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Badlands Booker lyrics
Genre: Rap
Hungry and Focused (2006) 01. Hungry and Focused Intro [add]
02. No Deposit No Return (Bio) [add]
03. The Sweet Science (Of Competitive Eating) [add]
04. Yale Man [add]
05. Ballad of Badlands [add]
06. Three Squares [add]
07. Gimmie a Call [add]
08. Lightning in a Bottle [add]
09. Gametime [add]
10. The All Day Buffet [add]
11. I Want to Rap [add]
12. Ifoce Is Here! (The Anthem) [add]

Hungry and Focused II: The Ingestion Engine (2006) 01. For the Record [add]
02. Second Wind [add]
03. Don't Sleep on a Rookie [add]
04. Back in the Flesh [add]
05. Calling All Night [add]
06. Greetings from NY [add]
07. Can I Get a Hoo Ah! [add]
08. Words from the Master [add]
09. Buffet Crashers [add]
10. I Got the Flow [add]
11. Akwafresh [add]
12. Gimme a Call II [add]
13. Then Go (Don't Wanna Eat) [add]
14. That Eating Thing You Do [add]
15. Number One Gator [add]
16. All Day Buffet II [add]
17. Thank You [add]

Hungry & Focused III: The Reframing (2007) 01. Retired Not Gone Intro [add]
02. Y'know [add]
03. Eating Good [add]
04. Come with Me Tonite [add]
05. Ya Must Be Loco [add]
06. Word to Jim Mullen's Teeth [add]
07. Gimme a Call III [add]
08. The Reframing [add]
09. Hammer and a Chisel [add]
10. Shine [add]
11. God Is the Truth [add]
12. Words from the Master (Translated) [add]
13. Major League [add]
14. For the Fans [add]
15. Outro [add]
16. Beats in the Whip (Bonus) [add]

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