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Genre: Folk
New Bell Wake (1976) 01. New Bell Wake [add]
02. Spare Me the Life of Geordie [add]
03. Flying Cloud [add]
04. John Barleycorn [add]
05. Trooper and the Maid [add]
06. The Wymondham Fight [add]
07. Lord Franklin [add]
08. The Beggar Man [add]
09. Adieu, Adieu [add]
10. Fair's Fair [add]

Business as Usual (1994) 01. Merrie Olde England [add]
02. Tolpuddle Man [add]
03. January Snows [add]
04. He Fades Away [add]
05. Sunday Morning, St Denis [add]
06. Heaven [add]
07. Predictions [add]
08. Only a Pawn in Their Game [add]
09. Somewhere Ahead [add]
10. Cobweb of Dreams [add]
11. 6b Go Swimming [add]
12. Streets of Sarajevo [add]
13. Lack of Jolly Ploughboys [add]
14. Winter Turns to Spring [add]

Why Does It Have to Be Me? (1995) 01. Welcome to the World & It's Your Birthday lyrics
02. Kangaroos Like to Hop [add]
03. Irritating Poem [add]
04. Skin [add]
05. Song of the Clock [add]
06. Free to Roam [add]
07. People [add]
08. Rock a Little Baby [add]
09. Questions [add]
10. Why Does It Have to Be Me? [add]
11. Vitamin Dance [add]
12. Nasty Spider [add]
13. Being Small [add]
14. Flying High, Flying Free [add]
15. Everything Possible [add]

What You Do with What You've Got (1995) 01. What You Do with What You've Got [add]
02. The Ugly Ones [add]
03. Let Your Hair Hang Down [add]
04. Patience Kershaw [add]
05. See It Come Down [add]
06. Send Me Back to Georgia [add]
07. Rose of York [add]
08. The Day Before the War [add]
09. If They Come in the Morning [add]
10. Song of the Exile [add]
11. Hard Times of Old England [add]
12. The Burning Times [add]
13. New Years Eve [add]
14. Everything Possible [add]
15. Rolling Home [add]

New Directions in the Old (1997) 01. The Poison Train [add]
02. Blackwaters [add]
03. A Migrant's Lullaby [add]
04. This Old Town [add]
05. Brass Band Music [add]
06. Language of the Land [add]
07. Calling Joe Hill [add]
08. Here's to the Juggler/Katherine [add]
09. The Lass of Lochroyan [add]
10. Do You Remember? [add]
11. The Last House in Our Street [add]
12. Light Years Away [add]
13. Do You Think That I Do Not Know? [add]
14. Ballad Maker's Aprentice [add]

Past Masters (1998) 01. Streets of London [add]
02. Punch and Judy Man [add]
03. The Malvinas [add]
04. Curtains of Old Joe's House [add]
05. Rain Forest Falls [add]
06. Gracias a La Vida [add]
07. Two Good Arms [add]
08. In These Hard Times [add]
09. Song of the Leaders [add]
10. Roses of Eyam [add]
11. War Without Bangs [add]
12. Green Peace Really Green [add]
13. All Used Up [add]
14. Ghost Story [add]
15. Sleep Well/Gravity [add]
16. Maria Diaz [add]
17. The Years Grow Tall [add]
18. Daughters of the Revolution [add]

Gentle Men (1999) 01. Grandfathers [add]
02. A Gentleman Always Wants Horses [add]
03. Three Brothers [add]
04. And Then the Trumpet Sounded [add]
05. Deeper Than Dugouts [add]
06. R.S.M. Schofield Is My Shepherd [add]
07. I Played for Kitchener [add]
08. At the Mercy of the Guns [add]
09. A Garden [add]
10. Bloody Medals [add]
11. Soldier On [add]
12. Empty Chair [add]
13. Noni and His Golden Serenaders [add]
14. The Boy of My Dreams [add]
15. When Harry Took Me to See Ypres [add]
16. Sweet Dreams [add]
17. The Silence of the Salient [add]
18. Whistle [add]
19. The Music from Between the Wars [add]
20. Nobody's Enemy [add]
21. The German Exchange [add]
22. Hindsight [add]
23. Dead Man's Pennies [add]
24. Candles in the Rain [add]
25. Making the Gardens Grow [add]

Coda (2000) 01. Brigg Fair [add]
02. Tom Paine's Bones [add]
03. Ceasefire [add]
04. On the Road to Freedom [add]
05. When the Small Birds Start Leaving [add]
06. Where Do You Lie? [add]
07. Captain Swing [add]
08. Beeswing [add]
09. Suicide Town [add]
10. New Frontier [add]
11. Les Timides [add]
12. Alyandabu [add]
13. World to Live In [add]
14. The Last Ploughshare/Freedom Come All Ye [add]
15. The Joy of Living [add]
16. Red and Green [add]

Up the Wooden Hill (2002) 01. One Two Three [add]
02. Like Me and You [add]
03. King of the Castle [add]
04. I Can't Hear My Parents Call [add]
05. Three Little Pigs [add]
06. Can Anyone Tell Me That? [add]
07. Up the Wooden Hill [add]
08. My Obstinate Uncle [add]
09. On Children [add]

Sit Down & Sing (2005) 01. Dillard Chandler [add]
02. Labouring Man [add]
03. Go to Work on Monday [add]
04. Palaces of Gold [add]
05. Miners Lullaby [add]
06. Perspectives [add]
07. Weevils in the Flour [add]
08. Clancy & Dooley & Don McLeod [add]
09. Sheffield Grinder [add]
10. Five Days a Week [add]
11. Song for David [add]
12. Different Kind of Love Song [add]
13. I Ain't Afraid [add]
14. No Country's Law [add]
15. More Than Enough [add]

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