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Genre: Rock
Seperate the Magnets (1998) 01. Conceptualizing Theories in Motion [add]
02. Symptoms of Simplifying the Simplistic [add]
03. The Adaptation of Means [add]
04. Life Gets in the Way of Living [add]
05. To Illustrate and Design Parameters [add]
06. The Joy of Stupidity [add]
07. The Tie That Binds lyrics

Such Is Progress (1998) 01. Weave lyrics
02. Miracle Ear lyrics
03. Cfny [add]
04. Bedhead lyrics
05. Tearjerk lyrics
06. Hive lyrics
07. Pocket Rocket lyrics
08. And Such Is Progress lyrics
09. Chancre [add]
10. Not Heroic [add]
11. Abandon the Need [add]
12. We'll Get There, Just Not Yet [add]
13. Ziggy Stardust [add]

Under the Radar (1999) 01. The Innefficiency of Emotion [add]
02. For the Memory of Love [add]
03. Seamless lyrics
04. The Tension Between Stillness and Motion [add]
05. Victims of Mathematics [add]
06. A Year in the Past, Foever in the Future [add]
07. The Worst Lies Are Told in Silence [add]
08. Second Chance at First Place [add]
09. Stolen Bikes Ride Faster lyrics
10. When Something Goes to Your Head [add]
11. Triumph and Tragedy [add]

The Embarrassing Beginning (2000) 01. Cripple lyrics
02. Punk Rock Song lyrics
03. Impulse lyrics
04. Hairdie lyrics
05. Digga Digga Song lyrics
06. Classified lyrics
07. Instrumental [add]
08. Entangled lyrics
09. Afterthought [demo version] [add]
10. Tension Between Stillness and Motion [demo version] [add]
11. Triumph and Tragedy [Acoustic Version] [add]
12. Stolen Bikes Ride Faster lyrics
13. Panama [add]
14. A Year In The Past [Radio Version] [add]
15. Seamless [Acoustic Version] [add]

Headfirst Straight to Hell (2001) 01. Termites Hollow lyrics
02. Becoming Not Being lyrics
03. In the Wake of Poseidon [add]
04. Bleeding Warm and Newly Dead [add]
05. Overthrowing Creation Itself lyrics
06. Little Satisfactions lyrics
07. Vertical Transmission lyrics
08. Will Bending lyrics
09. In Ashes We Lie lyrics
10. Sixth Chamber lyrics
11. The Empress lyrics
12. Twenty Moons lyrics
13. Winds of Hell/The Glorious Dead [add]

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