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Joe Derrane lyrics
Genre: Celtic
Give Us Another (1995) 01. Shearing the Sheep/The Musical Priest [add]
02. Knocknagow/Contentment Is Wealth [add]
03. Thomond Bridge/The Belfast Hornpipe [add]
04. Broken Pledge/The Contradiction [add]
05. Miss Bruce/The Absentminded Man/Welcome to Cork [add]
06. Liverpool Hornpipe/The Quarrelsome Piper/The Real Thing [add]
07. Silver Spire/Hitchner's Phoenix [add]
08. Pastiche for Anne [add]
09. Little Jude/The Wolf Trap Promise [add]
10. Kildare Fancy/Golden Eagle/The Sweeps [add]
11. Boys of Ballinafad/The White Petticoat [add]
12. Give Us Another/The Corner House/The Clare Reel [add]
13. Spellan's Fiddle/Dick Sand's [add]
14. Hare in the Corn/Haley's [add]
15. Green Fields of America/Aran Waves (The Man With the Money) /The Schol [add]

Irish Accordion (1995) 01. Salamanca/Clancy's Fancy [add]
02. The High Level [add]
03. The Union Reel [add]
04. Father Hanley's/The First Night in America [add]
05. The Echo/Lawson's [add]
06. The Mason's Apron/Buckley's Fancy [add]
07. Jackson's Polka [add]
08. Taylor's/Croonin's Rambles [add]
09. The Collier's/Maurice Casey's Fancy [add]
10. Harvest Home/The Bird in the Tree [add]
11. The Fisherman's Widow/Devine's Favorite [add]
12. The Merry Blacksmith/The Limestone Rock [add]
13. John Kimmel's Favorites/Accordion Fantasy [add]
14. The Boys of the Lough/The Long Strand [add]
15. The Showman's Fancy [add]
16. Peter Feeney's Dream/The Flower of the Flock [add]

Return to Inis M?r (1996) 01. Humours of Lissadell/Music in the Glen/Johnson's [add]
02. House in the Glen/O'Connell's Welcome to Dubin/Kitty from Coleraine [add]
03. Hawk/Bridge of Athlone [add]
04. Farrell O'Gara/The Flogging Reel [add]
05. Tar Road to Sligo/Humours of Ennistymon [add]
06. Tailor's Twist/Biddleston Hornpipe [add]
07. Irish Widow's Lament (On the Death of Her Only Son) [add]
08. Jenny's Wedding/Lads of Laois [add]
09. Roseland Barndance [add]
10. King Jig/Return to Inis Mor [add]
11. Bonnie Kate/Doctor Gilbert [add]
12. Glen/Bee's Wing [add]
13. Pastiche for Galway [add]
14. Papa's Joy/Gallowglass [add]
15. Jerry Picking Cookies/All Hands Around [add]

Tie That Binds (1998) 01. Visitors/Paddy Fahy's/Geese in the Bog [add]
02. Old Copperplate/Hunter's House/Golden Keyboard [add]
03. O'Connor's Favorite/Eclipse [add]
04. Frieze Breeches/Accord [add]
05. Ann from Monahan/Richard Dwyer's/Happy Reel [add]
06. Gan Ainm/Pullet and the Cock/Banjo Man [add]
07. Caprice [add]
08. Short Road/Father Ton's Wager/Rosemary Lane [add]
09. Cavan's Own/City of Savannah [add]
10. Buttermilk Mary/Miss Lyons' Choice/Ewe [add]
11. Dever the Dancer/Come Upstairs With Me/Kid on the Mountain [add]
12. McDonagh's/Rock in the Meadow/Lawson's [add]

Ireland's Harvest (2002) 01. The Minstrel Boy/God Save Ireland/The Mountains of Pomeroy [add]
02. Andy McGann's/George White's Favorite [add]
03. Tarbolton/The Longford Collector/The Sailor's Bonnet [add]
04. Happy to Meet and Sorry to Part/Contentment Is Wealth/The ... [add]
05. Sean Sa Ceo/Ah Surley [add]
06. The Tailor's Twist/The Dublin Hornpipe/Thomond Bridge [add]
07. The Union Reel [add]
08. The Merry Blacksmith/The Limestone Rock [add]
09. The Bucks of Oranmore [add]
10. Cloonloughlin Lady/The Mathematician [add]
11. McGovern's Favorite/The Mullingar Races [add]
12. Off She Goes/Cooley's Jig [add]
13. Spey in Spate/The Man of the House [add]
14. The Friendly Visit/The Stack of Wheat/The Gypsy Hornpipe [add]
15. Boys of the Lough/Music in the Glen [add]
16. Inissheer/Gan Ainm/Kevin Mahon's [add]
17. The Irish National Anthem [Soldier's Song] [add]
18. Peter Feeney's Dream/The Flower of the Flock [add]

The Boston Edge (2004) 01. The Curragh Races/The Skylark/The Reconciliation [add]
02. Billy Rush's Jig/Brosnahan's Frolics/The Miner's Jig [add]
03. The De'il and the Dirk/The Trip to Windosr/Brumley Brae [add]
04. Remembering Curly/The Twins/Mordaunt's Fancy [add]
05. John Kelly's Concertina Reel/Kiss the Bride/Martin Ainsboro's [add]
06. Whiddon's/The Nightligh/Hannah McGann's [add]
07. The Humors of Lisheen/McMahon's Jig/The Merry Old Woman [add]
08. Miss McLeod's Hornpipe/Petticoat Promenade [add]
09. Patsy Touhey's Reel/The Gooseberry Bush/Reilly's [add]
10. Chief O'Neill's Favorite/The First of June [add]
11. Sporting Paddy/Sheila Coyle's/The Hare's Paw [add]
12. The Killaloe Boat/Gan Ainm/Gan Ainm [add]
13. The Man from the Newry/The Last of the Twins [add]
14. The Dash to Portobello/McFarley's Reel/Geegan's Reel [add]

Man Behind the Box (2006) 01. Tie the Ribbon/Farewell to London/The Blacksmith's Fancy [add]
02. Tatter Jack Walsh/Gan Ainm/Eddie Maloney's [add]
03. Bag of the Haggard/The Rights of Man/The Sweeps [add]
04. McFadden's/Dr. Gilbert's/Spike Island Lasses/Dr. Taylor [add]
05. Jackson's Morning Breeze/Martin's/The Setting Sun [add]
06. Aube [add]
07. Dark Island [add]
08. The Green Fields of Rossbeigh/The Tinker's Bib [add]
09. Fanning's/The Swallow's Nest/Tumble the Tailor [add]
10. Nancy [add]
11. The Monarch/Blue Violets [add]
12. Auld Lang Syne/Taps [add]
13. The Fair Wind/Carthy's [add]
14. The Hawk/The Tailor's Twist/The Men from Usher [add]
15. She Lived Beside the Anner [add]
16. Gan Ainm/The Swaggering Jig [add]
17. Road to Clonmel/Gan Ainm/Humors of Ederney [add]

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