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The Mellstock Band lyrics
Genre: Classical
Under the Greenwood Tree (1993) 01. Arise and Hail the Joyful Day [add]
02. Morgianna/The Pantaloon Quadrille [add]
03. Hail Happy Morn [add]
04. Kiss Me My Love and Welcome/Drops of Brandy /Drops of Bra [1] [add]
05. Awake and Join the Cheerful Choir [add]
06. The Gypseys Hornpipe/Ashley's Hornpipe/One-Eyed Fiddler [add]
07. See Heaven's High Portals [add]
08. I'm off to Charlestown [add]
09. Awake, Awake Ye Mortals All [add]
10. While Shepherds Watched [add]
11. Fairy Dance/Tink a Tink [add]
12. Behold the Morning Star [add]
13. Moss Roses/Droll Johnny/The Flight [add]
14. The Musical Lovers [add]
15. Lord Nelson's Hornpipe/Enrico [add]
16. Arise and Hail the Sacred Day [add]
17. Rejoice This Glorious Day Is Come [add]
18. The Triumph [add]

Dance at the Phoenix (1999) 01. Major Malley's Reel [add]
02. Dribbles of Brandy [add]
03. In the Nuptial Chamber Spoken Word [add]
04. Haste to the Wedding [add]
05. The Foggy Dew [add]
06. Bold Nelson's Praise [add]
07. The Copenhagen Waltz/Hungarian Waltz [add]
08. Otford [add]
09. The Christmas Invitation Spoken Word [add]
10. Enrico [add]
11. Keeping Up O'Christmas Spoken Word [add]
12. Here's a Health to All Good Lasses [add]
13. The Ploughboy [add]
14. Old Lango Lee/Mallard/Grenadiers [add]
15. The Ruined Maid [add]
16. Rosline Castle [add]
17. The Choirmaster's Burial/Winterbourne Tune Spoken Word with Music [add]
18. Harvest Home/Wait for the Waggon [add]
19. The Sheep-Stealer [add]
20. Peggy Band [add]
21. The Dance at the Phoenix 1 Spoken Word [add]
22. The Soldier's Joy/Fairy Dance [add]
23. The Dance at the Phoenix 2 Spoken Word [add]
24. The Girl I Left Behind Me [add]

Tenants of the Earth (2003) 01. Old Wiltshire [add]
02. The Persian Dance/Waterloo Dance [add]
03. How Happy's the Man [add]
04. Money Musk/Billy Boy/This Day the Stag Must Die/Fred Williams' ... [add]
05. Budmounth Dears/Downfalls of Paris [add]
06. Sweet Jenny Jones [add]
07. Devil's Reel/Money Musk/Haul Away the Hawser [add]
08. Newton's or St. Paul's [add]
09. The Swiss Boy/William Giles Quadrille [add]
10. With Raptures Abounding [add]
11. The Original Polka/Redowa Polka [add]
12. Great Things [add]
13. Grandmother's/Hook's No 27/Cuckoo's Nest [add]
14. Rejoice Ye Tenants of the Earth [add]
15. The Wounded Hussar/Time to Remember the Poor [add]
16. Derby/Knifegrinder/Ware out Mother [add]
17. Rejoice All Men [add]
18. Boney's Farewell/Hythe March/Newark Quickstep [add]
19. The Shepherds Amazed [add]

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