. Ruby Tuesday [add]
04. Waist Deep in the Big Muddy [add]
05. No Cause for Alarm [add]
06. The 51st (Highland) Division's Farewell to Sicily [add]
07. No Gods and Precious Few Heroes [add]
08. Geronimo's Cadillac [add]
09. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning [add]
10. Sail On [add]
11. The Freedon Come-All-Ye [add]

Redwood Cathedral (1998) 01. Muir Aand the Master Builder [add]
02. Gone Gonna Rise Again [add]
03. Reconcilation [add]
04. Why Old Men Cry [add]
05. Thomas Muir of Huntershill [add]
06. October Song [add]
07. Ewan and the Gold [add]
08. Let It Be Me [add]
09. All the King's Horses [add]
10. Pancho and Lefty [add]
11. Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season) [add]
12. Fine Horseman [add]

Outlaws and Dreamers (2001) 01. The Yew Tree [add]
02. Florence in Florence [add]
03. Dowie Dens O' Yarrow [add]
04. Tom Joad [add]
05. Outlaws and Dreamers [add]
06. When I'm Gone [add]
07. John Harrison's Hands [add]
08. What You Do With What You've Got [add]
09. Tom Paine's Bones [add]
10. Strong Women Rule Us All [add]
11. Wild Roses [add]

Lucky for Some (2006) 01. Whatever Happened [add]
02. Lucky for Some [add]
03. Anna Mae [add]
04. The Devil and Pastor Jack [add]
05. The Hunter Dunne [add]
06. Dancing with Eagles [add]
07. Bleacher Lassie O Kelvinhaugh [add]
08. Come Gie's a Sang [add]
09. Different Drum [add]
10. We Got the Rock'n'roll [add]

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